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Chp 5: Love Lies in Violets

My lips parted and I inhaled deeply, almost gasping for air, and I felt a body lying closely next to me. The arms squeezed me, and I opened my eyes quickly to gaze into vivid green.

Damian looked straight into my eyes, his eyes appraising me slightly but mostly he looked relieved and concerned at the same time.

I stretched, and was surprised when I felt no pain –memories of that incident instantly popped into my head as I became aware.

"Damian…" I murmured, sounding groggy. This was ever more alarming.

He smiled and kissed me, and a small smile appeared on his lips.

"Good afternoon darling. How are you feeling?" His hand ran down the side of my stomach and I shivered, smiling lightly.

"Better now…"

I realized we were in our bed, wrapped under the blankets. It felt like I was going to blush, but I just lifted the blanket to look at my shoulder.

There appeared to be only a little fissure line in my very pale skin, but otherwise it was as good as new.

He regarded the scar, nodding minutely.

"That healed quite well actually."

I frowned, suddenly confused. There was so many things wrong with this situation.

"How did your power work on me? I thought it only worked on humans… and how did I fall asleep? The full moon is more than a few days away."

He ran his hand through my hair, as he sighed calmingly.

"There's one simple explanation for all of that –I think it's growing, becoming stronger. It never used to work on our kind, or it never even made someone fall asleep."

I nodded, gazing at him in awe.

"That's amazing."

He smiled wider and slowly trailed his hand up my arm and to my shoulder –the one that had just previously been dismembered.

I shivered as he finally reached my shoulder, and I watched as he slid his finger along my scar that disappeared as soon as he touched it: like magic. My skin was now as flawless as it had been. My eyes widened and he grinned, nudging my chin lightly over to kiss me.

"Oh my gosh… that was remarkable, wow… thank you."

"No need to thank me, love…"

We laid there awhile longer, talking every once in awhile. I had two more questions on my mind.

"How did all the veins realign properly? Won't I internally bleed?"

He only laughed and shook his head, saying that I was a vampire and that this sort of thing happens almost all the time… which was sort of horrifying, because dismemberment never used to be a common thing… and that we heal inside fairly fast if we attach the dismembered piece quickly.

"What about Josie? How is she, and what happened after I blacked out? How long ago was that?"

"You certainly are full of questions… and I'm not sure. The moment you blacked out I ran you up here and have been with you since –healing you. It took a few hours, but you've been sleeping longer than that. It's been about fourteen hours now," That surprised me a little bit.

"Do you want to get up and check on her? I think you're all right to get up and walk around now."

I smiled and nodded.

And then he threw the blanket off of us and picked me up, swinging me into his arms and running me downstairs. I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my head on his chest.

We arrived in the living room to see Emery and Evangeline sitting together cosily on the couch.

As soon as Evangeline set eyes on me, she got up swiftly, a relieved and worried expression on her face.

Damian set me down gently beside him, and she walked hurriedly over to me, giving me a big yet gentle hug.

"Are you all right now? Are you feeling any better?" She asked, concern the main emotion. I nodded and hugged her back.

"I'm feeling all right now. Damian took good care of me,"

I pulled away and she smiled at me before she smiled at him.

"He always does."

I nodded, feeling like blushing for the second time today.

"Well… I was wondering if Josie was still here, and how she is," I mumbled in a shy voice. Evangeline gave me a half hearted smile.

"Aww… more concerned for the person who hurt you than about yourself."

I bit my lip, and as Damian saw that, he took my hand and held it tightly before Evangeline went on, "Josie is up in Chris's room, knocked out… After she'd … ripped off your shoulder, Chris brought her back in and I guess she finally had enough –she passed out. Chris has been up there with her ever since then. We've been going up to see how they were doing occasionally."

I nodded, looking up at Damian.

He nodded, understanding me immediately.

"We're going to go check on them."

Evangeline nodded, smiling at as before she joined Emery on the couch again. He nodded towards us as a good bye, and then Damian and I were running up the stairs and to Chris's room.

She fell asleep? How could she do that? Did you put her to sleep somehow? I thought, wondering vaguely if he could actually hear me. And to my delight, he did and answered.

No, I definitely didn't. All my focus, and worry, was solely on you. I'm not sure what happened to her –but I know something is definitely wrong with her. The way she was talking… the way she was acting: it was totally bizarre.

I nodded as we arrived at Chris's door, and Damian didn't waste any time as he knocked hastily on the door. We heard a small sigh from the other side of the door, and soon after we heard Chris's voice from the other side of the door, "You can come in, brother, but you might not like what you see."

Damian rolled his eyes and walked in. I walked slightly slower behind him, heeding Chris's warning.

We walked in to see Chris lying on his bed, over the blankets, and Josie sleeping peacefully nestled into Chris. She was curled into him, half lying on the bed and half lying on him. I raised an eyebrow, not knowing what I might not like about this scene.

"How is she?" I asked, walking ahead of Damian to the bed. He followed after me, and I stared at Josie, her face wiped clean of emotion.

Chris sighed roughly, angrily.

"She's not good, no matter how she appears to be. Her thoughts are erratic and all consist of the same thing: she doesn't what to be hurt anymore. And can you take a guess at who was hurting her?"

We shook our heads, coming up with a blank. Who in the world would hurt kind little Josie?

Chris's eyes narrowed, an angry expression taking over his once stoic expression.

"Her father –Nathaniel. I think he was doing some kind of tests on her. Look at this,"

He pulled up her sleeves to reveal large purple bruises. Both Damian and my eyes widened. How was that possible?

He grimaced as he saw our reactions, and then proceeded in pulling up her tattered uniform shirt a little bit to reveal her white stomach… with what appeared to be big swollen purple scars. My eyes widened further if that was possible –what could Nathaniel have done to her? Why was he such a monster?

Damian looked horrified as well.

"That's not the worst of it. Marie, come over here and put your ear on her stomach."

I frowned, my head jutting forward.


He exhaled angrily.

"Just get over here, get on your knees and listen to what is in her." His voice was full of venom, and I could tell he was steadily getting angrier.

Damian shot Chris a warning look, almost glaring at him as he spoke to me like that.

I began to walk towards them. Once I got to the bed I knelt down on my knees and bent over slowly, feeling very awkward about doing this.

Then I pressed my ear to her stomach: and heard it. It was very, very faint, but still it was there. It was a tiny thump-thump, thump-thump… a heartbeat.

I gasped. How on earth was this possible?

I looked up to him slowly, my expression horrified.

"What… how… what is it?" I stuttered, completely blown away.

Chris looked deadly at that moment.

"I'm not totally sure but I have a pretty good idea."

I took in a shaky breath, appalled that Nathaniel had done this to his own daughter. How had he done it and why?

Damian got on the floor beside me after a moment, wrapping an arm around me protectively as if what he was seeing in front of him was me. He was just as revolted as I was: knowing what I had heard immediately in his own mind.

"… What are you going to do?"

His fist suddenly swung out from the side of him and he hit the wall, creating a large dent. The wall must have been made of some kind of metal –the wall only dented, no dry wall crumbled at the crushing blow.

"I don't know. Who knows? Maybe it'll just die."

That thought was very revolting, but how else would Josie survive? It was sucking her energy, her life force… making her go insane. Her body was not used to this, and from the look of the bruises on her arms, that should not have been there, she looked to have been injected by needles with something to make her body sustain whatever was living in her. It was a sick, twisted idea. Nathaniel must be disturbed in the head in some way.

"… Let's wait and see. We have to do some research, figure out what's going on inside her. I'll run this by Emery."

Chris looked down as Damian spoke.

"So… when do you think she will wake up? What should we do with her then?"

Damian shook his head slowly.

"I'm not sure when she'll wake up. I've never come across anything like this in my lifetime. I have nothing to go on."

Chris let out a little pained sound that was almost silent, and I looked at Josie's unemotional face.

"I'm so sorry for you Chris. I think I may know how you feel –after all, I was once losing my mate."

Damian shivered and squeezed me so tight, it seemed like he could never let go.

Chris glared at the blankets.

"Don't say that. She's not going to die. She can't,"

He stroked her face, and she made a tiny groaning sound as she moved, pressing herself closer to him. He smiled.

"That's the first time she's actually done anything since she passed out. I hope she's coming to."

Damian and I smiled slightly, before he pulled me up.

"We're going to leave you two alone now, and I'm going to talk to Emery about this. Maybe he'll know something."

Chris nodded, looking back down at Josie. She was now smiling slightly, and I could tell Chris was relieved somewhat besides the huge problem looming over his head that resulted from what was possibly growing inside her stomach.

But before I left the room completely, trailing a little behind Damian, still looking at Josie, Chris murmured, "And by the way, Marie, I'm sorry for what happened to your shoulder. Is it better now?"

I paused, turning to him and nodded, smiling slightly.

"If she wakes up, and possibly remembers what happened, tell her not to worry about it. I'm perfectly fine,"

Chris nodded, smiling slightly more happily as I left the room. Damian was right outside the door, waiting for me, and he grabbed me, cradling me to his chest before he took off once more. I smiled and let my head rest on his chest, not bothering to complain. I wanted to be as close to him as possible right now; and I never wanted what Chris and Josie were going through to happen to us. Ever.


"Hey Marie, Damian? What do you say about going to meet some of my old friends? They want to help us out, and Evangeline and I are going to meet some others…" Emery asked.

Damian looked down at me for an answer –he was always willing to do a favour for someone, so it was up to me if I wanted to go.

I smiled, nodding, moving closer to him. He wrapped his arms around me, nodding for Emery to continue. A smile appeared on his lips as he began giving us the directions.

"It will take a couple days to get there –it's in New Westminster. Meet them in a bar called The Phoenix. I think they'll recognize you, Damian; you've met them before. Trisha and Caleb."

Damian's face reflected realization, and he nodded. In his thoughts, since I was curious as to whom they were, I saw a woman with curly bleach blonde hair, bangs, and a man with very Romanesque looks and very brown, shaggy, surfer hair.

"Tell them what we've told everyone else so far –to meet us at the school in a month and a half. By that time, we should have as many people we need to take the council down."

But suddenly I remembered something.

"Isn't tonight the full moon?"

He didn't hesitate for a moment. It seemed he already had a plan in place.

"Don't worry love… we'll stop tonight and camp out."

I beamed up at him, and in my peripheral vision I saw Emery grin. For some reason it was always so amusing for people to see us together…

"Well, you'd better get going as soon as possible. We're going to miss you," Samm walked into the kitchen, slinging her arm around me and Damian.

I really didn't get how she could be so assertive and be able to control any situation, but yet she was so kind. She was no where near being stuck up and full of herself like most other people with this ability could be.

She smiled jovially at us, her eyes a dark, dark brown colour. She needed to hunt soon, though there really wasn't anything conspicuous about that colour.

"We're going to miss you too, Samm. What are you going to do while we're gone?"

Her head cocked to the side, calculating.

"I'm not sure really –probably hang out with Victor, as usual. And I know I have to go hunting soon –but other than that, I'll see how it goes."

I nodded, looking away from her to Damian. He was still staring down at me. My smile widened.

"Do you want to start packing now?"

He nodded, and I looked back to Samm. She nodded, wrapping her other arm around me for a quick hug, and then released me.

"I'll see you in a few days… I think I'll go hunting now. I have nothing else to do really,"

And with that she disappeared, and just as soon Damian and I darted up to our room and began packing. We packed in preparation for a couple days, and didn't bring much more than that. The phones Emery gave us were the extra items we brought. I had tried to convince Emery that he didn't need to buy me a phone, only Damian should have one since there was no where Damian went that I didn't go.

Maybe ten minutes later we were back downstairs, and Emery tossed Damian the keys to one of the various cars in the garage. He was standing next to Evangeline, hand in hand, a suitcase at their side.

"Take the BMW."

Damian inclined his head, murmuring a goodbye as I waved at them. Evangeline beamed and waved back. And then we were out the door.

We climbed into the sort of inconspicuous, sleek, black BMW, placing our luggage in the trunk first.

I relaxed on the black leather seats, smiling over at him as he turned the car on, bringing it to life. The engine purred, and he quickly backed out of the garage and sped down the long narrow driveway. He grinned as he pushed the car faster and faster, and I grinned along with him.

We must have driven for hours since we left at around three in the morning when it was still dark outside –I didn't bother to check the time. We witnessed the sun rise, giving us no problem obviously, and it was steadily getting darker. We stopped a couple times to gas up. And surprisingly I didn't have a problem trying to keep myself from massacring everyone who was at the gas stations… other than the people who stared at us, some with awe, some with lust. That irked me, but I tried to ignore it. Damian wrapped his arm around me, holding me to his side in an attempt to stop their stares and comfort me slightly. I glared frequently at the girls staring lasciviously after him, and he only laughed under his breath slightly and leaned in to kiss me, eliminating that problem. My glowers worked just the same though –their eyes widened and they either looked away immediately or ran away.

Damian was proud of me –I hadn't been around humans too much, and I could resist when I came into contact with them now.

I was leaned across the seat and the console, resting on Damian while I watched the world speed quickly by us. We had silent conversations every once in awhile, but mostly we sat in relaxed silence, perpetually happy.

Everything that would have blurred traveling at this speed before was clear to me now, and I enjoyed seeing everything fly past me clearly.

When it was starting to get dark, I finally checked the clock. It was eleven. Whoa –we'd been driving a long time…

I looked out the windshield, seeing the full moon looming up in the sky, and then gazed up at him in the darkness to see his face perfectly. I think I wanted to find somewhere to rest now.

His head turned to look down at me, and he smiled and nodded.

We turned off the road onto another back road, and continued driving awhile until we finally parked in a little part of forest where there were no trees. It seemed he had a plan. In his head, I could see a picture of a clearing he'd been to before.

He turned off the car, and in less than a second he was on my side, opening the door for me. I got out at a normal pace for once, and took his extended hand as he shut the door lightly with the other hand.

And then suddenly he swept me off my feet, using his arms to knock out my knees and then he caught me, cradling me to his chest.

I couldn't help my complaining.

"Hey! You know, I can walk."

He rolled his eyes, expecting this, and grinned mischievously, his eyes glowing. I crossed my arms across my chest tightly, my lips set in a pout.

"Yes, I am fully aware that you can walk."

"I guess you have fun knocking me off my feet then, don't you."

He chuckled and nodded, his grin remaining as he took off into the forest.

There was no path, but he obviously knew the way. I could tell from his thoughts that he was still amused from my reaction of being carried, and I stuck my tongue out at him.

He laughed and continued running until we finally reached a glade. My eyes widened.

It was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. The beauty was only amplified by the moonlight that shone on everything, illuminating and colouring everything silver.

The grass was fairly high and unkempt, and there were a few wildflowers. It also overlooked a small river, and we were able to look up at the star strewn sky without anything obscuring our view.

He smiled complacently, and set me down gently beside him.

"Do you like it?"

I could only nod in response, trying to keep my jaw from dropping.

I looked away from the stunning scene in front of me up to the most dazzling man who stood beside me. He only looked more divine in the moonlight.

He watched me with a contented, serene expression as he leaned down and picked a flower –a gorgeous violet.

"How did you ever find this place…?"

"I've been alive a long time… I've been almost everywhere in the world, seen the most beautiful places… But this place is my favourite."

I nodded, eyes still wide as he guided me further in. Once we were almost in the middle, we laid down. The grass was slightly dewy, but I couldn't care less. All my thoughts were focused on him.

For a bit we just laid on our backs, staring up at the sky. We would stare at each other's faces every once in awhile too.

And then he pulled me on top of him, his eyes hooded but smouldering, a lopsided smile on his face. I slowly trailed my lips down his cheek, around his lips… teasing him. Suddenly his hands were holding my face still so he could kiss me fervently.

"I have something for you," He murmured as he pulled away, looking deep into my eyes.

I felt like rolling my eyes slightly, despite the mood of the moment.

"Another surprise?"

He only smiled in response and ran his hair through my hair. Then he reached into his pants pocket with his hand and pulled something out, but kept it hidden from my view in his fist. He brought his hand up so I could see it, and moving his other hand, brought my hand up.

"Close your eyes for a moment,"

I actually rolled my eyes before I closed them this time. I felt something being fastened around my wrist, and I took a sharp inhale of breath as this brought back memories. I felt a sharp pang in my chest as I remembered what I had left behind.

He stroked my face calmingly as he read my thoughts, bringing his face close to mine to kiss my cheek, smiling.

"Open your eyes," He mumbled, his breath brushing against my cheek. I took a deep breath before I forced my eyes open.

What I saw took my breath away and made my eyes widen in surprise. It was the bracelet. The one I had left behind.

And though I was really implausibly happy to have it back, it brought an unbelievable remorse to me. I had left it behind. And he had obviously visited his own tombstone and found it there.

I looked into his eyes with tears brimming over mine, my mouth hanging open.

"Damian… I am so sorry," I murmured, my voice shaking. He placed his hands on my back and in my hair, staring into my eyes soothingly.

"Shh… I understand love. It's all right…"

A few tears rolled down my cheeks before he leaned up and kissed me ardently, making me dizzy and momentarily forget where I was and what I was doing.

"If you don't stop crying I'm going to kick your vampire ass," He whispered jokingly, mocking my words from long ago which made me laugh loudly, breaking the tension.

He held me tighter to him and I kissed him lovingly. He was truly the most amazing person I would ever know.

"I love you," He smiled.

"And I love you… more than you will ever know."

That was it.

My hands moved to grip in his hair, and his arms tightened around me, bringing me closer to him. I hitched my leg on his hip just as he rolled us over.

The atmosphere, the space between us and around us seemed to intensify. It even felt like I was getting hotter.

I started to unbutton his shirt, and he rolled us over again to make it easier for me, then I managed to get it off, stripping it off him to reveal his perfect marble-like chest. You'd never know that he had a perfectly chiselled chest unless you took his shirt off –he looked a lot stronger than he did with a shirt on. His pale skin caught a ray of moonlight… he was absolutely breathtaking.

His hands trailed along my back, underneath my shirt… and then he slowly started to pull it up. I helped him, pulling it off the rest of the way, and he paused for a moment, just gazing at me.

Then he pulled me back in for a fervent kiss, one hand locked in my hair and the other trailing down my thigh, pressing my even closer into him.

But as I began to pull off my jeans his hands suddenly locked around my wrists, stopping me.

I looked into his eyes for an answer, slightly confused and I had to admit, upset.

He wrapped his arms around my middle, and flipped us so he was on top of me, facing each other. He was raised off the ground, supporting himself with one of his arms so he wasn't touching me where I laid on the wet grassy ground. His eyes were determined, yet yearning.

"Not yet."

I groaned.

"Why not? There's no reason not to…"

"Not yet," He repeated, stroking my hair.

I looked into his thoughts for a reason. It only took me a moment to understand why.

"Oh… Oh, Damian. Don't you think that is mostly disregarded these days?"

The reason was that he didn't think it was right to have sex before marriage. But I didn't understand this because if we were mates, we were destined to be together for the rest of eternity anyway, so I didn't really think we would have to get married.

He shook his head, smiling as he relaxed and laid himself down on top of me once more.

"I've believed this when I was alive, and have continued to believe it all these years. I'm not about to change my view on this," He said smoothly.

I sighed, closing my eyes for a few seconds.

"So there's no changing your mind?" I half whispered. I felt him shake his head, and touch his lips softly on mine once more.

I exhaled slowly, and he continued to run his hand through my hair.

There was no arguing with him. I would just have to wait until we were married, and who knew when that would be…?

I immediately apologized to him in my head, for my thoughts were getting a little bitter.

He caressed my face.

"Don't apologize love… I want you as badly as you want me, you know."

I probably want you more… He thought. My lips turned up in a small smile.

"Well, no I don't know actually… I don't intrude on your thoughts all the time. I give you your privacy occasionally."

I felt him smile.

We laid there for awhile, listening to each other's thoughts. Until he sighed, leaning down to kiss my neck. I shuddered, not able to help it.

"I think we should sleep now…" He murmured. I nodded, allowing that as I burrowed my head in his neck, pressing my bare stomach against his.

I really wasn't offended by him stopping me. I still loved him more than ever and maybe he was right in making us wait. I just couldn't help anticipating the moment –I wanted him so badly.

I felt his arms tighten around me, and him smile wider.

As soon as I'd closed my eyes, I drifted, and this time, nightmare free. And I believed this time, for good.