Liner Notes for _Neon Genesis DBZ_


"Out in space.../Way out in space.../Way, WAY out in space..."--Stolen from an old

Warner Bros. cartoon about an alien trying to find love and acceptance on Earth,

but is treated as a monster instead. Maybe that's what those Angels were really up


"Mmm, donuts."--Immortal words of the great Homer Simpson.

"A young boy who was failing all of his classes"--Nobe Nobita, from Doraemon.

"See if you can get new glasses fitted for me. This pair never stays on my nose."--

The _real_ reason why Gendou always pushes his glasses back up.

"I didn't know that impact craters could be this huge..."--Mweh. Heh. Heh.

"one could hardly have a good day if one was being pummeled by a gigantic monstrous

being that--at least, according to the script--wasn't supposed to exist."--The next

Angel at this point would have been the one to take over Unit 03.

"Meanwhile, Shinji was starting to feel a little like wanting to go berserk, rip the

Angel apart, and eat its core."--Foreshadowing.

"the fake blond scientist"--Ritsuko, that is. AFAIK, Misato's hair is naturally


"For God, nothing is impossible."--From the Gospel of Matthew. Spoken, ironically

enough, by an Angel.

"A grave somewhere in the Middle East began turning violently."--Said Gospel writer

reacting rather unfavorably to Gendou's statements.

"There's a guy looking for someone named 'carrot' or something."--Goku's Saiyajin

name--Kakarotto--is a pun on the word 'carrot'. Which has led to some speculation

over what would happen should he meet Usagi, whose name means 'rabbit'."

Gendou made a mental note to take away Shinji's Bakuretsu Hunters collection."--One

of the characters in BH is named "Carrot".

"You can't just grab any stranger off the streets and make him an Eva pilot!"--

Apparently, Ritsuko has never read an SI 'fic.

"Commander Anchor?"--The kanji for Gendou's last name is "anchor". As in the big,

heavy thing they use to keep a ship from drifting. Many of the other characters are

named after battleships.

"This stuff tastes even worse than that weird soda I had for lunch..."--There have

been claims that Dr. Pepper share the same ingredients as artificial prune juice.

While I cannot verify this, I do know that DP _does_ taste suspiciously like Cherry


"Dr. Whatchamacallit"--Named after a strange little candy bar that in no way

resembles its ingredients in any fashion.

"Misato's voice rang over the speaker the way a Styrofoam brick didn't."--Absolutely

horrible metaphor usage. Don't do that when writing a story.

"the Fourth Wall"--If a theatre's three walls are stage right, stage left, and

upstage, then the "fourth" wall is the one facing the audience. A character breaks

that wall by acknowledging that he/she is in a work of fiction.


"Kensuke (who would get his share of piloting in other fanfics)"--He really does, and

not just in _Garden of Eva_, either. Scary thought, innit?

"Is it even possible to put that many people into your apartment?"--One of the great

mysteries of life...

"Radish-head"--Radditz is a pun on the word "radish".

"Shinji's backbone retracted itself in a hurry."--No, it's not like that. Perverts.

"Ich bin ein Berliner" (which meant, loosely, "I am a jelly-filled doughnut")--

Referring to JFK's famous quote, not to a Certain Other EVA 'fic Which I Will Not

Name. A "Berliner" is New York slang for said pastry.

"Been There, Done That, Got Enough T-shirts To Clothe Tokyo-3"--Those T-shirts, by

the way, read "I destroyed the world and all I got was this lousy T-shirt".

"She clutched hopped up and down in pain after her knee came in contact with what

felt like a titanium wall."--Whether Radditz was wearing something under his pants

other than boxers remains a secret.

"Asuka threw her hands into the air"--Not meant to be taken literally.

"You always cheat when you play Janken"--Yes, it _is_ possible to cheat at Janken.

In fact, Misato is the Queen of Cheating at Janken.

"Pen-Pen warked out what sounded like Chopin's Funeral March."--Proof that penguins

really are intelligent life forms.

"he quickly ate the rest of it."--All Saiyajins have cast-iron stomachs and

battleship-sized appetites. And curry-flavored ramen does tend to grow on you after

a while.


Freeza--Villain whom Mewtwo resembles.

Vegeta--Prince of Saiyajins, egoist, really cute guy who is my personal slave. Don't


"At least he could make faces at the monoliths beneath his gloved hands."--And you

thought he had them there to save Gainax the trouble of animating his mouth movements.

"It's always your fault, Gendou."--No, Akane Tendo is not a member of SEELE.

"Was that _really_ necessary?"--What I think every time I see a scene with SEELE.

There _must_ be a better way to reveal important plot points.

"But...spandex makes me look fat!"--Radditz fails to realize that Saiyajin armor is

basically glorified spandex.

"Radditz felt a tingle run down his tail when the curtain failed to block out certain

aspects of Rei's anatomy."--In accordance to EVA fanfic rule #3: the new character

must fall in love with either Rei, Asuka, or both, and vice versa.

"the Hokey Pokey"--You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put

your right foot in and shake it all about...


"Bloodymurderbloodymurderbloodymurderbloodymurder~~!"--Inspired by my little brother,

who took the line "screaming bloody murder" rather literally.

"When Unit 01's hand opened again, the plug had been warped into a Radditz-shaped

mass."--Did you really think I would incapacitate my character so early into the



"This is my big chance to win the sympathy of the world by showing them how miserable

I am!"--The summation of the entire series, IMHO.

"And now, a Totally Pointless Dream Sequence:"--Another obligatory scene. Also

parodying Monty Python's "And now, something completely different" sketches.

"Rei answered in the same way someone might say 'my hamster died today'."--This is,

of course, the way Rei says _all_ of her lines.

"Handcuffs, while they were designed to create a feeling of humiliation, when used in

the right circumstances could be quite kinky."--Not that I would know.

"He made a muffled 'umph' noise as he collided with the closed door of the train."--

You better have seen that one coming.

"Attention. An Angel is invading Tokyo-3. The world as we know it will come to an

end. Have a nice day."--Somewhat inspired by the calm computer voice in "Command and

Conquer" that tells you "unit lost" and "nuclear missle launched" in the same


"knocking everyone down (a la Star Trek)"--For those of you who haven't seen the show,

it's basically a "screen shakes, everyone falls left and right" effect.

"(otherwise known affectionately as the 'bridge bunnies')"--IIRC, first coined with

the series Macross, who featured many young, beautiful girls who did nothing but act

helplessly afraid.

"Not ready reading drive. Abort, Ignore, Retry, Fail?"--Who's General Failure and why

is he reading this device?

"He instinctively fell into a begging position."--A well-practiced position,


"It's not working, you idiot. Do I have to spell it out to you more clearly?"--As

revealed by Ritsuko during the invasion of the 12th Angel, the Magi represent Naoko

as a mother, a woman, and a scientist. The mother portion was rather exasperated at

this point.


"Citizens of Tokyo-3, I Have Returned"--To paraphrase McArthur's famous quote.

"They remind me of Misato's breasts"--Never said so out loud, IIRC, but the symbolism

is quite obvious.

"You know, you _do_ need to breathe every once in a while."--Sage advice.

"Several other nameless technicians crossed themselves and mumbled a short prayer

without realizing it."--Nothing like the threat of your life to turn you to religion.

"Move, or I'll--_I'll feed you Misato's curry_!"--A threat that would motivate even

an inanimate object."Maya turned an even darker shade of green, leaned over, and

threw up."--A toss-away gag.

"Gendou bit back a sneeze."--Japanese people believe that sneezing is caused by

someone talking behind your back. Then again, if this were true, then Gendou would

be sneezing non-stop.


"Having a hallucination. Will be back in a month!"--Suggested by an MSTer whose name

I cannot remember to save my life. If you read this, please identify yourself so I

can give you the proper credit.

"I'm your soul. Or, at least, a manifestation of your soul."--Careful readers will

note that the Authoress is a female who identifies herself with Shinji.

"Why am I not surprised?"--Is anyone else? Didn't think so.

"How Freudian."--Shinji also has an attraction to Rei, who is a clone of Yui. No


"I tried to warn Mother about that Bill Gates and his OS..."--All right, so I'm a bit

biased against Windows, even if I do use it to write all my works.

"Fortunately for the readers, a nearby rail conveniently blocked their view."--You're


"The Authoress doesn't do lemon scenes."--Orange scenes, on the other hand, could be


"As you can see, we finally know who's saying what."--At this point, I decided that

the "lack of quote attribution" joke was getting old.

"You can't--/Nah, it doesn't sound right when I say it."--The entire quoteis

"you can't handle the truth!", from _A Few Good Men_. Wonder if Jack Nicolson would

make a good Fuyustuki...

"He facefaulted when he saw who was pointing the gun at him."--And all this time you

were so sure the lone gunman was Misato.


"(I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.)"--Here's a hint: he's a certain

bridge bunny that does Misato's laundry. *cocks gun*

"Asuka and Rei stood in the elevator, saying nothing due to the extreme dizziness

caused by the sudden scene change."--I seem to be rather infamous for making sudden,

disorienting jumps in narration. I dunno, it all makes perfect sense to _me_...

"Rei blinked. Once."--The entire scene, save the beginning and the end, was lifted

directly out of the series itself. This was when GAINAX started to get into serious

financial trouble.

"As you wish, Mistress Asuka,"--A fine example of sarcasm.

"o/ It's a Small World After All! It's a Small World After All... o/"--I _almost_ put

in a Certain Infamous Barney Melody. Be very, very, very glad that I changed my mind.

"the Really Big Arse Gun"--That's basically what it is, innit?

"Sinatra's 'Fly Me To The Moon'"--The _original_ version of EVA's end theme. Also

had several alternate versions.

"Asuka's mouth connected with his."--Any guesses on what my preferred EVA couple is?

"I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Weiner"--The infamous Oscar Meyer commercial. It goes

like this: "Oh I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Weiner/yes, that is what I truly want to

be/cause if I Were an Oscar Meyer Weiner/everyone would be in love with me".

Inspired by a strange FF7 'fic in which Sephiroth sings this in the shower.

"99 Bottles of Ebisu on the Wall"--Misato's variant of the famous American drinking



"Rei's Soul"--One of the possible meaning of "rei" is "soul". A different kanji of

"rei" stands for the number "zero".

"What looked like a giant glowing piece of noodle"--So I was hungry when I watched

this episode.

"yadda yadda ya"--From _Seinfield_. If you didn't get it, then no soup for you.

"Somewhere in the back of her mind, Rei wondered why she and her mysterious companion

had been speaking in brackets."--Inspired by Susan Ching.

"I shall have thee both!"--Immortal words of the great Tatawake Kuno.

"Down the third corridor of the third floor of the third wing of the NERV HQ hospital

ran Shinji, Radditz and Asuka. The three skidded to a halt when they found Rei

sitting in front of room 333, sporting some bandages that looked oddly familiar to

Shinji."--All right, so I was overdoing the symbolism a bit. I've been told that

sometimes I'm too obtuse.

"You kept stupid Shinji and Radish-head from becoming Angel food."--Not to be

confused with Angel Food Cake.


"I Think I'm a Clone Now"--Weird Al's parody of "I Think I'm Alone Now". Someone

made this into a Rei-themed music video, and I'm still bashing my head against the

keyboard for not saving it to my hard drive when I had the chance.

"Oops, that was Gendou's 'secret fantasy' button."--It has been suggested more than

once that Rei was Gendou's sex toy.


"NERV Crisis Number 5"--Parodying the Beatles' "American Crisis Number 9". IMHO, my

story makes a bit more sense. But not by much.

"Now that's the pot calling the kettle black,"--Because Radditz's accusasions also

apply perfectly to himself. And a certain other fanfic character who shall remain


"Radditz barely maintained his sanity by playing some sort of game Kensuke had

installed on all of the computers."--Knowing Kensuke, this game is probably Command

and Conquer.

"Like what?"--Kaworu probably isn't aware that guys just don't take well to touchy-

feely proclamations of love. Or suggestions that they spend the night together.



"Kaworu turned and wagged his finger at him, smiling with his eyes closed."--One of

Xelloss' (Slayers NEXT, TRY) signature moves. Incidentally, Kaworu and Xelloss share

voice actors.

"Your mother wears Army boots."--Works every time.

"I'm just a pawn in a deadly game"--Kaworu has No Idea.


"Terminate, With Extreme Prejudice"--From _Apocalypse Now_.

"You're going to be the cannon fodder."--Well, at least she's honest.


"Turning, he managed to get a glimpse of a retreating figure wearing a school

uniform."--In the first episode, Shinji saw a flitting apparition of Rei, proving

that she can project holograms of herself.

"Rei responded by turning Gendou into a human pretzel."--I must admit I took immense

pleasure in writing that line.


"Say, what in the world was all of that chessplaying for, anyway?"--That Is A Secret.

"Start running. Now."--Like they could really get away from me.