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You Broke It Off With Me.

Bonnie Nash threw open the door the Guns locker room. "Where is Alex Shelley?" she steamed. Ajay was the only one in the locker room for the time being, "He and Chris went to see if we had anything to do tonight. What's wrong?" Ajay asked.

"HE BROKE IT OFF WITH ME!" Bonnie screamed. Ajay covered her ears as she took a couple of steps back. "What was that?" she asked after she removed her hands from her ears, "And you don't need to scream again, I am standing right here.' Bonnie's blue eyes narrowed at the knockout champion, before she spoke calmly, "He broke it off with me. Me Bonnie Nash."

Ajay rolled her eyes at the taller blonde, "You know I am not shocked, you are a bitch that just needs to be kicked to the curb." "And you aren't?" Bonnie shot back. "I am only a bitch when it comes to protecting to my friends. And as much as I hate Alex sometimes. I don't want to see him with a skank like you. Tell me Bonnie what was it like sucking Matt Morgan's non existing dick?" Ajay stated.

"That is just like you all high and mighty Ashton Cage. What makes you think that you and that slut Mollie are better then me?" Ashton started laughing, "What makes me and Mollie better then you. We are actually talented. We can actually have a career in this company without using in Mollie's case her father's name, and in my case my brother's name. We have god given talent. Unlike you who is using daddy's name to get far in this company. And I know for a god damn fact that Alex can actually give a rats ass about Mollie unlike you. He told me and Chris that you are nothing but an easy piece of ass."

Bonnie screamed as she stocked towards Ashton. "BONNIE! WHAT THE FUCK ARE DOING!" Alex shouted as he and Chris walked into the room. Chris went over to Ashton to check on her. "We will give you two a minute." Chris said as he put his arm around his girlfriend and pulled her out of the locker room with him. "Alex we will talk later." Ajay stated. Alex nodded his head. Once the couple was out of the room, Alex turned back to Bonnie.

"Why the hell were you screaming at Ashton?" "Because she was being a bitch. Mollie should be lucky that she wasn't in here. I would have kicked her ass." "All because I broke it off with you?" Alex guessed, "Bonnie we weren't even serious to begin with. You were just a fling." Bonnie glared at him, "Why did you lead me on then huh?"

Alex stumbled back as Bonnie shoved him. "I didn't lead you on. You should have listened to your dad when he said I was no good. I am a ladies man. And as Bailey and Ashton have called me before in the past, I am a man whore. But at least with Mollie I feel like I can start changing myself to be a better man.' Alex said.

"Hey guys." Mollie greeted seeing Ajay and Chris sitting on the crates not far from the guns locker room. 'What are you doing out here?" "Bonnie and Alex are fighting in the locker room.' "Why?" "because he broke it off with her." "He did? I thought he was joking last night when he said that he said that he was going to do that.' Mollie stated a little a shocked. 'What else did he tell you last night?" Chris asked.

"I am not telling you. You can ask him. But I am going to steal Ajay and tell her finally because I know its probably killing her not knowing what he told me last night." "It is. Lets go." Ajay agreed hopping off of the crate. She paused before she and Mollie walked away, she raised herself up on her toes and kissed her boyfriend.

"Are you really serious about staying with Mollie?" Bonnie asked, she had calmed down a little bit. "Yes, I really am." Alex stated. Bonnie scowled and crossed her arms. "And come on Bonnie, you haven't been completely faithful to me either. You have fucked Matt Morgan numerous times behind my back." "I did not." "Yes you did. I have seen you. Hell everyone on the roster have seen you two together."

"Well you lied to me about Riley." Bonnie stated. "I didn't even know about her until a couple of months ago. I needed to get my head straight before I told you about her." Alex said, "I am sure you know what's its like." "What's that suppose to mean?" Bonnie asked. "You didn't know that Kevin was your dad until you were a teenager.' "That's different I thought he was my uncle." Bonnie groaned. Alex rolled his eyes at her, he wasn't amused by her at all.

He didn't even know what he saw in her to begin with. She was nothing but an easy lazy. They had nothing in common expect for sex. He wanted an emotional relationship along with the physical apesect of it. He felt with Mollie he could do it.

Bonnie had enough of his bullshit, she leaned over to where he had sat down. 'Just remember one thing Alex, don't coming crying to me when she breaks it off with you because you are a no good slut. You broke it off with me. Just remember that." Bonnie stated. Alex nodded his head as the Main Event Mafia princess walked out of the locker room. He was thankful that it was over with. Chris stuck his head back in. "Safe to come in now?" Alex nodded his head again. 'What was that all about?" Chris asked.