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A Ryou and Ichigo story. Enjoy!

It was a rainy day in Tokyo, Japan. It was a constant heavy rain that normal people would avoid being out in. Unfortunately, Ichigo didn't have that luxury. She had to go to work, and she wasn't old enough to drive a car.

Pulling her raincoat higher on her shoulders, she shivered as the wind gusted and chilled her to the bone. "Damn that Ryou...why does he insist on going to work when its raining?" Ichigo asked herself as she saw Café Mew Mew.

She came to the front doors, but was puzzled when the doors didn't open. Knocking, she waited a few minutes before Ryou came to the door and unlocked it. Ryou jumped back in surprise as Ichigo stormed into the café. "What's the big idea in running a business in this type of weather?" Ichigo scolded Ryou.

Ryou frowned as he said, "I gave everyone the day off."

"WHAT! Why wasn't I informed?" Ichigo demanded. Ryou shook his head.

"I tried to contact you, but you never answered your cell phone." Ryou explained.

Ichigo took out her cell phone and saw that Ryou had left five voice messages. "Oh, I guess you tried..." Ichigo said sheepishly. Ryou nodded his head in agreement.

"Well, bye." Ichigo said, turning around to head out the door. Ryou cut her off and locked the door.

"Not in this weather. I'm surprised you didn't get sick on your way here. Continuing to walk in this weather would surly be tempting fate. You'll just have to wait out the storm here, with me." Ryou said, gently pushing Ichigo to a seat.

Ichigo sat down, and Ryou went into the kitchen. After a few minutes, Ryou brought out some soup and set it in front of Ichigo. Smiling, Ryou said casually, "Nothing beats nice hot soup on a rainy day, right?"

Ichigo cautiously nodded her head as she began to eat. Ryou sat down and watched Ichigo eat the soup. Smiling as Ichigo squirmed at the attention, Ryou said, "Well, are you feeling better now?"

Ichigo nodded her head as she picked up the bowl and slurped down the remaining soup. Unfortunately, she spilled some soup on her clothes, causing her to jump up and let out a cry of surprise.

Ryou grinned and said with a laugh, "Wow, if you wanted to change clothes so bad, you could have just asked!" Ryou continued to laugh as Ichigo's face turned bright red.

"Kidding," Ryou said as he stood up and went upstairs to get her some dry, clean clothes. When he returned, Ichigo was hiding behind one of the tables.

Puzzled, Ryou started to come towards her before she held up a hand and said, "Don't come any closer. That soup I spilled was so hot, that it sorta burned me. I had to take off my shirt and skirt in order to stop the pain. Just, leave the clothes over where you are."

Ryou rolled his eyes but left the clothes where he was and then slightly backed up. Ichigo peaked around the table and said angerly, "Hey, go away! I've got to change."

Ryou shrugged his shoulders as he said, "Well, your wearing undergarments right? So, it's not like I would see anything." Nevertheless, Ryou turned around and walked out of the room. Coming back a few minutes later, he smiled as she was admiring the pink dress she was wearing. It had strawberries all over it.

"Like the dress, Ichigo?" Ryou asked, startling Ichigo. She swiftly turned around as her cat ears and tail popped out. "Why so nervous Ichigo?" Ryou questioned as he came over and looked into her brown eyes.

Ichigo stammered, "N-nervous? What should I be nervous about being so close to you?" Ichigo's face went a deep red as Ryou chuckled at the comment. His blue eyes seemed to twinkle at the humor.

"Obviously it isn't the fact me and you are alone, with no one around..." Ryou said calmly as Ichigo let out a gasp and moved so she was about ten meters away from Ryou.

Ryou smiled and sat down in a chair, watching as Ichigo tried to calm herself. "That wasn't funny Ryou!" Ichigo snapped, causing Ryou to shrug his shoulders in indifference.

"Seemed pretty funny to me." Ryou said, leaning back in his chair and placing his feet on the table. He closed his eyes and thought about the situation. His heart throbbed in desire, but he didn't really know how to react to it. It was only natural that he would feel something towards Ichigo, Ryou thought. After all, they had been working together for a few months now, and he was her boss. It was even more natural that he, being a boy, would want a girl to be with. He just didn't like the fact his desire right now was totally on Ichgio.

Sighing in frustration, Ryou opened his eyes and stood up...and in the process, fell backwards into the next table. Letting out a startled cry, Ichigo ran over to help Ryou sit up. There was some blood on the back of Ryou's head, but the cut didn't seem deep.

Ryou rubbed the back of his head and winced as he found the spot where the cut was. "Pretty clumsy of me." Ryou said sheepishly, noticing how close Ichigo was to him. Ichigo didn't seem aware of this at the moment, focusing all her attention on the cut.

"Sit still Ryou..." Ichigo said in annoyance as he shifted to try and get slightly closer. She left him for a few minutes and returned with some medication. She pored some of it into her hand and the moved to pore a little on the cut. The liquid that she used to clean the wound burned, but it was a small price to pay as Ryou enjoyed the closeness of Ichigo. He could feel her body heat and that seemed make his heart pound loudly enough that it caused Ichigo to stop and look at Ryou's chest.

"Are you ok?" Ichigo asked, placing a hand on his chest, feeling his heart pound. Ryou thought quickly and came up with a way to dispel her suspicion.

Smiling, Ryou said, "It's nothing. I have a adrenaline high right now because of knocking my head against the damn table." Ichigo seemed concerned about the pulse rate, but she wasn't a medic so she let it go.

Ryou breathed out in relief and waited as Ichigo applied a bandage to his cut. "Done?" Ryou asked, trying to get up.

"No, you got to let the bandage work. Sit still." Ichigo scolded Ryou as he tried to get past her. She pinned his arms down and sat on his stomach, effectively preventing Ryou from rising. Ryou went still and enjoyed the position, which Ichigo seemed oblivious too.

After about ten minutes Ichigo got off of Ryou, allowing him to get up and look around. The desire he felt was enormous. It took everything he had to ignore the urge to take Ichigo in his arms and kiss her. Ryou looked at one hand and noticed it was shaking slightly.

Looking at Ichigo, he saw a deep blush going through her. "What's wrong Ichigo?" Ryou asked, not knowing the reason why she was embarrassed.

"I just figured out that I was sitting on you for ten minutes and didn't even realize it." Ichigo said shyly, not looking at Ryou. He just chuckled at the thought, but then stopped as she started to walk away from him.

"Wait, I wasn't laughing at you!" Ryou cried out, running after Ichigo. She turned her head for a second and tripped over a chair. Crying out, she put her hands forward and tried to stop herself from falling. Ryou caught Ichigo and held her close to his chest.

After making sure she was ok, Ryou tried to release Ichigo but found that his arms didn't want to let go. Ichigo was getting uncomfortable being this close to Ryou, but he honestly did want to let go. At least, his mind did. His heart on the other hand was pounding with desire. Desire to taste her lips, desire to hold her, desire to...

Ryou physically slapped his face and released Ichigo. She stumbled backwards and caught herself before she could fall down again. Ryou sat down on the floor and looked at the window. There were sun beams going through it, indicating the storm was over. Ryou collected himself and let out a sigh of both happiness and regret at the same time.

Getting to his feet, Ryou said in a emotionless voice, "Ok, the storm is over. You can go if you want." Not waiting for her answer, Ryou ran upstairs and into his room. Slamming his door close, he calmed down and walked over to the window. Ichigo was walking towards her home, a confused look on her face. "Damn, that was really close." Ryou scolded himself, looking at his hands. They were trembling with unsatisfied desire. "I've got to be more careful in the future.

Ryou walked over to his bed and sat down in it. Sighing deeply, he laid back and said softly, "One day, I will find someone to hold...to kiss...to know...to love... I just hope and prey that the desire I feel for Ichigo isn't what I think it is." With that, Ryou closed his eyes and went to sleep.

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