Lessee's Island- I do not own this

My island is a wonderful place to live. The only people on the island is my dad, Rich and I. My dad and I are just like best friends. We love to enjoy ourselves just the way we are.

It's only my dad and I, because my mom disappeared. In 2000 my parents went on a sea trip when I was 5 years old. On the way they saw something moving. All of a sudden it attacked my mom out of nowhere. We have never heard from my mom ever again. Now my dad and I don't talk much about her at all.

What would you do on an island? When my dad is gone I usually play with the animals, look for seashells, or wait for the support ship to arrive. The support ship brings supplies that people think we might need while we live here. That's of course the only way we could survive. Another way we have to survive is having shelter. The support ship also brings us anything we might need to have shelter sort of like a roof, air conditioning, beds, and technology. Trust me you may think my home looks really ugly, but it's actually way better than you think.

I may be living on an island with no schools, but I do have education. I am homeschooled. When my dad is gone and I don't have a teacher, I have a disc that goes into the computer to teach me. Precipitation and bad weather don't really come that often where I live. Just in case anything like that ever happens I have a kit for injuries. The only human friend I have here is my dad. All the rest of my friends are then animals on the island. They sure can't talk, but can have fun with anyone.

I hope you know everything happens here on Lessee's island. You'll know what to do if you ever get stranded on an island all by yourself. Sometimes living at the island can be very amusing.