John Sheppard's: How to Solve a Rubik's Cube 101


"McKay, your never going to be able to do this!" Sheppard said.

"Shh! I almost got it! No not again!" He said.

"McKay, maybe you should take a break from that Rubik's Cube." Keller said.

"No! I have to get this!" he said quickly.

"Rodney, you have been working on this thing for hour's take a break" Teyla said hinting him to stop.

"I just want to finish one of the color's."

"Put it down." Ronon said holding an lemon up to his face.

"Oh OK, I guess I could put it down for a little."

"McKay you know today they have blue jello." Keller said

"There's always blue jello." Rodney said looking at the Rubik's Cube

"Yeah, but today there's extra jello."

"There is, really?"

"Yeah.." And while Rodney, Teyla & Keller were talking, Sheppard had picked up the Rubik's Cube and was peeling all the little sticker's off of the Rubik's cube and putting them back on again.

"Sheppard, what are you doing?" Ronon asked

"I am solving Rodney's Rubik Cube."

"It just looks like your peeling the stickers."

"Well there's a lout of different way's to solve it and I just chose the easiest one"

"Yeah well good luck with that, and I on the other hand am going to go get blue jello before McKay eats it all."

"Oh, don't worry he wont." Sheppard said with a grin on his face.

"Rodney, wait!" said Sheppard

"What is it."

"I just wanted to show you that I finished the Rubik's Cube."

"You did, but how did you... Sheppard." he had disappeared, but he actually went to go get blue jello before Rodney. Rodney waited for Sheppard came back for 15 minutes. "OK, I am going to get him." Rodney said

"Rodney, I am sorry to say but there has benn a terrible acsident." Sheppard said

"What happened?"

"All of the blue jello..." He bit his hand and it looked as if a tear was going to come from his eye's "Has spilled onto the floor pf the Mess Hall, except this one."

"So this on is the last one?" he said wanting it so badly

"Y-ye-e-ah huh-huh."

"But, I am sorry a bout taking your comic book so here."


"You should go to your room and ponder the greatness."

"Yeah, i-if anyone needs me I will be in my room."

"OK." and Sheppard walked back into his room (where they were before.) and sat down (and there was a table set up in his room were Teyla, Ronon & Keller where.) And there was a big bowl of blue jello on the table.

"How did you stop him from coming in here?" said Keller

"He's has the last package of blue jello and he went to his room to go ponder it." Teyla & Keller looked at him with there eyebrow's raised Ronon just lauphed "What?."



Author's Notes: When Sheppard said "When I stole you comic book." The comic book was from my sisters story "The Comic" it is a great story you should read it.