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A young boy, about the age of three, with blond hair that seemed to dull the sun and blue eyes that could put the sky and ocean to shame stared out of the small window of the orphanage. Bars on the window prevented the boy from leaving. As he stared up at the moon his golden orange fox tail swished behind him. This boy was no ordinary boy. He was a hybrid. He had not only a fox tail but also matching fox ears that stuck out of his hair.

His room, if you could call it that, was small; barely twenty-five feet squared (5 ft x 5 ft). It contained a small mat, similar to a yoga mat, that was supposed to be a bed, a TV tray, the ones used for breakfast in bed, as his table, and a small two-drawer nightstand that served as both a nightstand and as a dresser. A single pillow, thin sheet, and a small stuff fox toy occupied the bed.

The boy glanced at the alarm clock resting on the nightstand. It read 10:36 p.m. The boy sighed and moved from the small window, a mere 2 ft by ½ ft window, towards his bed. As the boy began to lie on his bed, he winced as pain shot through his back. The Headmaster of the orphanage had beaten him again as punishment for something but the boy couldn't remember for what. This wasn't the first time he was beaten. Since he learned to walk, the young fox was always being punished. Why was beyond the child.

With one more glance out of the window, the young boy began to drift into sleep.

The next morning, a loud knock on the door woke the young fox from his dreams.

"Boy, you better be up or so help me I'll tan your hide!" a female voice roared through the door.

"H...Hai," the timid three-year old stuttered.

With that the person on the other side of the door left. The boy quickly gathered his small bag of his bathroom things, some clothes, and ran out of his room toward the nearest bathroom. Luckily for the boy, no one was waiting to use the bathroom. In less than ten minutes he was washed, dried, and dressed. His outfit consisted of wore out, hand-me-down blue jeans and a faded orange t-shirt, that was also a hand-me-down. He quickly brushed his teeth and re-gathered his things before leaving the bathroom. He dropped them off in his room and headed downstairs toward the kitchen in hopes of a meal.

Once he got to the kitchen, the cook simple gave him a piece of burnt toast and sent him on his way.

At least it's something the boy grumbled in his head. Sometimes he would get nothing from the cook. The cook was a woman in her mid-thirties with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. She was a simple woman with no real dominating features that made her stand out in a crowd.

As the boy headed out of the kitchen, a male voice called out to him," NARUTO!"

The boy, now named Naruto, stopped and turned toward the speaker. It was a man with greasy black hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. It was the headmaster.

"H…Hai, sir?" Naruto quietly replied.

"You've got chores to be doin'. Stop lollygagin' and get to work!" the headmaster ordered.

"H…Hai," was all Naruto could say. Naruto quickly finished his breakfast and headed to supply closed to get out a bucket, wash cloth, and some soap. Next, he moved toward the main floor bathrooms and started cleaning.

Everyday for the past four months has been like this. Many of the children were forced to clean the orphanage. Most just had to keep their rooms tidy and the playroom straight. They also had to clean up after themselves during meals and after using the bathroom, mainly just wiping down the tables and sinks when done. But for a few, they also had to clean the rest of the place. For some, it was a punishment for being bad. For others, like Naruto, it was because the headmaster and the staff didn't like you.

As night fell, Naruto retreated to his room. It was 9:57 p.m. when he reached his room. He had once again been beaten by the headmaster. This time it was for his poor cleaning job.

Most of the kids had to share a room. But their rooms were normal size rooms with bunk beds, two dressers, two desks, two chairs, and a nightstand. Pretty much like a dorm room. Naruto didn't have to share mainly because there was no room and because he was a hybrid.

Naruto made his way over to the window and sat on the floor gazing up at the night sky. The stars reflected in his eyes as he simply just sat there. There was no light in his room save for the light of the moon and stars. He heard a staff member yell that it was lights out. A sigh escaped the young demon as he turned his gaze back at his room. It fell on the stuff fox on his bed. It had been a gift from his parents. His mother had died during child birth and is father committed suicide that same night. The fox had belonged to his father when he was younger and had wanted to give it to Naruto. It was all he had to remind him of his family. His father had been a fox hybrid while his mother was a simple human. It was no surprise that she died the day he was born. Naruto's mother couldn't handle carrying a hybrid child. And his father couldn't go on without his wife. So Naruto was left alone with no one to turn to, no living relative to take him in, and no godparent to release him to. So he was stuck in an orphanage, waiting and hoping to get adopted one day.

"Maybe tomorrow," Naruto whispered to himself and the stuff fox as sleep began to claim him.