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To Love Again

Ever so slowly, letters started to form on my blood red skin. Each one stinging with pain;


I gasped.

It's the first signal!

I stood there and looking at my hand with utter shock. The two words shinned on my skin. And then, as slowly as it had come, each letter started to fade, leaving my hand as it had been.

Then I realised; if this just appeared on my hand, her room must be on this floor!

I ran down the corridors, making sure to catch the numbers on the doors as I went. But the ones I ran past weren't number 565, they weren't anywhere near 565.





I was confused, I didn't understand why that words appeared on my hand if this wasn't her floor. Was it a lie? Had I missed her? But how could I have missed her? I would have noticed her beautiful face.

I walked round a corner to face an open lift, four people were standing in it. A guy with a paper in his hand, a lady and her young daughter, and...Dawn.

Dawn, the person who I was eager to get to, was eager to hold, was standing right there in a lift. I could hear my heart bang in my chest at her beauty, her blue hair seemed to glow. It was like everything around me, even the people, were in black and white, and she was in colour.

My eyes widened as the lift doors were near to closing, so I shouted.

"DAWN!" Her head shot up at the sound of my voice, her eyes caught mine. They widened as the doors suddenly closed. I cursed under my breath as I watched the numbers of floors at the top going down.




It stopped. Then I sprinted to the stairs hoping that floor 3 was her stop.

Dawn's POV.

I was in a state of shock. Why was Ash hear? How did he know where I was?

The lift stopped at floor 3 but I never got out. I knew Ash would take the stairs and he was pretty quick. All the people got out the lift except me. I waited for the doors to shut again. If they didn't hurry Ash would be here!

I felt nervous. Me and Ash were on the same Ship! What if he came up to me and wanted to talk? I couldn't bear to hear his voice. When he shouted my name I nearly fainted. He had that effect on me.

The doors started to close. But very slowly. Then a hand stopped them and the doors quickly re-opened.

He stood there panting. He looked like he had just ran a marathon. My eyes were looking into his and I was trying not to cry at his gorgeous face that I haven't seen for what felt like years. He was looking back at me as he came in. The doors closed behind him – So now they close quickly! I turned away from him. But that didn't help as the lift had mirrors for walls.

Great. Just my luck.

"Dawn." He said. His voice was like an angels. So soft and full of compassion. A part of me wanted to run and jump in his arms and tell him I'm sorry. But the other part was reminding me why I had went without him in the first place. Instead of running and hugging him – which that feeling was really strong – I just stayed rooted to the ground waiting for him to carry on. I wasn't looking in the mirror as I knew I would just see him.

"Dawn I-I." I was only taking small glances at him and from what I could tell – he looked confused. "Why? Why did you go?" His voice was breaking as I could feel him walk closer to me. Suddenly I felt safe being around him. Like I always felt when we were together.

I felt his hands land on my shoulders and he spun me round to face him. Now I had no choice but to look at him. He backed me up so my back was against the cool mirror. I was only wearing a tank-top so being placed against the cold mirror made me shiver. His eyes were taking every detail of my face. Now it was even harder not to look at him.

!I was looking for you everywhere!" He carried on. "I just don't understand why you left! Do you not love me any more?"

"No! That's not tr-!"

"Then why?" I was gazing at him now. His eyes were watery as were mine.

"I don't want you to lose your two best friends for me..." I replied in a whisper that was almost inaudible. His expression changer from confusion to shocked. He probably thought this was just some rubbish excuse but I knew from his face that he could tell I was serious.

"That could never happen Dawn! Don't you realise?" he asked. His face was coming closer to mine. "May has already told me why she was doing that to us – she wanted to make Drew jealous!"

"And Misty? You should know that she doesn't forgive people very easily!" I argued back.

The lift door opened and we were on the main deck. I tried to make a move for it but I was held back. People were staring in on us but I didn't care. I was on the verge of tears now. I could feel them burning my eyes.

"She'll come around. I know she will." Ash's voice was softer now. He didn't pay attention to the people looking at as because now the doors were beginning to close. Our faces were centimetres apart now and I could tell that he was telling the truth. I blinked back tears and avoided his gaze but I couldn't take it any more. My emotions suddenly took over as I jumped in his warm embrace. His arms slid tightly around my waist as if he ever wanted to let go.

"Please don't ever do that to me again." He whispered in my ear. I nodded as I was lost for words. I had forgot how warm being in his arms was. I felt safe. I was happy. Just listening to his soft whispers made my heart flutter in my chest.

He kissed the side of my head as a tear slid down my cheek. Not a sad tear. No as it was the opposite of sadness. It was a happy tear. I had been depressed for days but now I was happy again.

Ash's POV.

"I'm glad everything is sorted now." Brock said. I nodded. A grin was still stretched on my face and it would probably be like that for ages. I was sitting in Brock's room. We were both wearing black suits that we bought from the very expensive shop on deck 2. Dawn was getting ready in May's room. We were all going to have dinner – a celebration. I couldn't wait to see Dawn again. After those few days not seeing each other it felt like we had a lot to make up for. I wanted to spend every second with her. I wanted to have her in my arms right now. But I had to control myself.

Brock looked at his watch.

"Well let's get down to our table. The girls should be down soon too." I simply nodded again. I was so happy that I didn't know what to say. I followed Brock out the door and in the lift.

A few minutes later I was seated at a fancy table. Red cloth decorated it. The wine glasses and cutlery shined in the brightly lit room. Me and Brock were waiting for May and Dawn. Everything was fancy. It was a large room. People sat at different tables either in pairs or in groups. All the men were wearing black suits and all the women were wearing dresses. I wondered what Dawn was wearing.

It made me nervous. What if I couldn't control myself? She'll look amazing and I couldn't wait to see her. Just before my thoughts drifted me to another land, there was a clicking of heels. I looked round.

Dawn was coming through the doors and my jaw hung open.

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