I could not move. I was like I was frozen in time. Laurent was coming closer and closer. I started stepping back. I heard my angel's voice telling me not to move and to beg.

"Please", I grasped.

Laurent shook his head. "You would be thanking me if you knew what Victoria had planned for you".

I stared at him in horror.

"It will be very quick, and you won't feel a thing", he said.

He sniffed at the breeze that blew threads of my hair in his direction. "Mouthwatering", he repeated, inhaling my scent.

I tensed when he took a step closer; Edward's let out a growl in the back of my head. His name burst through all the walls I'd built to contain it. Edward, Edward, Edward. I was going to die. All I could think about was him. I loved him so much, no matter how much he hurt me. I closed my eyes and thought back on the time we spent together; the meadow, all the nights that we laid together in my room just holding each other, the powerful feeling when his cool lips pressed against mine. I Love You, Edward. I knew this would be the last time I said it.

I opened my eyes to see Laurent right in front of me. He grabbed me and pulled me closer to him and tilted my head to the side to expose my neck. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my neck, Laurent had bitten me.