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Chapter 7-New life

The hours ticked by and Carter got more and more restless. Everyone was waiting to hear any news. They could hear Dana's screams as another contraction hit her. Finally Carter snapped.

"That's it! I'm going in there!" Before anyone could so much as get up Carter had barged into the med centre where Ms. Fairweather was coaching Dana to breathe. As soon as the door was opened the doctor ran up to him.

"What are you doing? Get out!"

"I'm not leaving!"

"I take it then that you are the father." Carter just nodded.

"Carter…" Dana moaned after the contraction was finished.

Carter immediately ran up to her and held her hand.

"I'm here Dana. I won't leave you."

"Carter I'm sorry! I shouldn't have run out like that, I should have talked to you, I should have-"

"Hey, hey, it's ok. Your safe now and I'm not going anywhere."

Dana smiled and then began breathing quickly when the worst contraction yet hit her. The doctor rushed over and told Carter to climb in behind Dana to support her as she pushed. Dana's cries filled the entire base as well as the hallways. People stopped working to cringe and sympathize before continuing. Finally after what felt like another hour to Dana, her baby was born.

"It's a girl." Said the doctor. "Would you like to cut the umbilical cord?" He asked Carter who immediately began to panic.

Ms. Fairweather gently pulled him out from behind Dana who lied back on the bed. She stayed there catching her breath until she saw Carter holding a pink bundle carefully in his arms while staring at it with a stupid grin on his face. Dana sat up and held out her arms. Carter gave her the baby and climbed back in behind her. The minute Dana looked into her daughters face, tears came to her eyes and she smiled.

"I'm your mommy." She said.

"And I'm your daddy." Whispered Carter.

"What are you going to name her?" asked Ms. Fairweather.

Dana had thought about it long and hard and had come up with the perfect name.

"Sydney." She said. "Sydney Angela Grayson."

Carter looked at her and smiled.

"After your mother and the one who as been like a mother to you. I like it." Said Carter.

Dana smiled and Ms. Fairweather did as well. Suddenly a banging could be heard on the door. Ms. Fairweather ran to the door and opened it before they could disturb the now quiet Sydney. Captain Mitchell rushed in closely followed by Ryan and the other rangers. Dana looked up at her father and smiled.

"Say hello to your granddaughter. Sydney Angela Grayson."

Captain Mitchell smiled and looked from his daughter to his granddaughter. Ryan smiled and looked at his niece as well as the others.

"I'm curious, what were you going to name her if she was a boy?" Kelsey asked. Dana looked at Ryan.

"Before I found you again, I promised myself that I would name my first born son after my brother. So I was going to name him Ryan Oliver Grayson. After my brother and Carter's father." Carter smiled again and kissed Dana's forehead. Then Ryan turned to Carter.

"You hurt either of them, you die."

"I know."

"And I'll be there to make sure you don't corrupt my niece."

"Carter corrupt?" interrupted Dana. "What about YOU corrupt? She's his daughter. And I'd definitely be more worried about you corrupting her then Carter!" She said to which everyone laughed.

"Well someone's got to be there to make sure she's being taken care of."

"What am I chopped liver?!" cried Dana.

"Don't worry Ryan. I've already decided that she's going to an all girls school and unless they want to be on the receiving end of my V-Lancer, no boy is coming within ten feet of her until she's married or turns 40…whichever comes last" Carter said earning him a slap from Dana who had handed Sydney off to her father, who had the same stupid grin on his face as Carter did.

"That's all I ask." Said Ryan.

Everyone laughed again and the loud noise became louder when Sydney started crying.

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