Tony: Never thought I'd say this but I I almost miss McGee. Almost. What about you, you miss him?

Ziva: Yes I do.

Tony: Miss anyone else? Gibbs?

Ziva: Some.



"What is?"

"We haven't had an awkward elevator conversation since I left to ship out…and you were headed back to…"

"I remember Tony."

"It was kind of this awkward silence…where we both wanted to say a thousand things but didn't want to get all gushy…kinda like now…minus the gushy."

"I said I remember."

"Do you?" He switched off the power abrubtly.

"Ah yes…now is time for your Gibbs impression yes? Are you going to stare me into submission?"

"That depends."

"On what?"

"On what you're submitting to…" He took in a breath. "What lead were you following today?"

"It does not matter."

"Oh you disspapearing, without so much of an explanation doesn't matter? I must've missed the memo…"

"Do not lecture me on disspearing without an explanation…because if I recall correctly, the last time you did that, we were led to believe you were dead!"

Tony went silent.

"Bat got your tongue?"

"I was undercover. Are you?"

"Do not be absurd…"

"Then what was the lead?"

She switched on the power. "I told you that it does not matter. Why can you not trust me?"

"Yeah… forgive me for caring…"

The elevator doors opened and both of them stepped out.

"I am only asking that you trust me. We have worked together long enough…I do not see it as a difficult a request."

"It is if you're distracted…you could get hurt. Or worse."

"If that is the risk of trusting me, then so be it."

Tony shook his head. "I'm not willing to take that risk."

"I am." She spoke simply before turning away from him and walking away.

It wasn't long before he was calling her back. "Ziva!"

"There is nothing left to say Tony…"

He jogged towards her and held up his phone. "Gibbs just called…looks like that risk will have to wait…"