Amu walked into her classroom. She sat down and looked at Tadase, who was now her boyfriend. She couldn't quite get used to the thought of them officially being a "couple". She shrugged at the word. Tadase was talking to his friends when suddenly, he turned to Amu and smiled his beautiful perfect smile. Amu sighed. Amu looked outside at Ikuto, who became jealous (although he denied it) and was keeping an eye on Amu.

"Hello, Amu-chan." Tadase sweetly said, smiling. "TADASE-KUN!" she shrieked. She hadn't noticed him approach her, so she was surprised at first. "The Guardians are going to the courtyard tonight. Ikuto was running around with his violin last night. We're worried he'll steal heart's eggs." Tadase glared at Ikuto.

"Oh…you noticed Ikuto outside the classroom." Amu made a defeated expression. "Yeah. Sort of." Tadase sighed. "He won't stop staring."

Amu looked outside the window towards Ikuto again. Ikuto blushed. "Yoru!" Ikuto yelled.

"Let's go-nya!" Yoru said.

"Why do you have anything to do with him? He's merely a black cat who brings nothing but misfortune. You could have me, the King! Mwahahahaha!" Tadase said confidently and loudly after character changing with Kiseki. "Sorry." Tadase crawled up into a ball on the floor.

"Uh..ha..ha.. I don't have anything to do with Ikuto. Well, only when he talks to me. It's only polite to reply, right?" Amu said.

She knew she was trying to convince herself more than she was trying to convince Tadase. "Go to the Royal Garden after lunch." Tadase sighed. After lunch, Amu walked to the Royal Garden.

Yaya sprung up like a pogo-stick. "Amu-chi! Amu-chi! I'm so excited!"

"Hi, Yaya. What are you so excited for?" Amu asked, giggling nervously.

"Kukai is going to the courtyard with us tonight!"

"It's true." Tadase smiled. "Souma-kun is joining us."

"That's nice. We haven't seen him in a month." Amu sighed. She expected a bigger surprise.

"You seem disappointed." Yaya frowned. "But, that's not all, Amu-chi! Kukai has a new guardian egg!"

Amu's eyes grew wide. "HE DOES?!"

"Yes, he does. It could hatch at any moment so, he has to keep it with him at all times. We'll all get to see it." Tadase replied.

"Another guardian egg? Certainly an occasion to be excited for. Although, all this hype can only lead to dissapointment." Rima added, sipping cocoa.

Nagihiko looked around uncomfortably. He looked at the 2 eggs he had, Temari and the unnamed egg.

"I have to leave. I'm sorry, everybody!"

Nagihiko ran out of the Royal Garden. Everybody felt guilty.

"We shouldn't have acted that way when Nagihiko's guardian chara returned to her egg and..he has another that hasn't hatched." Tadase sighed.

"He'll be alright. He isn't the type to dwell on things. I'm sure that he'll join us tonight and forget about his troubles." Rima said.

Meanwhile, the guardian charas were behind their dollhouse (previously donated to them by Ami, Amu's little sister) and had a meeting.

"The Embryo appears when a large group of X-eggs are cured," said Kiseki "So, we have to be prepared. Next time there is a large group of X-eggs, one of us will be ready to find the Embryo right after the eggs are cured. I say it shall be I, the King."

"Kiseki, you're not suited to catch the Embryo. I'm better at sports. I'm athletic enough to catch it." Ran said.


"Only if you can catch me." Ran winked

Kiseki chased after Ran for a full 15 minutes. Ran never broke a sweat. Kiseki fell to the ground, gasping heavily. "M-maybe..*huff* you have *huff* a point."

"I don't think Ran should be the one to catch the Embryo." Miki blurted. "I am never appreciated, so I want an opportunity to shine. I'm not as fast or skilled as Ran... but I'm still more athletic than Kiseki."

Kiseki glared and made a defeated expression.

"Personally, I don't think any of you should catch the Embryo." Su said at a very inappropriate time.

"DO YOU THINK YOU COULD?" Miki, Ran, and Kiseki yelled.

"No. I think the Embryo would know and get away before we got to it."

Ran, Miki, and Kiseki twitched and fell to the ground.

Pepe pouted. "Nobody asked me to do it."

"Yeah, me neither." Kusukusu added.

"Who should get the embryo, then?" Kiseki growled.

"I think that since the Embryo flies away from Amu.. it's not time to catch it." Su replied.

Amu walked towards her home when she passed a girl who was carrying pom-poms in her hands and had a nearly overflowing totebag.. The girl accidentally bumped into Amu and a basketball fell out of the girl's totebag.

"Sorry!" The girl immediately apologized.

"It's ok. What's your name?" Amu said.

"My name is Haruka." the girl replied.

"My name is Hinamori Amu. Why do you have a basketball in your totebag, yet you're holding pom-poms?"

"Well, I'm a cheerleader at my school. But, after school, I sneak to a basketball court a few blocks away. I love basketball, and I want to join the girls' basketball team. The females in my family have always been cheerleaders. I don't want to break tradition. I wish I could play basketball, but it would break my mother's heart. I can't be a cheerleader and a basketball player at the same time." Haruka looked down at her basketball. "I'm about to head to the basketball court now. Bye!" Haruka ran.

"Bye!" said Amu, who walked in the opposite direction.

In the alleyway, Lulu de Morcerf stalked out.

"That girl there is a lost one!" Nana cried out.

Lulu followed the girl, who had stopped to tie her shoe. "I happened to overhear what you said. You're lost, aren't you? Your dream is to be a basketball player but, you can't decide whether to play basketball or to continue being a cheerleader." Lulu held out a necklace with a large red jewel. "If you wear this necklace, your dream will come true and nobody will disapprove."

"My dream will come true?"

Amu heard the bang of basketballs from a distance and ran back with Ran, Miki, and Su following close behind.

"Won't you play with me?" Haruka asked random people near the basketball court at the park.

Basketballs flew across the entire park.

"Haruka! You have to stop! If you keep throwing basketballs like this, people could get hurt!" Amu yelled out.

"What do you know? I'm the world's greatest basketball player. I don't want to be a cheerleader anymore." Haruka argued.

" Mystery Transformation: Basketball Dream."

"A Mystery transformation. Ran!" Amu said. Ran nodded.

"Character Transformation: Amulet Heart."

"Haruka! Stop! Just because your mother and grandmother and the other females in your family have been cheerleaders, it doesn't mean you have to choose between basketball and cheerleading. You can be a basketball player and a cheerleader."

"No! I can't. If I am on the cheerleading squad and the basketball team, I will have a time conflict." Haruka growled.

"You don't have to be on the team to play basketball. You can invite friends and play basketball with them." Amu replied.

Haruka violently threw basketballs out of her hand. "Spiralling Free-throw!"

All the people in the park were pelted with basketballs and their eyes turned blank.

"Heart Rod!" Amu shouted out. Amu used the rod to fend off the basketballs.

"Why do you love basketball so much?"

"I love basketball. I want to entertain screaming fans who are cheering me on to make a shot. I want them to have as much fun watching basketball as I do playing it. I want to inspire them to play basketball themselves." Haruka replied.

"Do these people look like they're being entertained? Do they look like you inspired them to play?" Amu cried out.

"I...didn't inspire them." Haruka was marked with a large X.

"Negative Heart: Lock On!!!!!!" Amu yelled. Her hands formed the shape of a heart which transmitted a glowing light.

Haruka was on the ground. She opened her eyes. "I feel like I had a bad dream. I'm not able to be on the girls' basketball team this year, but next year I will for sure!"

Amu snuck home. She went to her room and sat on her bed. "Do you three think something is odd about the Mystery eggs? When Easter was creating X-eggs, they had special people who could create them and draw them out." Amu said. "Utau and Nikaidou were able to create X-eggs and Ikuto... can create X-eggs against his will. So, who could be creating Mystery eggs?"

"I wonder." Ran said.

"I don't have a clue." Miki added.

"I don't know,either." Su said.

Amu's mother called from downstairs. "Amu! You have a phone call!"

Amu ran down the stairs and grabbed the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello, Amu-chan."


"Yes. We're not going to the courtyard tonight. Nagihiko would be too hurt. I don't think there is much of a threat tonight." Tadase said.

"O-OK." Amu stuttered.

"Goodbye, Amu-chan." Tadase hung up.

"What's wrong with Tadase? He usually talks more." Amu thought to herself.

Amu heard her window creak. Ikuto climbed into her bedroom.

"IKUTO?!" Amu screamed.

"Shh! Be quiet! Your parents might hear." Ikuto replied.

"What are you doing here?" Amu whispered.

"I'm here to tell you who's behind the Mystery eggs." Ikuto said. "It's Lulu de Morcerf. She's talented at jewelry more ways than one. Her jewelry makes heart's eggs go berserk."

Amu was shocked. "WHAT?!?! LULU IS---"

Ikuto kissed Amu, which interrupted her sentence. It was a gentle kiss which lasted 5 seconds. Ikuto pulled away.

"Why did you kiss me?" Amu fumed.

"I did it to quiet you down..and for my enjoyment." Ikuto replied.

Amu blushed and then made an angry expression.


Ikuto laughed.

"What's so funny?" Amu asked.

"Your reaction. It's hilarious. You're never honest to yourself. You're not really that angry over a small kiss, are you?" Ikuto replied.

Amu wasn't expecting that.

"No. I'm not. I want to hit you on the head with a frying pan because I enjoy your kisses." Amu said sarcastically. "Go away, Ikuto! You need to go away! Far away!"

"Fine. If that's what you want. If you're OK with lying to yourself, who am I to stop you?"

"You realize that I'm 4 years younger than you, right?" Amu glared.

"Yes, I do. But, do you?" Ikuto said.

"What do you mean by that?" Amu yelled.

"This." Ikuto twirled Amu's hair, placed his hand under her chin, and began to nibble her earlobe. Amu couldn't help but blush.

"See? It doesn't matter to you." Ikuto smirked.

"Ikuto, you jerk!" Amu clenched her fist and raised her hand to punch. Ikuto blocked it.

"Don't punch me." Ikuto said, still smirking.

"Or what, I'll have to pay your vet bills?" Amu muttered.

Ikuto was still smirking as he hopped out the window.

Amu sat down on her bed. This is why things were odd with Tadase. Ikuto was right, she was lying to herself. Amu fell in love with Ikuto. Both of them knew it, but Amu tried to deny it. To herself, and especially to Ikuto.

Meanwhile, Ikuto and Yoru were laying down on top of a hill.

"Ikuto, what's wrong-nya?" Yoru asked.

"Nothing." Ikuto replied.

"Is it that little girl? You've been thinking about her lately-nya."

"I don't want to talk about her. What was I thinking?" Ikuto muttered under his breath.

"Ikuto---YOU LOVE HER, DON'T YOU?!?!?! This is crazy-nya!" Yoru shrieked.

"Nevermind about my love life, Yoru. I bought some fish at the market before I visited her. Here you go." Ikuto tossed a piece of fish to Yoru.

"Ok-nya. What were we talking about again?" Yoru said in between bites. Yoru was easily distracted by food. Ikuto bought the fish because he anticipated Yoru's questions.

"Curiousity killed the cat, Yoru. Remember that before you bring up my relationships next time." Ikuto said.

"EEEK!" Yoru shrieked. Yoru floated to the top of a nearby building, fish in hand.

Tadase snuck out of his house. He had arranged a "meeting" with Ikuto.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto!" Tadase yelled.

"Yes, your highness?" Ikuto said mockingly, walking out of the shadows.

"You need to never speak to Amu again! In case you've forgotten, I'm Amu's boyfriend. She's a dog person anyway!" Tadase hissed.

"We'll see about that. I have a sense of what a person is really thinking and feeling, remember?. Remember how your 'big brother' always knew when you were lying to me, even with you looking me straight in the eye, when you were upset.. when you couldn't get homework, even though you had a big smile on your face and looked oh so determined...I can tell that Amu has lost interest in you, she loves me." Ikuto purred. Obviously satisfied with what he had said.

"Amu." Tadase sighed, heartbroken.

"Don't worry, kiddy king. She's like a toy to me. Once I'm done playing with her, I won't care anymore. I'll make you my charity case.. you can have Amu after I'm done." Ikuto smirked.

Amu couldn't fall asleep. She looked over at Miki, who was drawing.

"What are you drawing, Miki?" Amu asked.

"Oh, sorry. Did I wake you? I'm drawing Ikuto and battle." Miki replied, embarassed.

"At battle?" Amu whispered. She was shocked.

"I know, it's odd. I just got this image of Ikuto and Tadase in my mind. I decided to draw it." Miki whispered, her voice fading.

Amu knew Miki was embarassed so she didn't ask any questions.