Many people, somewhere in this world, may or may not ki ll me for this. Guess what? A month ago, I was studying the Suzalulu fan base, and found that surprisingly, there were little to no.......male pregnancy fics. Thanks for the gust of wind from all of the backspacing that just occurred, that should give me about a month's worth of air conditioning. I also apologize sincerely in advance if this fanfiction induces more of these impossible, ridiculous fictions in the world.

I am going to tell you off the bat that this fanfiction came mostly out of a personal bet, just to see if I could pull it off. I mean, the Code Geass universe is incredibly realistic and therefore left just about no windows for an author's liscence. Sure, it has its more serious moments (since I honestly can't write something without at least something deep/emotional), but I wrote this as if it was a plain ol' Suzalulu fic. I just fed the fluff with this plotline. I didn't want to simply bend Lelouch's gender either, even if it would have eased out the kinks that male pregnancy fics endure, because I would get confused calling him a her all the time and I'd rather at least preserve his gender.

So if anyone is still reading this at all, I hope someone out there will read my ridiculous fanfiction, and who knows, maybe even enjoy it. Leave me reviews too, those are nice, but I will simply not tolerate senseless flames. If you find many, many terrible things that need correcting in my writing, please tell me so in a sophisticated manner. Plus this is all in good fun anyway, mmkay?

WARNINGS: THIS FANFICTION INCLUDES SPOILERS UP TO THE LAST EPISODE OF THE FIRST SEASON (meaning no R2).This fanfiction is AU (further evaluation will be given). This fanfiction is Suzalulu, meaning Suzaku x Lelouch, meaning slash. This fanfiction bends natural reality to the whims of my writing enjoyment. This fanfiction can be OOC at times, noticibly in this particular opening chapter, but I don't think it's too incredibly terrible after this. Oh, and there is no Geass or Black Knights or anything. I know, that kills a lot of the original storyline, but I don't like war.

So now that that long Author's Note has been completed, assuming there's anyone left reading this, please do enjoy the first chapter to one of my first few Suzalulu multi-chapter fanfictions.

Chapter One- Prologue

The airport was extremely lonely that Friday morning.

"Such a thing asked of you so suddenly," Lelouch said, his voice trailing off as he averted his eyes from Suzaku's apologetic gaze.

Suzaku lifted his hand to caress his lover's face as they stood by the boarding exit. "It can't be helped, you know. I'm the idiot who chose to work for them." Lelouch smiled only slightly and flicked his eyes upward into Suzaku's before closing them and leaning into the cupped hand. Suzaku kissed him upon the forehead, and the two stayed this way until the final boarding call was made.

"I'll see you in a month, I suppose." Suzaku attempted to say with optimism, and Lelouch, too discontented to respond, tightened their embrace only slightly before uncoiling his arms from around Suzaku's neck; reaching for his lover's face yet again, his eyes solemn, he brushed his fingers against Suzaku's cheek only briefly before it moved out of reach. The Japanese boy slipped his hand down Lelouch's arm as he faded away, drifting into the narrow pathway.

Lelouch could only hold his hand up to his chest, having only just felt his lover's arms around him for the last time for at least a month's time away from him. "Don't get yourself hurt, Suzaku." He whispered to no one, and headed back toward the cabs to make his way back home, without him again.

The somber two weeks following Suzaku's sudden departure were the dullest fourteen days of Milly Ashford's life. Watching Lelouch attempt to hide his apparent sulking over the absence of the Japanese boy was sickening. She hadn't seen the kid so miserable much ever before in her entire earth-bound life—not even when she bothered him with her silly games.

When Shirley had attempted to ask the Britannian boy what was irking him so, he gave her a half-hearted glare that, after Shirley had looked away in annoyance, had melted into an expression so heart-wrenchingly sad that it made Milly want to drag Suzaku back to Ashford by the ears and make him apologize. Never had she felt so protective of her darling little victim when she saw him so damn sad.

But then Lelouch started to get physically sick.

The first sign was the apparent lack of control of his normally mastered sleeping patterns throughout class. More often than usual, the boy had been slamming his head into the desk after zoning off into space and eventually losing consciousness, hence the falling and the crashing and the cursing and the detentions.

Bringing us to the present day, twenty days after the departure of Suzaku.

"Lelouuuuuch, can you grab my Equestrian Club evaluation off the desk for meeee?" Milly asked in a sing-song voice through the doorway of the Student Council room, where Lelouch was currently writing up reports for the Council's monthly evaluation.

"The one I wrote?" Lelouch muttered, and he rose quickly from his seat to reach across the large central desk. At least, that was what he intended to do, because when he attempted to stand, Lelouch suddenly fell into a state of extreme dizziness and nausea that forced him to fall back into his seat and hold his aching head in his hands. He moaned softly, and Milly poked her head back into the Council room with a look of concern.

"Lelouch? Have you been feeling okay?" She asked sincerely, with a quiet softness that rarely emitted from her lips. He looked through his fingers with those miserable eyes that Milly could not stand before rubbing his face with his hands and slowly lifting his head with a tired expression on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Lelouch said, slowly rising from his chair this time, and handed Milly the report with a confused look on his face, which looked to Milly like he was trying to figure out why his body had reacted so extremely to a mindless motion. "Just fine…" He repeated. Milly was equally suspicious for him as she raised her eyebrow in his direction before heading off toward a different location.

Things were definitely wrong, and it was here that Milly Ashford agreed to herself to go easy on a Mister Lelouch Lamperouge, something she never thought she'd agree to do in her entire natural life.

"Good evening, Nunnally." Lelouch said in the sweetest voice he could muster at the time, and he smiled warmly as his sister did the same.

"Onii-sama! How was your day?" She asked as Lelouch strode across the room and caressed her hand with both of his own.

"My day was just fine, thank you." He said with happiness in his tone—Nunnally was the only source of happiness he could afford when Suzaku wasn't around, but when her eyebrows suddenly furrowed with concern, Lelouch grimaced and looked to the floor.

"Onii-sama, are you sick? You seem shaky…" Nunnally searched for her brother's forehead, which she reached with amazing accuracy, and upon the realization that her brother was a bit feverish-feeling, her mouth curved into an extremely upset frown. "Onii-sama, why don't you stay home tomorrow? You feel kind of warm, maybe you should go see a doctor?" She suggested, worry embedded in her tone. Lelouch took a moment before he chuckled softly.

"Nunnally, I'll be okay, I promise. I'm not dying." He said with a slightly fake smile on his lips. A pregnant pause broke out between them.

"I miss Suzaku." Lelouch's eyes widened as Nunnally averted her focus to the floor. "He called today, but he told me you could call him back whenever you had the time."

Lelouch shook his head a bit before finding his ability to speak. "Suzaku? Did he tell you what he wanted?" He asked, his voice speeding up, a bit of urgency in his tone.

Nunnally shook her head. "No, he sounded a bit sad though. I think he was in good health, Onii-sama, he didn't seem tired or anything." Nunnally replied, hoping to reassure her brother with that last bit. Lelouch hastily kissed Nunnally upon the forehead before telling her that he would be back in a few moments, and practically ran up the stairs to his cell phone located in his room.

The ring from Suzaku's end seemed to last forever, seven point three seconds to be exact, before Suzaku picked up. "Warrant Officer Kururugi here."

Lelouch's breath caught in his throat, and all he managed to get out was an airy, "Suzaku?"

"Lelouch! I tried to call you earlier, but Nunnally said you were busy or somethi—"

"I know; what was it you wanted to tell me?" Lelouch interrupted Suzaku mid-sentence, which he ha ted to do, but what ever could have happened to his lover that could make him, the happiest person in Lelouch's world, appear sad on the telephone?

There was a thick pause that made Lelouch feel a sickening shiver go up and down his spine before he got his response. "… They need me to stay for a bit longer, Lelouch."

Once again, Lelouch found that his airways had shut down and his heart had skipped a beat. "What..?" Lelouch was having much difficulty speaking, and so he took a moment to breathe before attempting again, "…How long?"

"Six more weeks." And that was where Lelouch's heart really did rip in two within his chest.

"Oh," He managed to choke out, before sputtering his goodbyes across the telephone line as fast as he could manage.

"I love you, Lelouch." Suzaku said adamantly, and Lelouch gulped down a held breath as he shakily replied,

"I love you, too."

As soon as the telephone line had been broken on the opposite side, Lelouch took his time falling into his bed with another of his sudden dizzy spells. Tears threatened to leak from his half-lidded eyes as he cursed the power with which he loved Suzaku so very much.

So we end in angst. Reviews are nice, and even if you don't like the idea, any writing criticism/feedback is appreciated. And I know this is short, the rest of the chapters excluding Chapter Two are all within the 3,000 word range. Code Geass and all of its attributes (c) Sunrise/CLAMP/Bandai Entertainment/Goro Taniguchi.