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Bella's POV

~In the City~

"No, no please don't, please have mercy." The guy on the floor yelled.

"You showed no mercy to you victims why should I to you?" I asked him but I didn't wait for an answer. I just blasted his head off with my gun. Then I took my dagger out and started cutting him to pieces.

"Bella are you there?" I heard my dad called. I didn't answer him. I know that he knows where I am and if he doesn't he will eventually find me.

"Ah I see you caught our little friend." He reached my side. I still didn't look up from what I was doing. The sooner I finish cutting this creature up the sooner I can burn it and the sooner I can go home and sleep.

My father left my side and walked towards an empty barrel and poured gasoline in it. "By the way Bella, your mom called." He said and I walked over and dropped all the bloody pieces in.

"So?" I asked while striking a match and tossing it in together with the body. The barrel was filled with flames in seconds and the familiar stench of a burning carcass filled my nose.

"She said that there are more vampire in Washington now."

Washington was where my father Charlie used to live. That was until my mother Renee went to Florida with Phil. Then Charlie left the tiny town of Forks to live with me in the city since I was too stubborn to go. That was when I started getting more involved in the family business – hunting vampires. Yup, Charlie, Renee and even Phil are vampire hunters. My family is one of the secret groups that hunt vampires in the night. A nice thing I can think of that comes from all this is there's a secret group of people that builds special weapons to kill these bloodsucking creatures. Like the bullets of the gun I used and the dagger that I used to cut the thing up. I'm not sure what they are made of though. It's probably made up of the things from their teeth since it can slice their cold hard steel skin.

" Bella do you don't mind coming back with me to Forks?" He asked me. "I don't want to leave you here especially that vampires will be hunting for you."

"Dad I can take care of myself. You and mom started training me ever since I started walking."

"I know that but you still don't know how tricky these monsters can be. You have only been dealing with the inexperience ones."

I stared at the blazing fire. I didn't want to argue with him. He can go on about that for days if he wants to. And in the end of all the talking I will end up going with him anyway. Besides how big would my life change anyway? I practically spend my days at school and nights hunting. Going to Forks with my dad, I doubt that routine will change. Still I stared at the fire thinking and before I know it I was sitting on a plane on my way to Washington in the town of Forks where my dad lives.

~Forks, Washington~

"Hey I'm Jessica," this girl introduced herself to me. It was my first day at the high school and already almost all the people knows about the new girl. But then what else do I expect in a small school.

"Hi I'm Isabella but you can just call me Bella."

"Hi Bella, how do you like your first day so far?" She asked as we walked to the lunch line.

"It was fine," I told her. The truth was the morning went by deadly slow for me and nothing interesting really happened other than meeting this guy named Mike who looks like he has a crush on me. But that's isn't really all that interesting.

"Hey, hey we have seats here!" The guy Mike was waving his hands for us to see. There were two other people sitting in the table other than Mike. There was a girl named Angela and a guy named Eric. Both I met earlier today in one of my classes.

Jessica and I sat down with them and Jessica starts a conversation while I looked around the cafeteria. I would have said there was nothing unusual in this school until I saw a group of kids.

"Hey Jess, who are they?" I asked Jessica.

She looked at the direction I was looking at then answered. "O they are the Cullen siblings. They are the most gorgeous kids in the school. But they are all taken by each other."

"Taken by each other? I thought you said they are brothers and sisters?"

"Well they are all adopted by this doctor and his wife. The golden haired girl name is Rosalie and she is with Emmett the sexy delicious guy next to her. Stay away from him unless you want to start one hell of a catfight. The guy next to Emmett, the one with the beautiful locks, is Jasper and next to him is Alice. Alice and Jasper are together and are inseparable. Last but not least Edward. He is probably the only one that is not taken and won't be taken anytime soon."

"Why is that?" I looked at the mysterious looking guy sitting at the table.

"Because no girl is good enough for him." Jessica answered before turning back to the conversation with Angela and Mike.

I looked at them a little longer. They had trays of food but it was barely touched. They were all just talking and laughing around. Just like normal high school kids but there is something about them that just makes me doubt that. I realized the girl Alice was looking at me and I looked away and just took a bit of my apple.

The rest of lunch period I spent listening to the conversation at the table and joining in once in a while. But every so often I can't help but take a short quick glimpse at the other table and every once in a while I can feel the girl's eyes on me.

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