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Note: Even though the main characters are M. Trunks and Tarble, Bardock is also a main character in the beginning of this story. Also, before you read this story, I suggest you get familiar with the following DBZ movies: 'Wrath of the Dragon,' and 'Yo Son Goku and his friends Return.'

Bardock's eyes widened as he saw the large ball of energy heading towards him. His own attack had failed and there was nothing he could do. Everything he cared about was doomed. However, as his death approached, he had vision that calmed his soul.

Goku stood facing Freeza with a determined look.

He smiled. "My son will live on…" Kakarot…I see now. You will defeat Freeza.

However, the calm and happy visions took a horrible turn.

Goku lay in bed. His friends were gathered around him. He had a cloth over his forehead to keep him cool, however, it was not enough. Goku died.

No! My son. Bardock's peace had been disturbed, but this was just the beginning.

Screams of anguish filled the city. Dead bodies littered the streets, however, there were seven bodies that stood out of the crowd. They were Vegeta, Tien, Chaotzu, Yamcha, Krillin, Yajirobe and Piccolo.

"What! They're all dying." As the ball grew closer, Bardock saw another vision, one that completely changed his mindset.

Gohan found himself on the defensive. In spite of only having one arm, he had been able to hold his own, however, now, in his fight against two opponents his advantage had slipped away. After being tripped, he was forced to retreat, however, the pair slammed him into a building, and then, rising into the air, they finished him off with a barrage of ki blasts.

"No…now my grandson as well!" I can't do anything now, but I'll get stronger. I can't let those punks get away with this. I…I can't die now!

A new fire lit up within him, he realized that there was still something left to live for. Powering up, Bardock flew back down to the planet below. He approached the place where his pod had landed earlier.

He knew Freeza was too busy gloating to notice him.

Climbing into the pod, he furiously typed in the coordinates. Come on! This is my only chance to get out!

The pod lifted into the air and shot out of the atmosphere. As the ball made contact with the planet it caused turbulence for Bardock. Yet he made his escape…however, he had no idea where he was going or whether or not he would see his son again.

Many years later…

"Planet Earth is only a few hours away," said a computerized voice.

"Excellent," said Tarble. He let out a sigh.

"Tarble dear," said Gure. "Our scanners indicate that Abo and Cado are several days behind us. We'll have time to find your brother so he can defeat them."

"Yes…soon it will be over. I just hope he's willing to help us. My brother isn't exactly the most understanding person."

"Don't worry," said Gure. "He's the saiyan crown prince. I'm sure he'll jump at the chance to face them."

The two pods drew closer and closer to Earth.

Trunks' eyes shot open. He sat up in bed, panting.

"Trunks! What is it?" Bulma ran into the room with a concerned expression.

"Oh…sorry mom, it was just a nightmare."

She smiled. "Dreaming about the androids?"

Trunks shook his head. "Not exactly. I was dreaming about master Gohan…I saw his dead body…"

"He's been missing for several years. I don't like it, but there's always the possibility that the androids-"

"No! I know he's alive…" Clenching the bed covers in his fists, Trunks clamed down a little. Looking back up, he gave his mother an apologetic look. "Sorry…I just got carried away."

Placing a hand on his shoulder, Bulma squeezed it comfortingly. "It's okay to feel upset Trunks. But I'm sure you'll eventually get those androids for what they've done to this planet."

"Yes…I know I will…" But can I do it alone?

Getting up from the bed, Trunks got ready to go downstairs where his mother was going to make breakfast. As he got ready, he glanced at the music box on his desk.

Looking it over briefly, he then looked at his sword. Tapion…I swear I'll save this planet. I'll make both you and master Gohan proud. Then maybe I'll save you as well so you can be freed from the box.

Making his way down the stairs, Trunks noted the approach of five power levels. Oh…what now? I hope this doesn't mean trouble. Then again, I doubt anything besides Hirudegarn would be more trouble than the androids.

As she walked into the kitchen, Bulma noticed her son's distracted expression. "Is something wrong Trunks? Do you sense another android attack?"

Shaking his head, Trunks sat down to eat. "No, I don't know what to make of it, but I sense five power levels approaching the earth."

"Approaching from space?"

Nodding, Trunks began to eat the pancakes that Bulma had made. "I'm pretty sure it's from space, but I have no idea who or what they could be. There are two that are pretty close, and two more behind them. Then there's a fifth one, which is approaching the Earth from a completely different angle."

Bulma became worried. "Are they strong?"

"I depends what your definition of strong is. They're all well above that of an average human…except one of them. Two are incredibly strong, though I should be able to beat them both as a super saiyan. I doubt any all five of them combined would pose a bigger threat to us than the androids."

The two pods entered the Earth's atmosphere. They looked like meteors as their exteriors burned up from friction with the air. As they approached the ground, they changed course. Instead of slamming into the ground below they descended slowly, moving parallel to the ground as they lost altitude.

A large trough formed in the ground when they skidding to a stop. The hatches opened and the two occupants stepped out.

Tapping his scouter, Tarble scanned the planet for any signs of life. His eyes widened at the results. "This…this can't be. There's barely any life on this planet."

"Maybe your brother killed most of the life forms," suggested Gure.

"That sounds like something he would do, but something does not feel right about this." His scouter beeped. "Hey, there's a large power level heading straight toward us. It might be Vegeta."

"I hope its friendly," replied Gure nervously.

A few moments later, Trunks was floating in the air above them.

As Tarble studied his face, his eyes picked up on Trunks' facial feature. His face…it reminds me of my brother's.

Trunks was wearing his classic black pants and sleeveless shirt, with his purple Capsule Corp. jacket. He had also brought his sword just in case.

Looking at the new arrivals with a serious expression, he descended to the ground. His eyes then widened at the sight of Tarble tail. "You're a saiyan?"

Tarble nodded. "Yes, my name is Tarble, son of King Vegeta. I came here seeking the help of my brother, Prince Vegeta."

Trunks raised an eyebrow. "So you're a saiyan prince too?"

Tarble nodded. "Yes. I was sent away from my home as a little boy. However, I've come under attack from two evil beings, Abo and Cado. I need to find my older brother and ask him for help. Since you know about the saiyans, would you know where I could find him?"

Trunks' eyes softened as he saw the truthfulness written Tarble's face. "I…I'm sorry. Your brother is dead. I am his son, Trunks. That would make me your nephew."

Gure gasped in shock and turned to see her husband's reaction.

Tarble simply smiled. "I knew there was something familiar about you. I am not very surprised that you would be related to my brother." His face then became grim. "But I am very shocked and upset about him being dead. Tell me, who could've killed him?"

"They were androids," replied Trunks. "When I was just a year old, two androids appeared. He fought and was killed by them. The androids have continued their reign of terror over this planet. I've tried to beat them, but I'm just not strong enough." Trunks clenched his fists in frustration.

"Are they stronger than Freeza?" asked Tarble.

"They are…far stronger than Freeza."

Tarble's gasped in shock. "But…how?"

"I don't know. Anyway, back to Abo and Cado, how strong are they? I might be able to help you beat them."

"They're both as strong as Freeza now. Without my brother, I'm not sure if we stand a chance against them."

A smirk appeared on Trunks' face. "Don't worry about them. I can beat them both. With any luck, the androids would deal with them before I even have to though. While we're waiting for them, why don't you two follow me home. I'm sure you'd like to meet your sister in law."

Smiling, Tarble turned to Gure and nodded. "That sounds like a good idea. With our home planets destroyed, we have no place else to live."

"Alright then, follow me." All three of them took off.

They were oblivious to the short, hooded figure that had been watching them. The being smiled and started tailing them discreetly. That's right Trunks, lead me right to Tapion's music box.

I said this before, you need prior knowledge of the characters to read this fic. I will not spend to going over their stories. Also, I won't be updating for a while. This story placed second on my poll and I'm only putting it up here because there aren't many Tarble stories out yet.