TITLE: "Flotsam" (1/1)
AUTHOR: Marie-Claude Danis
EMAIL: mc@fangy.net
SITE: http://fangy.net
SPOILERS: Vague references to Smashed/Wrecked.
RATING: R for character death.
PAIRING: S/X, some S/B.

* * *

I have watched her break so many times, picking up the pieces once
again is barely something I give any thought to. She lounges around me, a broken record, lamenting his obsession with her, cursing her own impulses. She relates the play in non-sequential pieces, unattached, parts missing. An unreliable account. I don't understand, how she could fall for him, for that monster. They can't be together, she should know this. She should notice how wrong it is. Maybe she does, maybe that's why she's so vocal about her displeasure. She clings to me, curls up, rests her head on my shoulder. My hand caresses her hair, working the kinks out of her neck.

She keeps talking; something in the pit of my stomach tightens,
something in my mind flares up, my fingers ache in her hair. She's falling asleep, senses dulled by dismay, and my hands linger on the curve of her neck, until both hands are wrapped around it, thumbs caressing her throat. She barely moans in her sleep when I press, when I feel the skin bruise under mine, feel muscles twitch, nails biting into her flesh. So gradual, the lack of air goes unnoticed until it is too late, by which time she couldn't even wake up if she wanted. I squeeze harder; she sleeps.

"You get to have him and you push him away. You don't get to do that. I think you've done enough."

But I've spoken my peace into a deaf ear.

Nothing changes.