This is my first story so I'm sorry if it isn't the best. I've had this idea playing in my head for a while and thought I would just try it out. Hope you enjoy it.

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"Edward," oh man nothing good can come when my sister says my name like that, "can you come down here?"

I pushed myself off of my bed, not bothering to turn my music off on the way out the door, maybe this wouldn't take long and I'll be able to come open here and relax soon. Slowly I made my way down the stairs and to her bedroom.

"Can I help you with something," I leaned on the doorframe into her room and saw the mess. "Alice what are you doing," I ran my hands through my hair taking in the sight before my eyes. There were clothes everywhere, not just the floor, oh no there where clothes on her bed, desk, chair, bookshelf, hanging off the door, everywhere. And then in the middle of the hurricane of clothes was Alice sitting on the ground looking up at me with sad eyes.

"I don't know what to bring and what to leave home," her chin started to quiver and a single tear slid down her face. Ah man she knew I hated it when she cried.

I tried not to step on too many clothes as I made my way over to her sitting down right beside her. I put my arm around her shoulder trying not to laugh at the situation. It was Alice's fist year at college and we had to leave tomorrow to get her moved it. I was in my third year and already had everything in the house I would be sharing with my two best friends, Emmet and Jasper. Alice was going to be going to the same college that I am, University of Washington-Seattle, and I was excited to have her come. As much as my sister may get on my nerves and get worked up about the weirdest things (exhibit A was all around me) I loved her more then anything. She was one of my best friends and I could count on her to be there for me no matter what. Just like I knew she could do the same with me. We had be there for each other through the good and bad times and I was excited to have her coming to Seattle with me.

"Alice," I chuckled a little, "why don't you bring as much as you can pack now and then when you need more you can just come home and get it." I brushed my hand through her short black hair messing it up a little. "You do know that Seattle is only an hour away from here and Mom and Dad will be so bored without one of us here they will be dying for you to come back."

That got her to smile, she leaned her small body against mine and gave a sigh of relief. "Thanks big bro," the smile didn't quite meet her eyes and I knew there was still something bothering her.

"What else is wrong, Ali," I knew using her nickname would make her talk to me whether she wanted to or not.

"I'm scared," another tear fell, "what if they don't like me."

The "they" that she was talking about are her new roommates. Alice had decide that she didn't want to live in the dorms, after seeing how little space she would have for all of her clothes no doubt, and is living off campus in an apartment. Not one to like being alone she made flyers and posted an add online saying she was looking for two roommates to live with her. The two that she picked were ones that found the online add. She said she had a feeling that those two were the right ones to pick and nobody argues with Alice and her feelings. She was also the one that came up with idea of meeting on the day they all moved in, I think I remember her saying something about the excitement of it all, sometimes my sister can be a bit crazy but I still love her.

"Ali," I felt bad that my sister was feeling this way, "don't you remember that this was all your idea."

"That is because it is the best idea," I laughed a little and she even cracked a smile.

"Then what are you so worried about? You know they are going to love you, who wouldn't love you and all the crazy things you do?" I gestured my hand around the room getting her to laugh at the situation we were in.

"You are right, Edward, they are going to love me and I am going to love them I just know it," with that she got up and started to put clothes into boxes sitting on her bed. Boxes I didn't even see before since they were so covered by clothes when I first came in.

"Well good I am happy we have that all figured out, do you need any help packing? You know Dad is going to want to be on the road pretty early tomorrow," I gave her a half smile, Alice was a morning person so I knew she would have no problem with that I on the other hand am not. I would rather stay up all hours of the night then get up early.

"No I think I can handle it from here but thanks for all your help," she didn't look back at me while she continued to fold her clothes neatly and put them in the boxes.

As I was walking back up to my room my mom called down from the first floor, "Dinners ready kids." I guess I will just have to wait and relax later, although I know things are going to be crazy for a while once everyone moves back into the house. Emmet and Jasper both went home for the summer, like me, to spend sometime with their family but we all had our things moved in so we didn't have to worry about that. The only things we had to worry about were making sure the electricity, heating, and cable was still working. I met Alice on the second floor and she looked a lot better, I'm glad that our talk helped her.

"Ready for your last home cooked meal for a while," I asked with a smile.

"Oh kiss my ass, unlike some people," she raised her eyebrow at me, " I don't plan on eating fast-food all the time."

I started to laugh, "Excuse me which one of us is the better cook," we both knew it was me, Alice was not a good cook at all, "and I don't eat fast-food all the time." She stuck her tongue out at me and ran down the stairs laughing the whole way.

By the time I got to the kitchen the food was already on the table and everyone was sitting.

"There you are," my mother look up with loving eyes. I really missed her when I was gone at school more then I thought I would. I remember that first year away from her and the rest of the family was very hard, but each year it gets easier.

"Sorry," I took my set across from Alice. Our family only consisted of the four of us but my mom always wished there could be more. To me four was plenty and I wouldn't have it any other way.

"So Alice are you all ready to go," my dad asked with a knowing smile on his face.

Alice never looked up from her plate, "Not yet but I promise I will be by tomorrow morning."

"I know you will sweetie," Alice finally looked up relived that she wouldn't have to go through one of dad's famous lectures about procrastination.

Dinner was great, we all talked about the trip tomorrow and everything that we have done this summer. I still couldn't believe that it was time to go back to school already. Even though I was really excited to get back and see everyone part of me wishes that I could spend just a few more days home with the family. Unlike most kids that can't wait to leave home I've always been more of a homebody.

"Are Emmet and Jasper moving in tomorrow as well," my mom asked while we all cleared the table.

"Yeah, I think Emmet said that he was going to get there around noon and Jasper's getting in at two."

I met Emmet freshman year when he lived across from me in the dorms, unlike Alice I was excited to get the "full college experience", or so I thought. It only took me about a month and a really bad roommate to figure out the dorms were not for me. I couldn't get out of the dorms until the semester was over and that is how I met Jasper. He was looking for a new roommate in the apartment he was living in. Even though he was a freshman he, like Alice, did not want to live in the dorms. It worked out great and Jasper and I got along perfectly. Soon Emmet, Jasper, and I became like brothers so when we had to decide where to live our second year we knew we all wanted to live together. We searched for weeks until we found the perfect place, our home-away-from-home. Money isn't really a problem for any our families so instead of renting we bought the place, but it still isn't my true home.

"I'm going to go up and finish packing everything," Alice said after the table was clear. Alice skipped out of the kitchen followed by Dad (he didn't skip not really his thing) leaving only Mom and me.

"Why don't you go up and help your sister I know that she is very nervous about the big day," Mom said as we started to wash the dishes.

"I don't mind helping you here," I bumped her hip with mine.

"I know you don't," her face broke out into a smile and her laughter filled the room.

She reached over and turned stereo on. She had the CD I burned for her still in there. We are both very found of classical music, so last year I sent a CD home for her. Dad says she never stops listening to it, I'll have to remember to burn her another. We finished cleaning the kitchen in silenced both of us swaying to the music. This was what I would miss the most, just being able to be myself with the family.

"You know you really should get up and help your sister," she broke the silence when all the work was done. "You are always able to make her feel so much better about what is going on."

"I already talked to her earlier Mom I think it is all just coming so much faster then she thought it was going to," I gave her a big smile. I could see in her eyes that she was feeling the same way, I knew it was hard for my parents when I left but they still had Alice at home. I don't know what they are going to do with their time now that we are both out.

"Yeah," her voice cracked.

"Oh Mom," I gave her a big hug, "you know that she is going to come home all the time, we both are. Remember how many times I came home my freshman year?"

She started to laugh thinking back to it, "It was like you didn't even move out," she started to laugh even though she still had tears in her eyes.

"Everything is going to be fine," I gave her one more big squeeze before letting go.

"Hey you aren't supposed to be smarter then I am," she playfully pushed me away.

"That is what happens when you send your baby boy off to college."

"Well I'm going to go see where you're father ran off to," she gave me a kiss on the cheek, "I'll see you in the morning sweetie."

I made my way upstairs stopping on the second floor to check in on Alice.

"Hey there bro," she said even before I could get into the room.

"How did you know it was me?"

"Because dear brother of mine, you are the only one that has nothing else to do but come in and check on me," she gave me a sweet smile.

"Remind me again why I want you to come to the same school again," I sat down on the bed next the one of the many boxes. "Holy shit Alice how many boxes are you going to bring, you do know we are only taking two cars right?" There were are five full boxes in my parents car with no room left for anymore and she was currently working on the fourth one I could see in her room.

"You don't understand Edward, you are a boy," she said it like it was the most obvious answer and I was stupid for even mentioning it.

"Yeah I guess not," I rolled my eyes.

"Besides this is the last one," her face turned into a pout as if is was hard for her to leave any of her clothes behind. Don't get me wrong my sister is an amazing person and a great friend, I just don't understand her obsession with clothes.

"Well that is good because you are going to want to get as much sleep as you can since tomorrow is going to be crazy. When do your roommates move in?" For the life of me I couldn't remember their names.

"I'm pretty sure that Bella is moving in around one and Rosalie won't get there until two. Which will be perfect that way none of us will be moving in at the same time. Are you going to be able to help us move in?" Her puppy dog eyes were hard to say no to.

"I'll be able to help you for a little while Alice but I'm going to have to get to my place after a while and make sure everything is working properly."

"How long do you think you will be able to help," she put the last article of clothing into the box and started to tap it up.

"Maybe a few hours, I've still got a lot of things that I need to do." She looked sad, "but you know you can come over to my place anytime you want. So if your roommates do turn out to be crazy girls that you just can't get along with you'll always have a place to go." That brought the smile back to her face.

"Thanks Edward," she let out a big yawn, "I guess I really should get to bed now since Dad wants to be up by six."

I made a groaning sound, who in there right mind wants to get up at six in the morning? Not me that is for damn sure.

"Yeah I might as well do the same," I gave her one last hug before heading up to my room. As my head hit the pillow I couldn't help but think that tomorrow was going to be a very long day.