Sara spun around again and again staring at the ceiling high above her. The music blasted through the speakers in four corners around her and it was going straight to her heart. It was the only place she could feel safe, happy and close to her mom all at the same time.  But tonight it wasn't doing much and she longed to be whisked away to a place where no one could touch her. Unfortunately, Nikki chose that moment to bump into her, sending her sprawling to the floor.

            "Oh sorry Barbie, didn't mean to get your white lace in a bundle" Nikki mocked in a falsetto voice.

            "Bite me." Sara replied as Derek swept her back into his arms and swung her into a bouncing dip, accompanied by a passionate kiss. Which Sara was sure was his own little way of retaliating against Nikki.

She placed a sappy grin on her face and danced closer to him. "Snooks picked the perfect time to switch into a slow song…" Sara thought to herself as Derek swung her around again and pulled her closer.  Looking back up at the ceiling, she caught a glace in a mirror that startled her almost more than seeing Malachi out and about again.

Nikki and Malachi making out. It almost made her want to laugh, if it wasn't that surprisingly disturbing. She turned her head on Derek's shoulder and asked him if he knew what was up between the two antagonists. He whirled her around, shrugged, and pulled her off the dance floor to get a drink. Their day had been hard and they needed some real music to pick up the beat and make them drift into forgetting.

            As if Snooks read her mind, Chenille was pleased to hear MaryMary's "I Sings" start to blast out from all corners of the room. She laughed, ran up the steps towards the scratch table and grabbed Snooks arm.

            "Common' Fluffy, we're getting this one on." She said with a grin at the surprised look on his face.

            "Well, Junior CAN take over for a minute…" he stuttered back as he was pulled down the steps towards the dance floor. He did like Chenille, but was surprised. She wasn't usually like this…

            "Well, you want to head back to my place or not?" Nikki whispered into Malachi's ear.

            "Damn girl, watcha think I'd be? Some kinda proper gentlemen from Georgetown and shit like that? Of course I'm draggin' your sorry ass back to your place. Is your mamma gonna be followin' me though?"

            "Hell no. She got in a bar fight last night and knocked a couple teeth out of a drunk. She won't come back til who cares when. I got the whole place with you…wherever you want."

            "Damn…" Malachi said as they stepped out into the cold air of late December.

            As Sara, Derek and Chenille danced their cares into a bottle inside the booming club, outside a few snowflakes were starting to fall and a cold wind was settling onto the city. A odd sense of fear lingered on the cold breeze that night…no one knows exactly where it came from, but a few knew where it was going…