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If you're sorry, then let's not talk. Period. Not in person, or otherwise.

-Tsukiyomi Ikuto.

I deserved that. In fact, I deserve much worse.

I walked home like I was dead. Well, I was dead inside.

"Amu! You have a visitor." My mom yelled from downstairs.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and Yaya walked through the door.

End of Recap

Yaya looked like she was about to cry.

"Yaya, what's wrong?" Amu asked.

"I know what happened with you and Ikuto. I'm so sorry, Amu-chi." Yaya hugged Amu.

"I-it's Ok. How did you find out?" Amu asked Yaya, almost crying, too.

"I was walking down the street. I saw Ikuto-kun in his cat form, jumping on streetlamps, going the opposite direction from where I saw you. When I saw you, you looked so sad. I was behind you, about to say something, and then you got a text from Ikuto. I felt so bad. I didn't know what to say to you until now, so I just ran off."

Amu and Yaya hugged.

"Thank you, Yaya..for caring. You're the only one who supports the fact that I care about Ikuto."

"Wanna go on a walk? Maybe you can clear your head, Amu-chi."

Amu nodded.

Amu and Yaya headed down the street. They heard birds chirping and Amu started to calm down--- until they passed the park.

There were sounds of fists punching and cursing.

Amu and Yaya turned to see what was going on--- when they dropped their jaws in awe.

Tadase and Ikuto were in the middle of a fistfight.

Even though Tadase was considerably smaller than Ikuto, it surprised Amu to find out he was a tough fighter.

They were both bloody and had cuts and bruises.

Amu stepped in between them and yelled "STOP!"

They obeyed.

"Tell me what the heck is going on here!!!" Amu yelled at both of them.

"Your boyfriend here crossed my path. You know what happens when you cross a "black cat's" path. Bad luck happens. That seemed to be all he talked about when he wasn't gloating, testing my patience." Ikuto said sharply. Obviously infuritated.

"Tadase is not my boyfriend and never will be." Amu glared at Tadase.

"Are you OK, Ikuto?" Amu asked.

"What do you care?" Ikuto narrowed his eyes.

Amu gently stroked his blood-stained cheek, being careful not to hurt him.

"Get this through your thick skull—I care about you, Ikuto. I'm offended that after all we've been through you think I don't. I told you I do."

Tadase growled.

"SHUT IT, KIDDY KING!" Amu snapped at Tadase.

Ikuto silently chuckled. He smiled at Amu. Both of their eyes connecting, there was a sense of electricity between them.

Tadase ran off, as usual.

Yaya was grinning, a big, sparkling grin. She was happy for her friend---and for her enemy, Ikuto.

They all 3 layed on the grass talking for about an hour.

All of a sudden, Rima, Nagihiko, and Tadase appeared out of the bushes.

"Amu, you can't be with Ikuto without fighting us first. I'm sorry. But, the Guardians are enemies of Easter." Tadase said, somewhat sympathetic.

"Amu-chan, forgive me. But, in this story, Romeo and Juliet just can't be together." Nagihiko said, flatly.

"You're my best friend.. I hope you understand why I have to battle you." Rima said, trying not to make eye-contact with Amu.

"This is my fault. I should've never got involved with her. Battle me only. Leave her out of it." Ikuto said, fists clenched.

"No way! I'm battling, too." Amu said.

Yaya had a determined expression on her face. "I'm battling with Ikuto-kun and Amu-chi! You can't bully her about who she falls for!"

Ran, Su, and Miki popped out of their eggs from the pouch on Amu's skirt.

"Oh, I also forgot to tell you. Nagihiko's guardian egg hatched." Tadase said.

"….Meet Rhythm…" Nagihiko said reluctantly. He obviously didn't want a part of any of this.

"Yo!" Rhythm said.

"My own heart:" Tadase said.

"My own heart:" Rima said.

"…My own heart:" Nagihiko said.

They all 3 shouted: "UNLOCK!"

"Character Transformation: Platinum Royal"

"Character Transformation: Clown Drop"

"Character Transformation: Beat Jumper"

Amu looked angry. "Now it's our turn!"

"Let's do this Amu-chan!" Ran said.

"My own heart: UNLOCK! Character Transformation: Amulet Heart!"

"Yoru—NOW!" Ikuto said fiercely.

Yoru nodded.

"My own heart: UNLOCK! Character Transformation: Black Lynx!"

"Now it's time for me and Pepe-tan." Yaya said.

"My own heart: UNLOCK! Character Transformation: Dear Baby!"

"Juggling Party!" Rima said, bowling pins being whirled straight to Yaya's face.

"Heart Rod!" Amu yelled, a spinning rod propelling the bowling pins from Yaya's face to Rima.

"Thank you, Amu chi!" Yaya said.

Ikuto reached out a giant cat paw and began scratching at Tadase with large, metal claws.

"White decoration!" Tadase yelled.

Ikuto was hurled backwards due to the force of the attack. Amu became angry. She was preparing for an attack on Tadase but was intercepted with an attack from Nagihiko.

"Beat Dunk!"

A powerful basketball dunked on top of her head. She was tossed to the ground and became…unconscious.

"Amu!" Ikuto said, running to her side.

"Amu-chi! No!" Yaya said, also running to her side.


Nagihiko ran to Amu. "Amu-chan..I'm so sorry.."

"Nagi, you didn't want to battle, did you?" Yaya asked.

"Of course not. Amu's my friend." Nagihiko answered.

"You just better hope she'll be OK." Ikuto threatened.

"Things have gotten---out of hand." Tadase said, stunned.

"You're the only one who thought this was a good idea, Tadase."

Rima said, glaring at Tadase.

"My own heart: UNLOCK! Character Transformation: Lunatic Charm!"

Everyone looked to see what was happening.

"What's going on here?" Utau asked.

"….Tadase thought we should battle against Ikuto, Amu, and Yaya… and Amu got hurt." Rima said.

"Nightmare Lorelei." Utau said flatly. Tadase was down on the ground.

"That's for endangering my brother and for Amu getting hurt."

"Since when do you care about Amu?" Tadase asked.

"Well, Ikuto cares about her.. so I do, as well.." Utau said.

Ikuto carried Amu as Utau and Yaya walked along with him.

When they got to Amu's house, they tried to sneak in through Amu's window, but it was locked. The only way to get in through the front door.

"Hello, . I'm a—friend of Amu. We were hanging out and she..fainted. These other two are friends of hers, too.." Ikuto said, lying through his teeth.

"Oh my gosh! Is she gonna be OK? We should take her to a hospital!" Amu's mother said, panicking.

"She'll be fine.. we already took her to a hospital. They said to take her home and she'll be good as new when she wakes up." Yaya said.

"Ok. But, one more question—why are you all dressed like that?"

Ikuto, Yaya, and Utau realized they were still in their transformation forms.

"We were cosplaying." Utau said quickly.

Amu's mom nodded. "Ok…..take her to her room. You're positive she'll be ok?"

Ikuto, Yaya, and Utau nodded.

Ikuto carried Amu up the stairs, Yaya and Utau still following, to her room.

Miki and Su pulled the covers of her bed while Ikuto placed her on the bed.

Amu's Amulet Heart transformation powered down. Ran appeared.

"I hope Amu-chan will be OK."

"I'm sure she will." Ikuto said to Ran.

"Ikuto, not to be rude, but does it ever creep you out that you're 17 and you …love… a 13 year old?" Yaya asked.

Utau clenched her fists.

"Of course it does. I always feel like a pedophile." Ikuto said flatly, looking at the floor.

"What exactly is it about Amu that you like?" Yaya asked Ikuto, nervously.

"I've never met anybody as outgoing, strong, and radiant as Amu." Ikuto said, embarrassed.

Utau growled.

"Utau has jealousy issues so… for safety reasons--- no more questions about Amu, ok?" Ikuto whispered to Yaya.

"Ok. Sorry."

Kukai walked in Amu's room.

"Hey. I heard Amu got hurt." Kukai said, concerned.

"KUKAI!!!!!" Yaya yelled jumping up and down.

"Kukai! Kukai! Kukai! I haven't seen you in a while!"

Kukai hugged Yaya. "Hey, Yaya. How's Amu doing--- wait a sec… why is Tsukiyomi Ikuto here?"

"All you heard was that Amu got hurt, wasn't it?" Ikuto chuckled. "You're very underinformed."

"It's a long story, Kukai. Amu is gonna be fine. We're just waiting for her to wake up." Yaya said.

Utau was staring at Kukai.

"Hoshina Utau? The idol? W-why is she here???" Kukai asked.

"Long story." Utau said. "Let's just say, I'm here to support my brother and Amu."

"Jeez. Your brother's right. I am very underinformed." Kukai said, raising an eyebrow.

"What happened? You guys are in your character transformation forms."

"What part of 'long story' don't you get? If any of us told you, it would take forever to explain the whole story." Utau said sharply.

"Sheesh. Why are you being so rude to me?" Kukai asked Utau.

Utau glared at Yaya, looked at Kukai as if she wanted to say something, then turned away and blushed.

Yaya gasped and understood.

"You don't think---?!?! No.. I'd like it to be that way but no." Yaya said, shaking her head violently and blushing.

"W-whatever. I don't care if you and him--- nevermind." Utau said.

"What about Ikuto?" Yaya asked.

"That doesn't matter anymore."

Kukai and Ikuto looked at each other and simultaneously asked Yaya and Utau "What the heck are you talking about?!?!"

"Boys are so slow." Utau said, flatly.

"Agreed." Yaya said.

"What makes you think—?!?! I can't believe--….." Yaya asked Utau.

"I saw the way you acted. I'm not stupid." Utau answered.

"What about him makes you---" Yaya said, being cut off by Utau.

"Everything. He's—y'know. Hot and sporty. Then he hugged you. It ticked me off." Utau said.

"Nice. That's the only reason you--- you're such a…" Yaya stuttered angrily.

"No I'm not! You're a---nevermind. Grr! Just shut up!" Utau snapped.

Yaya and Utau glared at each other.

"Hey, do you have any idea what they're fighting about?" Kukai whispered to Ikuto.

"Not a clue." Ikuto replied.

"Hmph. Freaking lolita." Utau mumbled.

Yaya gasped and growled.

Amu's eyes started fluttering and she woke up.

"Amu!" Everyone said at once.

Amu looked down at her outfit.

"Why am I wearing this? Where—am I?"

All 3 of Amu's charas panicked.

"If Amu-chan has amnesia… oh no! If she can't remember us—we'll disappear!" Ran said.

"This is horrible~desu! She can't forget us!" Su added.

"Amu-chan! We don't want to disappear!" Miki said.

"Ran? Su? Miki? I think I remember you..kind-of.. hold on.. I don't have amnesia. My head just hurts. I forget how my head got hurt though. I think it happened in the battle earlier."

"Yeah. It did. Nagihiko did his attack Beat Dunk and it hurt your head." Ikuto said.

"I never thought Nagi would be the one to hurt me." Amu said, shaking her head.

"Me neither, Amu-chi!" Yaya said.

"Are you ok, Amu-chan?" Ran asked.

"I was only watching the battle and it still looked painful." Miki said.

"I think Amu will be OK. She just needs an aspirin~desu." Su finished.

Ikuto, Yaya, and Utau powered down.

"The battle was intense-nya." Yoru said,

"Let me get this straight---there was a battle?" Kukai.

"Yup. Did you figure that out yourself or did the lolita help you?" Utau asked, each word filled with venom.

"Huh? What lolita?" Kukai asked, very confused.

Yaya slapped her forehead.

"You mean Yaya?---OHHHHH. Now I get what you were talking about. What the heck made you think that?" Kukai asked Utau.

"Huh? What were they talking about?" Ikuto asked Kukai.

Kukai whispered it to Ikuto.

"Ohhhh. It's not true is it?" Ikuto asked.

"Of course not." Kukai answered.

Kukai looked at Utau, smirking. "So.. you were being rude because you were jealous because you thought Yaya and I---"

"SHUT UP!" Utau said, blushing.

"I can't believe you thought Yaya and I were a couple. I think that was kinda funny. But, it was pretty mean of you to call her a lolita. If you knew Yaya like I do, you'd know she'd never be like that. In fact, she has a baby's character. She's completely innocent."

"I missed a lot while I was unconscious, didn't I?" Amu sighed.

"Not as much as Kukai did." Utau muttered.

Yaya sat down on the floor beside Amu's bed, pouting.

"What's wrong, lolita?" Utau asked, sarcastic.

"STOP CALLING ME A LOLITA! AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE A BROTHER COMPLEX!!!!!!" Yaya screamed, absolutely furious.

Everybody was sort-of stunned for a moment. Yaya usually never lost control of her temper.

"Calm down, Yaya." Kukai said. "Utau is just jealous of you."

Kukai put his arm around Yaya's shoulder to try and comfort her. Yaya shrugged his arm off her shoulder. She cried and ran out of Amu's house.

"Utau, WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?! Are you proud you made a young girl cry?" Kukai yelled.

"No, I'm not proud of that." Utau said.

"You have some issues to work on." Kukai said sharply, glaring at Utau.

"..You're right. I'll go find her." Utau said flatly. She felt guilty. She left Amu's house to search for Yaya.

Kukai sat down on the chair at Amu's desk.

"Are you OK, Hinamori?" Kukai asked.

"Yes, Kukai. I'm fine. When did you get here?"

"A little while ago." Kukai answered. He was upset.

"The question is, are you OK, Kukai?" Amu asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I just feel bad that Yaya got bullied by Utau so horribly."

"I didn't see most of it but from what I did see…it was pretty horrible. Yaya being called a lolita? That made me angry. Yaya must be so hurt." Amu said.

"I warned Yaya that Utau has jealousy issues-- but I didn't think it'd be jealousy issues about Kukai, too." Ikuto said, shaking his head.

"I have to go home now." Kukai said, emotionless.

"..OK. Goodbye, Kukai." Amu said.

"Goodbye, Hinamori and Ikuto." Kukai said, going through Amu's door.

"So much happened today." Amu said.

"Yes, I know. But at least there's no more confusion between us." Ikuto said. He gently gave Amu a peck on the cheek.

Amu smiled.

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