100 years later

"Come on guys we are going to be late to school", Alice yelled from downstairs.

"I swear she gets worse and worse every day", I told Edward

"I heard that, Isabella Cullen, now you have to come shopping with me", she yelled. I groaned out loud.

Edward started laughing at me. Even 100 years later I still hate shopping.

"Come on, love, let's go", he pulled me up out of the bed.

"Yeah don't want to be late, for the first day of school", I replied sarcastically.

Edward and I got dressed really quick and ran downstairs to the living room. Everyone was just sitting around waiting.

I can't believe we were finally back in this old house. Everything in my life has been wonderful. Edward and I went to Dartmouth College, after we adopted Nessie. In the past 100 years we have gone to college about 5 times. I have degrees in medicine, English Literature, a few languages and I even majored in music one year, Edward taught me to play the piano. I even worked in a hospital with Carlisle a little while. Edward and Nessie were with me every step of the way. Em and Rose moved into their own house with their baby boy Joshua Dale Cullen (A/N Dale is really Emmett's middle name in the books).

Alice and Jasper became god parents to the twins. When they got older we finally had to tell them what we were. They took it pretty well considering we raised them. When Nessie and Josh turned 20 they decided that they wanted to become vampires, so we changed them. They loved every minute of it. One of the reasons Nessie wanted to be changed was so that she could stay with Jacob forever. Jacob imprinted on her and they loved each other very much. Jacob decided to move in with us, so he will never really age because he is around vampires all the time. Josh wanted to be changed so he could stay with his family and sister.

Everyone was happy. Over the last few years we have moved around a lot. Now we are back in Forks, WA. Charlie passed away of a heart attack about 20 years later, right before we changed the twins. It was really hard for me. Renee and Phil died about 7 more years after Charlie in a car crash. That was hard to but Edward was there for me.

Today is our first day back at Forks High. Edward, Alice, Jasper and I are starting off as freshman since we are the youngest. Then Josh, Nessie, and Jacob are sophomores, Then Em and Rose are juniors. It will be really interesting to see my friend's relatives.

"Well Nessie are you ready to see where I met your father", I asked her. She was sitting on Jacob's lap playing with his hair.

She started laughing "Yeah, I am it should be interesting"

"Come on guys, I'm tired of waiting", Alice yelled from the garage.

We started walking to the garage "Have a good day at school kids", Esme said.

Edward and I got into his new Volvo (Picture on profile). Everyone else got in there respectable cars and we made our way to school.

"I'm tired of school", I said looking over at Edward.

"I know how you feel", He replied taking my hand in his and rubbing smoothing circle's on it.

"Tell you what after we finish school at Forks, we will take a year off and travel the world", he said

"Sounds wonderful, only on one condition", I said smirking

"What's that, love?"

"We have to go to Isle Esme". Edward looked over at me laughing

"What?", I asked.

"I can do better than that", he said. I was really starting to get scared, he already had something planned 4 years from now.

"What's that", I asked.

"Well, we can go to Isle Bella now", he said with his half crooked smile.

I grasped "You didn't", I said

"I did, it's already bought", he replied

"I can't believe you bought me my own island"

"I love you and now we have somewhere quiet to go", he said

"And where might this island be", I asked being curious. I really like the idea of him doing this, even though I may act like I don't.

"The Caribbean", he replied

I had not even realized we had pulled in to the school lot. I looked over at Edward and crawled in to his lap. I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him.

I pulled away, "God, could you be any more perfect", I asked. He chuckled

"Can we go there now" I asked

"No, you will just have to wait till school finishes", he replied.

"Oh, I'm sure I can change your mind", I said into his ear. I felt him shiver all over. I gently started sucking on his ear lobe and breathing very lightly on it.

"Now can we go", I whispered

He grunted and I knew I was getting to him. "Maybe this summer", he replied.

I started running my tongue along his jaw line and sucking on where his pulse point would be. He pulled me tighter to his chest.

"Now", I asked

"Christmas break", he replied. That still was not good enough. "Wrong answer", I whispered.

I ran my nose on down his jaw line to his collar bone. I let go of his neck and brought my hands up under shirt and started rubbing his chest. Edward let out a moan. I kissed him on the side of his mouth and then ran my tongue back up to his ear and sucked the sweet sport behind his ear.

"What about now" I said

"This weekend", He said. I pulled back and smirked at him. He knew I had won. He pulled me to him and kissed me deep and passionate.

Just then the warning bell rang.

I looked up into Edwards topaz eyes "I love you so much Edward Cullen"

"And I love you too Isabella Cullen"

A/N- Hey guys, so I finally finished this story. I hope you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun writing my first Fan Fic. I also wanted to say thank you for all the reviews I got, they really helped me keep writing. Thanks- Jennifer