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An obvious Secret x

It was a hot summers evening, like no other. The sun was setting, and the sky was a light pink and red in colour. We find our heroes walking on a neat path towards Solaceon Town, for Dawn's next contest. Ash, the raven haired youth whose goal is to become a Pokemon Master. Dawn, The blue haired teenager who wants to become a great coordinator like her mother, and Brock who is wanting to become the best Pokemon breeder.

Ash and Brock have been traveling with Dawn for a while now, and Ash is confused about his feelings for her, he's always thought she was cute, caring, kind to others, and had the most beautiful blue sapphire eyes like ice. Dawn feels the same way about Ash because she thought that he is good looking, kind, caring, and helpful.

"I'm starving!" complained Ash.

"When are you not!" Dawn giggled.

"Well we could stop for supper," suggested Brock, "We could stop over there?" Brock then pointed to a little patch of grass with a pond next to it.

"Ye ok," agreed both Ash and Dawn. They headed over to were Brock suggested and laid a mat on the grass. Brock unpacked his bag. They started to lay plates on the mat.

"Ash, Dawn, can you go and collect wood?" Brock asked.

"Sure," They both replied, "Come on Dawn, lets see if there's any wood over here!" Ash said and grabbed Dawn's hand and dragged her over to a near by tree.

"Hmm, I wonder…" Brock grinned as he saw Dawn's blush.

With Ash and Dawn…

Ash was looking at Dawn.

"Wow! She looks well hot with the sunset behind her…" Ash thought. Dawn looked at Ash. Their eyes met. Then she turned away to hide her blush.

"Wow! He looks well cute as always…" Dawn thought.

They continued to look for wood and then they headed back to Brock.

"Good that should be enough," He said and taking to wood out of their hands, "I'll start making the soup." So Ash and Dawn went exploring.

"Wow!" said Dawn as they were on a hill looking over Solaceon Town a couple of miles away since they could see for miles. "It's beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you," Ash thought. They started to walk back but suddenly Dawn jumped and took Ash's hat.

"Hey! Ash!, I've got your hat!" she said and then she placed it on her head and did an impression of him.

"I'm Ash Ketchum and I'm going to become the best Pokemon Master…" She said in a man voice. "Yeah if he gets that far," She added in her own voice. She laughed and stuck out her tongue.

"Why you! Give it back!" Ash shouted as she started to run away.

"Make me!" She giggled. " You'll have to catch me first!"

Ash began to chase her, round and round trees and bushes, Ash nearly caught up with her but she ran even faster ( if that was possible ). Ash slowed down and stopped, putting his hands on his knees and panting. Dawn stopped and walked over to Ash, She put his hat back on his head.

"Oh Ash, you'll never catch me" she laughed.

"Oh yeah?" Ash started to tickle her.

"N-no, A-Ash, S-St-op," she said in between laughter's.

"Not until you say 'Ash is the best ever!'"

"Never!" So Ash had to tickle her even more and more until she finally gave in.

"O-ok, Fine 'A-Ash is the b-best e-ever!'" Then she tripped over a tree root, and landed on the ground and Ash fell on top of her. They started to laugh. Ash sat up, and so did Dawn. They looked into each others eyes. It felt like forever…

"This is a time to tell Dawn my feelings for her" Ash though.

They were still gazing at each other with love clear in their eyes. They moved closer together, Their lips almost touching, but a voice took them back to earth.

"Ash, Dawn! Dinners ready!"

"Coming!" They both replied. Ash and Dawn were blushing like mad. Ash had to slide his cap down and Dawn had to face to other direction to hide it. They walked back to where Brock was cooking. He looked up and saw that Ash and Dawn were blushing.

"They really do like each other," Brock thought to himself, "Well if they're not going to admit it, I'll get them to," He continued to think while he poured the soup into bowls, "This is going to be very entertaining," Brock laughed at his thought. Ash and Dawn exchanged confused looks.

"He's probably thinking of nurse Joy or officer Jenny" Ash whispered in Dawn's ear. Dawn giggled at his comment. Ash grinned at her, not noticing that her was blushing as he took his place on the mat.

"Wait a minute, is Ash actually... blushing?" Brock thought as he saw Ash's cheeks go red. "And Dawns blushing too" as he took a glance at Dawn and she was indeed blushing like mad. "This is so obvious, everyone says they look good together and I have to agree with them, they would be a perfect couple, it's like they were made for each other. Well I'm going to get them together."

After taking out all the Pokemon and Ash, Dawn and Brock were finished with their meal, they decided to stay up and play truth or dare.

"Brock, truth or dare?" Dawn asked.

"hmm...truth" he replied.

"ok...why do you never get a girl?" she asked with a grin. Ash smirked too.

"No comment" he said "Right my turn...Ash truth or dare?"

"Dare" Ash said.

"I dare you to jump in that pond with your clothes on!"

"What!" that pond is freezing!"

"Aww scared Ash?" said Dawn in a baby voice.


"Well go on then, we've got towels to dry you off in the tent, I'll go and get them" She walked over to the tent. A minute passed and she was back with two large towels in her hands.

"Fine I'll do it" Ash said grumpily. Ash walked to the edge on the pond, took a deep breath and jumped in. Seconds later his head popped up. He climbed out, with his teeth chattering. He sat back down on the mat, where Dawn and Brock were in fits of laugher.

"Come here Ash," Giggled Dawn as she took a towel and started drying his hair. Brock grinned at the sight.

"Truth or Dare Dawn?" Ash asked.

"Truth" Dawn said.

"hmm..." A grin spread across his face, "Who do you fancy?"

"I'm not telling," she said, going redder by the second.

"Aww... come on Dawn...Scared?" Brock said.

"No, I'm just not telling," Ash looked sad.

"Ash truth or dare?" she asked.


"Who do you fancy?"

"If your not saying then I'm not" he laughed. Now Dawn looked sad. "Well I'm going to bed, I'm exhausted," he said while yawning.

"OK goodnight," Brock and Dawn replied. Ash walked over to his tent which was in between two trees.

"Dawn?" Brock waited till Ash was fully in his tent before continuing "Do you fancy Ash?"

"What?! er...yes...i mean no!" She stuttered. Brock raised and eyebrow. Dawn looked over at Ash's tent to make sure he wasn't there."Fine I do" Brock grinned, "But please don't tell him!" She added in a whisper.

"Why don't you tell him?" Brock asked still grinning.

"Because he doesn't like me the same way" she sighed.

"Well I think he does... Because he always smiles at, even when your not looking, and he always looks at you and I bet he always thinks about you."

"Well I want to tell him but I'm...scared...scared that he doesn't like me back ans that this could ruin our friendship." Said Dawn.

"Let me talk to Ash"

"What! No!"

"don't worry I won't say you like him, I'll just find out if he likes you." Dawn thought this over.


"Well we should better turn in," Said Brock.

"OK Goodnight" Dawn said.


Brock and Dawn want to their tents to have a good nighs sleep.

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