Our Dance (Chapter 1)

Sara glanced out the window of the train at the passing farmland. It reminded her so much of the first trip she'd taken to Chicago. How her mother had died. As she pushed back fresh tears, she reminded herself this time she has people to look forward to again. Roy had a steady job now and was eager to show her around the newly built club. Chenille had a job waitressing at a nearby diner and was spending more time with Christopher. And the one person she was looking forward to seeing most this Christmas was Derek. He was coming back from Georgetown and didn't know she was coming too. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face.

As the train slowed to a stop in the Chicago station and Sara stepped off the train, she was ambushed by several persons. All she could see and hear was Chenille's voice and Roy's face. They were all laughing as they fell over onto a nearby bench. Sara grinned and turned to Roy.

"So, what kind of father are you? Where are my bags mister?"

Roy laughed, "Alright, I'll meet you guys in the parking lot." He disappeared down the platform in the rising mist of steam.

Chenille hugged her again and broke out into a grin. They started walking down the platform slowly, chatting about school and Julliard and their lives. Sara felt so happy to be back home again.

Roy dropped them at Chenille's after making Sara promise him she'd be home for lunch tomorrow. Sara grinned, knowing that he was referring to her and Derek, but still teased him about not trusting her.

As they walked up the steps to the apartment, Sara turned to Chenille.

"Chenille, I have a question. Is everything alright here, I've just been getting a sense of terror and fear from your letters. What's up?"

Chenille sank down onto the steps. "Hun, you know me real good right? And you treat Derek like he should. I gotta tell you somethin'."

Sara sat down next to her. "So, sup?"

A silent tear rolled down Chenille's cheek and Sara wrapped her arm around her. "Mamma G's real sick. She's got cancer or somethin' like that. I just don't know what to do anymore. I've had to hire a babysitter for Christopher. And on top of all that, Kenny's asked me to marry him."

Sara took all this in at once. She stared at Chenille for a minute then whispered, "Have you told Derek yet?"

Chenille shook her head and put her head on Sara's shoulder.

"I was thinkin' that we could sit down with him. You're as much a part of our family as ever."

Sara looked down at her lap and contemplated this for a moment. She knew she had to be there for Derek and Chenille, but she didn't know if she would be able to handle all that emotion at the same time. Plus her mom. She let out a long breath and turned back to Chenille, who had composed herself a bit.

"Alright, I will. But you're going to have to explain it to him first okay? I know he's all with the doctor thing and everything, but it's only his second year and he don't know everything yet."

"You're just like my sister hun. Thanks."

Chenille smiled and stood up with Sara, hugged her, and they walked into the apartment to await the arrival of Derek.