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Chapter 1-That Night

Dana and Carter kissed each other passionately as they stumbled into Carter's room at the Aqua Base. Without breaking their lip lock, Carter picked Dana up and carried her to his bed and fell on top of her. He undid the buttons of her blouse and she pulled his shirt above his head, she then got his pants off and he pulled her skirt off. He worked with the clips of her bra then her panties and she pulled off his boxers. For a minute they stared at each other. Carter slowly moved his hands over her breasts and continued to ravish her lips, as she pulled him closer.


The next day Carter and Dana couldn't bear to be out of each other's site. They ate, and walked, together and breathed each other's air. This behavior didn't escape the notice of anyone who saw them. Especially their best friends, Chad, Kelsey, and Joel, and their longtime mentor Ms. Angela Fairweather, plus Dana's father, Captain William Mitchell, and her brother, Ryan. Finally after Dana brought Carter into her room so they could take a nap together, Kelsey threw Carter out of the room – almost literally – and demanded that Dana tell her everything.

"Ok, so I know that you and Carter have liked each other since the first time you guys met, but what is going on?! I – plus everyone else within the Base – know that you guys are now more then just friends, so spill!" Kelsey demanded.

"Let's just say that last night was one I will never forget." Dana replied slyly.

"I'm glad you're just saying that, because this is one thing I do NOT want all the details of!" said Kelsey smiling.

Both girls laughed until tears came to their eyes.

Over in Carter's room, the same conversation was happening between Chad, Joel, and himself.

"Please tell me you and Dana had fun last night, because I really do not want to be around when you do decide to do it if this is how you act when you haven't." Said Joel.

"Ya your guy's lovy-dovyness is starting to scare me." Agreed Chad.

"I promise it won't get any worse." Said Carter.

"Glad to hear it." Said both boys.

They all let out a quick laugh, and Joel and Chad left Carter to his own devices.

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