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It was early morning and Bulma was drinking coffee with Gure, while Tarble was idly listening to some music on the radio. It was a wonder that some people managed to keep a radio station running; such people were the unsung heroes of this era, and helped make life more manageable.

Trunks sat down on the couch next to his uncle with something on his mind. "Um…Uncle…" Tarble turned to him with a smile, indicating for him to go on. "I was wondering…could you tell me about what my father was like…or at least what you remember of him? I'd really like to know what he was like."

Tarble gave his nephew a sad smile. "Trunks…I don't know what happened to Vegeta after he came to Earth and met your mother, so I don't think what I have to say will be pleasant. Everything I have to say will be from when he was an immature child."

"That's okay," replied Trunks. "I just want to know more about him. I think I'll be able to handle it."

Tarble nodded before clearing his throat and beginning his story. "Well to start off, before I can tell you about your father, I'll have to explain the environment we were born into…just like everyone else, he's a product of that environment. Freeza was in control of the saiyan race and used them as his slaves to do his dirty work. That consisted of purging planets so that they were ripe for conquest by Freeza Empire and could then be sold on the galactic market."

Trunks gulped. "So my father was brought up to do that?"

"Yes," replied Tarble. "I was too, but I was too soft-hearted to fight like that, and my father decided to send me away. That's how the system worked…you were analyzed at birth to determine your future strength. The weak were sent to various planets to either conquer them or just to get them away, and the strong were groomed as elite warriors in positions of power. Being royalty, I was allowed to stay, but my lack of fighting instinct meant that my father eventually did so. My brother on the other hand turned out to be as ruthless and powerful as father wanted him to, and he was first in line for the throne. He used to bully me a lot, and I hated him for it." Tarble then smiled. "But now…I realize that he was told to be arrogant and unfriendly by our father who in turn learned that from our grandfather. That was how he was indoctrinated. I guess it's no surprise that he would change and adapt to Earth's more peaceful culture."

Trunks wasn't as cheerful as he thought he would be, but he wasn't upset either. Even though his father had a bitter past, he still turned out good in the end, and that was what counted the most. "Thank you uncle. I needed to hear that. I guess I wouldn't be able to properly know who my father was without knowing where he came from and how he started out." Before they could continue their conversation, the music was interrupted by a special radio broadcast.

"The androids are attacking Bridge Town! They arrived a few hours ago, and now they're on a joy ride terrorizing the citizens!"

"Oh no!" Trunks got to his feet, and made his way to the door, followed loosely by his uncle. "Mom we're going to fight the androids!" Before Bulma could protest, he and Tarble were already flying towards the besieged city. "I can sense Bardock over there," said Trunks. "We'd better hurry up and help him." Tarble nodded in response before they both moved at twice their usual speed.

Within minutes, they saw a city under siege. Explosions rang out throughout the area. The androids were still rampaging throughout the town and there was no sign of an actual battle going on. Bardock hadn't engaged them yet, though he was already at the outskirts of the city.

When Trunks and Tarble arrived where Bardock had been waiting, he looked up and smiled. "Good, I was wondering when you two would show up. I wouldn't be stupid enough to challenge them both on my own."

"Well we're here now," replied Trunks before turning super saiyan. "We'd better attack them before they kill any more innocent people." Trunks led the way as they ran through the streets towards the heart of the town, where the androids were busy blowing people out of buildings.

The group hid behind a standing wall of an otherwise collapsed building. The androids' backs were to them and they didn't seem to know that they were being watched. Trunks tensed up, ready for the attack. He knew that their best chance was to have the element of surprise, so he signaled to Bardock and Tarble so they knew to attack Android Seventeen. He would fight Android Eighteen. They then waited until the androids had found new targets to shoot at before leaping at them from behind.

Eighteen was about to fire off a ki blast at a fleeing man when Trunks roundhouse kicked her in the back, causing her to fly forward into a building. Seventeen was shocked, but didn't have time to react before Bardock and Tarble blinded him with ki blasts to the face. Bardock then rushed forward and sent Seventeen skyward with a kick to the gut.

"What the hell?" Eighteen rose from the rubble and saw Trunks' fist flying at her. He sidestepped the attack before grabbing his arm and sending him flying back with a punch to the face. She gave him a proud smirk. "Did you think the element of surprise would help you boy?"

Trunks leapt to his feet and charged into battle again, but this time he feinted a punch before trying to kick her in the side of the head. Eighteen saw through his attack and ducked, causing his attack to miss before delivering a roundhouse kick to his back. Trunks stumbled forward before collapsing on his knees, but he quickly phased out of the way as a ki blast blew up the area around him.

"You've gotten better," noted Eighteen as she and Trunks began exchanging blows at supersonic speed. "But it's not enough." She saw a hole in his defenses and exploited it with a powerful left hook that sent him high into the air.

Trunks recovered just as Eighteen rose up to his level. He glared at her with hatred in his eyes. "I'm never giving up until I destroy you." With that, he charged at her and resumed fighting her at supersonic speed.

Tarble and Bardock weren't faring well against Seventeen, who was easily able to fend off their attack without trying. They were punching him at supersonic speeds, yet he was still fast enough to anticipate both their moves and counter with ease. Ducking under a punch from Bardock, he elbowed Tarble in gut as the prince tried to get him from behind.

"Tarble!" Bardock used instant transmission to dodge a punch from Seventeen and appear by Tarble's side. He then looked over at Trunks. The younger saiyan was faring much better than them, but even he was loosing. We have to get out of here thought Bardock as he grabbed Tarble's body and leapt back as Seventeen threw down a ki blast. He couldn't sense any civilians in the town. They're all dead or gone; we've got nothing left to do here.

"What's wrong Bardock?" Seventeen had a confident smirk. "I thought you pure blooded saiyans lived to fight, but you don't seem to be much of a fighter now." He raised an eyebrow at Tarble's unconscious body slung over Bardock's shoulder. "Why don't you put down that dead weight and fight me?"

Bardock did a quick visual scan of the area before using instant transmission to appear next to Trunks. "We've got to get out of here," he whispered into the super saiyan' s ear. "There's no point in staying any longer. We're going to die if we continue."

"I think you're right," replied Trunks as he panted. He saw Seventeen appear next to Eighteen. The androids seemed impatient.

"What's wrong with you two?" Seventeen gave them a knowing grin that would send chills down most people's spines. "You're planning an escape aren't you?"

"We can't allow that," added Eighteen. She rushed towards them. "You're going to fight us to the death this time, unless we say you can live."

"Take this!" Bardock threw a ki ball at her, but when she tried to swipe it away, it blew up in a flash of bright light. "Come one!" Bardock led Trunks through the city streets and into a nearby building, where they sat down to catch their breath. They were both tired from fighting, and knew that the androids never tire.

"Why couldn't you just use instant transmission?" asked Trunks. "Wouldn't that have been safer and more convenient?"

Bardock shook his head. "I'd need time to focus on a power level to go to. I wouldn't have time to focus on one with the androids attacking us." Bardock placed his middle and index fingers on his forehead and began to concentrate.

However, Trunks heard a crashing sound as the door to their building was blown open. Oh crap! The androids are coming. He turned to Bardock. "Can you hurry it up?"

"I'm trying," replied Bardock.

Seventeen and Eighteen were now on the other side of the wall, and Eighteen heard Trunks talking to Bardock. An evil grin appeared, as she got ready to knock the wall down with the back of her hand. "Party's over!"

Bardock's eyes widened before he grabbed Trunks and Tarble, and they vanished moments before the wall came crashing down. Seventeen's eyebrow twitched as he noticed the lack of bodies on the other side.

"They gave us the slip…AGAIN!" Seventeen clenched his fists. "Why don't they just stay a fight? Gohan never ran away like that."

"Calm down Seventeen," replied Eighteen. "Besides, Gohan used to run away to. He just put up more of a fight because he was stronger."

Hoy had sensed Trunks and Tarble leaving West city and decided to sneak in to try and summon Hirudegarn. He was well aware of Bulma and the fact that she had rebuilt Tapion's music box some how, thereby preventing him from easily summoning Hirudegarn. The spell he had used release Tapion was originally intended to draw Hirudegarn's outer half into his own body, where he could more easily control it. He had performed a similar spell with Tapion's brother; Minosha and gained control of Hirudegarn's lower half. However, it left both him and the beast exhausted, and he wouldn't be able to do anything for several days. However, he had decided to try summoning Hirudegarn now.

"Alright Hirudegarn! It's time to come out!" However, when Hoy tried to call the beast out, nothing happened, and he cursed himself. "Ah well…I'll try later." An evil grin appeared on his face. "There's no rush now anyway. Once Hirudegarn comes out, everyone will be dead."

Several minutes later, he sensed Bardock, Trunks, and Tarble appearing in Capsule Corp. He decided to hide amongst the ruins until he felt ready to try again.

Piccolo looked down and saw the destruction the androids had caused. Anger coursed through him as he turned around to face Kami. "Look old man, if we don't fuse soon, the androids are going to wipe everyone out. I need our combined power to beat them!"

Kami sighed before smiling. "I agree, and I suggest we use you body because it is younger and stronger than mine is. Very well, let us begin."

Piccolo nodded. "So what do I have to do?"

"Just place your hand on my chest, and I'll push my life force into you." Piccolo complied and Kami began gathering his energy. Moments later it he was engulfed in a white aura and it looked like he was in pain.

Piccolo's eyes widened as he felt an almost unimaginable power coursing through him. The ground shook beneath him as Kami was slowly engulfed in a white light. Piccolo eventually closed his eyes, and when he was able to open them again, Kami was gone. However, to Piccolo, it was as if Kami was still with him. He could feel Kami's presence on the inside. His power had increased several times over and he felt stronger than a super saiyan.

Tapion, and Mr. Popo came running outside to see what had happened. Their eyes widened in awe as they felt Piccolo's increased strength.

"You…you did it," said Tapion. "You merged with Kami…didn't you."

"Yes I did," replied Piccolo. "Now I am whole once more."

"Goodbye Kami," said Mr. Popo with some sadness in his voice.

Piccolo turned to give his old friend a smile. "Do not worry Mr. Popo. Kami is still here." He placed a hand over his heart. "We are one again. Both Kami and Piccolo inhabit this body now. I am now the Namek who crashed here eons ago."

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