Zelda let out a huge wet fart as she sighed of relief, fanning the air as she giggled playfully, ultimately being in her arguably cutest incarnation. "Whoo! Boy, I'm gonna need new underwear from that 1!"

Toon Link gawked as he blushed madly, feeling his clothing getting tight as he got excited from Zelda's stinky expulsion, with the princess enjoying a cup of tea as she was sitting with the cartoon themed kid on the grass within the All Star resting area from Melee, with it being a quiet day until Zelda broke wind.

"Oh I know how much you like it, Toony!" Zelda remarked upon noticing Toon Link blushing from the event, leaning forward to let out a thunderous toot that turned bubbly as she winked. "I've got more in my tank if you want some!"

Toon nervously adjusted his green cap as he got up, with Zelda pulling him as she raised her eyebrows, proceeding to stuff his face into her smelly butt as she unleashed more rancid farts, enjoying this a bit too much for her own good.

"Ooh, man this feels so good!" Zelda laughed as she was enjoying her brown staining poots. "I wanna poop my pants all day long-"

Suddenly the Breath-of-the-Wild version of Zelda farted by, never stopping her pants pooping poots as she happily waved at her ultimately playable counterpart.

"Hi Zelly! Doesn't it smell so bad?" BotW Zelda asked while fanning the air, which doubled as waving a friendly hello.

Smash Zelda giggled as she nodded, returning the wave. "I know, I love it! I had a big brunch earlier!"

BOTW Zelda took a whiff of her rotten eggy methane as she laughed. "Phew, I can't tell if your farts stink more than mine, but then again I did find a lot of farty foods to make me into this wonderful fart factory you see!"

"I'm so happy that we took into farting as a fetish!" Ultimate Zelda squealed.

The two Zelda giggled as they were enjoying their flatulent chat, with them noticing a weird stink that didn't match either of their fart fumes, with them simultaneously turning their heads to see a female Gardevoir farting in tight black clothing watching them from nearby, approaching the stinky princess duo.

"You. Yes you seem to be the one I'm looking for." The suspicious Gardevoir stated as she adjusted the sunglasses she had on her head, placing them over her eyes.

Zelda tilted her head while pointing at herself, continuing her fart stream. "The 1... are you talking about me?"

"You're the princess who does the smashing. You're exactly who I'm looking for." Gardevoir commented as she patted her stomach to make her own fart gas passing stop.

"And what is it that you need her for?" The other Zelda commented with her hands on her hips.

"Oh, it's something important." Gardevoir responded as she wrapped her right arm around Zelda, leaving Zelda's other incarnation behind. "And it's something that you have that will help immensely...!"

"...am I really that important?" Zelda questioned as she began fanning the air from feeling her farts were getting too hot and stinky.