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"Bella please!" Angela begged as her fringe fell into her soft brown eyes. She had been begging me to go to this club with her on Friday so she could stay over at mine afterwards. My parents were conveniently away for the weekend so it didn't matter what time we got in and Angela – who's dad was a priest – could pretend she was at my house all evening. Prefect plan. Except I really didn't want to go.

"Angela you can go without me and still stay here, I'll give you a key and everything. You know clubs aren't really my thing..." It was true, I'm more of a gig goer/stay at home with a film type of person. Angela knew this but for some reason she really wanted me to go.

I sighed as I looked up at her, she looked so disappointed. How can I deny that pretty face of hers? She never really asks me for anything so...

"Okay okay, I'll come with you," I said, throwing my hands up in defeat. She squealed and jumped at me, crushing me in a firm hug.
"Thank you so much Bella, you're truly the best," she giggled. Yeah I know, I'm totally the best.

I just hoped my dad – the police sergeant – didn't find out about this. He wouldn't be thrilled about his under-age daughter using fake ID to get into clubs and such...

Friday afternoon rolled by sooner than expected. I kissed my mum and dad goodbye and promised them I'd be "a good girl" for them. I was almost 18 and they still treated me like a kid. Whatever, as long as they thought I was still their innocent little daughter, I could get away with more. They would never have trusted me to stay on my own if they knew I was into boys and drinking.

Angela came over at 8 in a grey tracksuit and clutching a huge bag full of stuff.

"I told my dad it was full of homework and books," she smirked and rolled her eyes.

I wasn't really sure what to wear so I went with the safe option of black skinny jeans and a low-cut, off-the-shoulder top. I curled my hair slightly, applied some make-up and grabbed my black boots.

I poked my head round the guest room door to find Angela admiring herself in the mirror. She looked seriously hot in her little black dress and red heels. I wolf-whistled as she gave me a little spin. Her dad would freak and send her to a convent if he saw her dressed like that.

We stepped out of my cosy, semi-detached house and into the chilly February evening. We met Ben at 9.30 and headed to the club.

I was bored already. We'd been here for about an hour and I was just sitting at the bar drinking my third double JD and Coke. This one had been free because I flirted with the barman a little.

I watched Angela and Ben dancing away happily and smiled to myself. I was glad she found herself a nice guy. She was at least 3 inches taller than him but they still looked so perfect together.

I'd broken up with my boyfriend, Mike a few months back. I wasn't exactly upset about it, he turned out to be such a clingy, pathetic loser. Plus, he couldn't kiss to save his life.

I searched the mindless, pulsing crowd for a face I could talk to but I could see noone. I finished my drink and ordered another, glad to find this one was also "on the house". Wow this guy must be desperate.

The music pumped out of the speakers and shot through my body, the bass sending vibrations through everyone and everything around me. Man, I love that feeling.

I closed my eyes and let the music take control.
I'm not sure how long I had them closed for but when I opened them I almost fell off my chair. The hottest guy ever was walking towards the bar. I raked my eyes over his appearance.

Tight black shirt and snug black jeans. Maybe he's a fan of Johnny Cash...

I looked up at his face and marvelled at his sharp jaw and high cheekbones. He seriously looked like a model. I realised I was staring so I turned back round to the bar and swirled the ice cubes in my drink. He came up on my left and it took all of my control not to look up. He leaned over the bar and said right into the bar man's face, "Two vodka, red bulls. Please." His voice was soft and silky.

So sexy...He looked up at me. Shit did I say that out loud?! I stared into his intense green eyes and felt my mouth slowly drop open. I must've resembled a fish. I was waiting for him to look away – since I was clearly incapable of doing so – but he didn't. I'm not sure how much time had passed but I heard the bar man say, "Er, your drinks mate?"

The sexy guy slowly raised his eyebrows and quickly turned to get his drinks. He was out of sight in a blink.

What the hell just happened there? I turned back to the bar man who looked a bit pissed off. He didn't attempt to talk to me again so I got up and decided I hadn't had enough of this mysterious sex bomb.

I literally searched every corner of the club for him until I decided I was a bit too drunk to be doing so. I gave up and went to find Angela, planning on actually having some fun for once.

I stumbled through the crowd blindly, smiling and laughing with random people dancing around me. A classic dance track I recognised started to play and I cheered in approval along with 200 others who had good taste in music. I started to dance with a random guy until I realised he was seriously creepy.

"I HAVE TOOO GOO AND FIIND MY FRIEEND," I yelled in his ear and looked up to see him look extremely frustrated. Sorry mate...I got to the edge of the dance floor with the intention of sitting down somewhere but instead I stopped dead and sucked in a sharp breath.

I found him!

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