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Author: Hi there! This is essentially a collection of short stories that (hopefully) mimic the charm of the original anime. Hope you enjoy reading them!

A Cluster of Stars – By RobDaZombie

Space Invaders

Once upon a time, an adorable six year old Konata was walking merrily outside the heart of the city. She was holding hands with her father because father learned the hard way that, if he released his gentle hold, little Konata will run around all over the place and make a general nuisance of herself.

The little blunette pointed at the arcade store. "Come on papa! Let's go inside there!" she said with a big bright smile.

Of course, any self-respecting parent would never allow their six year old child inside an arcade store; neon flashing colours, a multitude of sound effects, and six year old children do not mix together well.

"Sure thing! Let's go!" her father replied.

He, however, did not fall under the category of 'self-respecting'.

Inside, Konata rushed to the closest arcade machine she could find, which so happened to be the one containing the Space Invaders game. Her father had to lift her up, for she was too small to reach the controls.

It was Konata's first taste in the virtual world.

Konata wiggled the joystick and frantically mashed the big red button. Lots of bleeps, bloops and other retro sounds filled her mind. The space turret managed to blast away six aliens, but the rest of the little critters were starting to descend rapidly. After a few more seconds into the game, the aliens successfully landed on the bottom of the screen, and the words 'GAME OVER' flashed on the screen.

When her father put her down, Konata wailed and immediately hugged his legs. "WAAAGGHH!! THE ALIENS HAVE LANDED ON EARTH PAPA! THE ALIENS HAVE LANDED ON EARTH!!"

"Shh... it's okay sweetie, it's only a video game," father whispered into her ears.


* * * * *

Twelve years later, Konata hastily browsed all of the isles in the Gamers store, when her eyes feasted upon a necessity poking out of the top of the bargain bin. It was a Space Invaders clone! And it was for the Nintendo DS! And it was at an affordable price!

With a glint in her eye, Konata swiped the game and bought it at the checkout.

* * * * *

Back in her bedroom, Konata inserted the game in her beloved DS. Now she is ready to take on those scummy aliens. Now is the time for retribution. She leapt backwards on her bed and pressed the start button.

"Hmm," thought Konata, as she played the game with a serious expression, "If I take them out one line at a time, it will take them longer to descend the screen! I'm a genius!"

But then she gasped in horror... for the aliens had suddenly split into two smaller groups, and each group moved at a different speed level!

"Ah! I've been tricked!" said Konata angrily, pressing the fire button like there was no tomorrow.

Despite all her efforts, a single alien remained, and it just so happened to successfully reach the bottom. The words 'GAME OVER' appeared on the title screen. Konata turned off the DS and ran downstairs to the kitchen, where her father was preparing the dinner. She immediately ran and hugged her father's legs.

"Waaagh! The aliens have landed on earth, otousan! The aliens have landed on earth!" she shouted.

A large sweat drop hung at the back of her father's head.

"I thought you got over that by now," he said in disbelief.