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Final chapter. Nothing much else to say.

It was the day of the dance. Ryou was sitting in a chair, looking up at Café Mew Mew's ceiling. He had closed the café for the day so he could think. "What seems to be the trouble Ryou?" Keiichiro asked, coming up from behind Ryou.

Ryou didn't respond at first. He slowly lowered his head and looked at the ground. "I don't know Keiichiro, but I have a bad feeling about this dance that Ichigo wants to go to."

Keiichiro pulled up a chair and sat facing Ryou. He asked calmly, "What are your thoughts on the matter?"

Ryou looked at Keiichiro and said softly, "I don't know." Ryou put his head between his hands and mumbled, "I honestly don't know."

Keiichiro slowly stood up and walked over to Ryou. He patted Ryou's shoulder and said with a smile, "You'll do what you feel is right Ryou. Just remember that sometimes feelings can work both ways."

Ryou looked up at Keiichiro and sighed. Keiichiro walked to the front doors and went outside to go home. Ryou continued to sit in the chair, thinking of what he should do. At least, he did for about an hour before he heard the door open. "We're closed for the day," Ryou said instinctively. When he didn't hear the person leave, he looked over and saw Lettuce standing there. Ryou smiled as he asked, "How did you and Pai do?"

Lettuce blushed and said, "We had fun eating at a few sushi bars and going to museums." Ryou shook his head in amusement. He guessed that Pai and Lettuce would like to visit museums on a date…but not him. "I just wanted to say thank you Ryou," Lettuce said before walking over to him and handing him a small present. She turned around and ran out the front doors before Ryou started to unwrap the present carefully.

When Ryou looked at what it was, he laughed. "Now, this would do nicely…" Ryou said as he went upstairs to change into the new suit that he had just received.

That night…

Ichigo sat at a table alone in the dance hall. It was basically her gymnasium, with lots of balloons on the ceiling and simple card tables with fold-out chairs as seats. The walls were covered with a yellow paint, and the tables were arranged near the walls so that the middle of the gymnasium was left bare for dancers. A buffet table was near the door so that a person could grab something to eat one their way into the dance.

The food wasn't anything special, just simple pastries like cup-cakes, cookies, and brownies. The punch was also located on the buffet table. Ichigo sighed and looked around again. I did remember to tell him what time the dance was, didn't I? Ichigo asked herself.

She was wearing a red dress that went down to her ankles. It was a ballroom dress style, so it had long sleeves and went all the way up to the bottom of her neck so not to be revealing in even the slightest since.

Someone tapped Ichigo on the shoulder, causing her to turn and face Ryou. She felt her breath catch in her throat. He was wearing a black tux, but it was obvious that who ever had made it was a master in the art of weaving. She touched it and let out a small gasp. It was softer to the touch then silk and lighter then a feather. Even though it was soft, Ichigo didn't doubt that the material was stronger then any cloth she had ever encountered.

Ryou pulled a rose out from behind him and gave it to Ichigo. "I know I'm a little late, but I had to pick up a few personal items," Ryou explained with a smile. Ichigo started to ask what personal items when she saw out the corner of her eye a few men installing some spotlights. Ryou looked at them and chuckled. "That would be considered a personal item," Ryou said as the men finished installing the spotlights and started to point them in different locations.

Ryou held out his hand and helped Ichigo to her feet. "What dance styles do you know?" Ryou asked as he led Ichigo to the middle of the dance floor. Other couples were already dancing and seemed to each be doing different dances.

"I don't know…I think I know a simple ballroom dance…" Ichigo said as Ryou mumbled something into the cuff of his jacket and suddenly the spot lights focused on them. "What the…" Ichigo started to ask before Ryou put one hand on Ichigo's hip and the other in her hand. He focused on Ichigo's face and waited until the music suddenly switched to a slow dancing rhythm. Then, he began to dance tango style with Ichigo. She stumbled at first, but quickly got the hang of the tango and soon the two of them were dancing.

The other couples stopped dancing and watched Ichigo and Ryou for a little while before they started to try to dance the tango. Ryou smiled when he saw their failed attempts at copying them. "How does it feel?" Ryou asked mildly as he picked up the speed of the dance.

"How does what feel?" Ichigo asked and also picked up the speed without any trouble.

Ryou grinned and said, "how does it feel to be one of the only couple's here that know how to tango?" Ichigo shifted her eyes a little and smiled when she saw couples stepping on each other's feet.

They continued to dance for an hour before Ichigo needed to rest. Ryou went and got some punch for them while she sat down at a table to take a breather. As Ryou walked up to the buffet table, he noticed the guy that was serving the punch was Masaya. Puzzled, he asked, "how come you didn't come to this dance with Ichigo?"

Masaya looked at Ryou for a few seconds before smiling and said, "She never asked, and I had already somehow been assigned this job. I take it that you're her date?"

Ryou took two cups of punch and said mildly, "would you care if I was?"

Masaya kept smiling as he said, "I wouldn't mind…after all, Ichigo's her own person. I wouldn't ever stand in her way if she wanted someone new. We're not married or anything, so she is free to make her own choices."

That caused Ryou to look at Masaya before walking away from him. "Odd," Ryou said to himself. He walked up to Ichigo and gave her a cup of punch before he drank his own. For the rest of the night, the two went on and off dancing, each time Ryou teaching Ichigo a foreign dance. Ichigo had lots of fun, but was saddened when the dance ended at midnight. Ryou gave Ichigo a ride back to her house in a white limo. Ryou got out of the limo first and helped Ichigo get out.

"I had fun Ryou, thank you for going with me," Ichigo said as she lean her head forward and gave Ryou a kiss on the cheek. She started to walk to her house when Ryou gently touched her shoulder. Ichigo stopped and looked at Ryou before he leaned forward slowly and whispered into her ear, "If you give me permission, I would like to kiss you more appropriately."

Ichigo started to say that she would turn into a cat if he kissed her, but he held out a small pill and said softly, "This will prevent you from transforming." Ichigo nodded and picked up the pill before swallowing it. Ryou took a deep breath. He slowly and carefully kissed Ichigo on the lips. It was gentle and well controlled, something that Ichigo wasn't expecting. She had never been kissed like this, and she soon started to want more. She kissed him back and with a passion. Ryou put his hand on the back of her head and gently pushed her deeper into the kiss. Ichigo didn't protest or break the kiss, instead actually doing the same to Ryou.

After a few minutes, Ryou broke off the kiss and turned around to slowly walk to the limo. He stopped when Ichigo said, "Ryou…" Ryou turned around and saw Ichigo smile. "Ryou…would you…I mean, I think…" Ichigo said as an blush went over her face.

Ryou came over to her and hugged her before saying, "I love you…"

Ichigo returned the hug and said, "I love you to." She looked up into his eyes and was kissed on the lips by Ryou.

Well, that's the end. Thanks for reading.