Okay so firstly, I'm not very happy with this chapter. I couldn't seem to get it to flow right and frankly in the end I've just given up. As it turns out it seems a lot more difficult to write the happy scenes then to write the angsty ones. Who knew

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- Celebrations -

The remaining weeks until Christmas seemed to fly by. Finally the upheavals that had dogged Lily throughout the first part of the year seemed to have ceased and she found herself looking eagerly towards Christmas, as well as the beginning of a new year.

On the final day before holidays she was woken up by a pillow flying straight into her face. She sat up with a yelp just as a giggling Suse sent her other pillow flying into Abi.

The moment it hit Abi she leapt straight into the air like she'd been shocked and fell straight through her curtains onto the ground. Suse collapsed backwards in laughter and Lily couldn't control her own giggles as Abi pulled herself back up, looking like a stunned mullet. The next moment both Lily and Suse found themselves under siege as Abi attacked both of them with her own pillows. A monster pillow fight insured and it wasn't until Lily's burst and showered them all with feathers that Abi called a time-out.

Trying to pull feathers out of her hair Lily staggered back to her feet from where she had fallen onto her bed. "I liked that pillow." she said in a complaining tone which would have worked a lot better if she had been able to remove the giant smile that still lit up her face.

"Well that's what you get for waking me up with a pillow." Abi muttered back, trying unsuccessfully to remove the feathers that had filled the back of her pajama top.

"Yeah Lily" Suse teased, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes even as she shook her head disapprovingly. "What were you thinking?"

"What!" Lily exclaimed and she made to launch herself at Suse, intent on tickling her friend to death. Unfortunately her foot got tangled in the blankets lying over the floor and instead she rather ungracefully tumbled through the air to land sprawled at Suse's feet. Both girls broke into laughter once more and it was only with a great deal of effort that they managed to control themselves enough to pull a bright red Lily to her feet.

She pulled her arms out of theirs and putting her nose into the air faked an insulted tone as she grabbed some clothes and haughtily told them she was going to get changed. Thus doing so she didn't see the door open as she reached for it and she walked smack bang into Mary as she tried to enter the dorm. Down she fell again.

As laughter rang in her ears she peered up at Mary's shocked face. "Are you okay Lily?" she offered a hand. "Why are you covered in feathers?" Lily waved her hand away.

"You know what I think I'll just stay here. At this point it seems safer."

The girls laughter filled the room.


Eventually with much coaxing Abi and Suse managed to convince Lily to leave her safety position on the floor. All three girls dressed themselves in warm Muggle clothes. Today was the day they got to visit Hogsmeade, but it was chilly enough out that they needed their thickest school cloaks.

The moment they entered the Great Hall James stood up on his bench. "HEY EVANS!" he yelled over the sound of everyone talking. "Wanna go to Hogsmeade with me?" The entire hall went quite for a moment then students everywhere burst into giggles. Lily went bright red as James gave her his most loathsome marauder grin. Fortunately she was saved from answering by an extremely annoyed Professor McGonagall.

"Mr Potter!" she spluttered and Sirius yanked James back down.

"Yes Professor?" He asked his eyes wide and innocent. She looked down her nose at him, clearly unimpressed.

"I do not think Ms Evans appreciated being accosted in front of everyone. Next time you decide to ask her out, and unfortunately" and here she gave Lily a sympathetic glance. "I have no doubt that you will, a subtler more romantic approach would probably be appropriate."

"Any ideas Professor?" James asked, a slightly wicked look on his face.

McGonagalls' seemed to think it over as her lips twitched. "Say it with flowers, Mr Potter"

The girls giggled and abruptly James seemed to realize that not a single one of them were actually looking at him. Slowly he turned round to be confronted by the sight of Sirius, Remus and Peter all holding conjured bunches of flowers and giving each other sappy looks. He couldn't help but join in the laughter as McGonagall swept past him towards the head table.

Lily and the girls walked further down the table to where Felicia and Mary where sitting, both of them pouring over fashion magazines for Hogsmeade stores. Lily loved this time of year. Everyone was in high spirits with Christmas just round the corner and the girls spent breakfast laughing and joking about all sorts of things.

Abi was just about to take a huge gulp of pumpkin juice when a paper bird flew into the side of her head. "Ouch!" she gasped, spilling juice everywhere. The look of shock on her face was so hilarious that the girls all burst into fits of giggles. Abi scowled and began siphoning up the juice with her wand as Lily captured the fluttering bird in her grasp. She unfolded it. "Slytherin?" she asked, confused.

Abi held at her hand and Lily passed the paper over. "What does that mean?" Abi said, turning it over to see if there was anything on the other-side.

"It's Sirius's writing" Lily said, taking the paper back. All five girls looked over at the marauders. Not a single one of them were looking over at them, instead they were all intently watching the Slytherin table.

With a feeling of anticipated dread Lily turned to look. There didn't seem to be anything unusual going on. All of them were just sitting there eating breakfast or drinking juice, a few gossiping just like they had been a moment before.

The next moment all of that changed.

Antlers sprouted from heads, like daisies in the snow. At the same time each of their noses glowed bright red, so the entire table was lit up like a Christmas tree. There was a brief pause as table after table realized what had happened then chaos erupted. All along the Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor tables students were collapsing in laughter. The Slytherins meanwhile were yelling in horror.

"Look at Slughorn" Abi giggled. Lily turned and gaped in amazement. A big white bushy beard had burst from his face and his robes had turned red. With his large stomach there was no doubt that he looked exactly like Father Christmas. It took a lot of effort but Lily managed to repress her laughter. She turned to glare up at the marauders and saw Sirius raise his hand.

He held up three fingers and as Lily watched slowly lowered them one by one. The last finger went down.

"WHAT THE?" a voice shrieked out and they all whipped around just in time to see a seventh year Ravenclaw rise to his feet, desperately trying to reach the tiny wings that had sprouted from his back. The next moment a glowing halo appeared over his forehead as his cheeks went an unnatural rosy red. Squeals erupted from the table as student after student turned into mini angels. Without being told this time Lily glanced over at Flitwick, the Ravenclaw head of house. The most magnificent wings Lily had every seen had sprouted from his shoulders, so large in fact that they almost dwarfed him.

Lily shot another look at the marauders who were all looking far too smug. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor students had just long enough to shoot each other trepiditious looks, wondering who would be next when it happened.

Giant stars blossomed from the heads of Hufflepuff students as they sprouted pine branches and tinsel wrappings. Lily looked at Professor Sprout and this time couldn't control her giggles. She had turned completely into a Christmas tree, with flashing bulbs and decorations. Her face was just visible through her branches, looking extremely shocked.

Up and down the Gryffindor table students were shooting each other extremely worried looks. They were the only ones left.

"Surely the marauders wouldn't get us would they?" Felicia asked, her eyes wide. Lily and Abi exchanged looks.

"They would" they both said in a resigned voice.

A series of popping noises was the only warning they had. Books appeared in the hands of Mary, Felicia and Suse. All down the table students found themselves springing to their feet in unison, books firmly in their grasp, and without a hitch in time, three quarters of the table burst into "Jingle Bells". Lily looked up the table at McGonagall who was holding a thin stick from which the words of the carol was being sprouted from and was wearing a white curled wig. Despite the fact that her hands were moving along to the beat, conducting the music, her face looked simply furious.

The remaining teachers, non-enchanted students (and quite a few of the ones who had been charmed at the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables) were all laughing now. Dumbledore himself was chuckling merrily as he examined Professor Sprouts decorations. A laughing Professor Sinistra and Professor Diggle were holding Professor Flitwick upright. Without them his wings seemed so heavy he kept overbalancing backwards. Professor Slughorn seemed quite delighted with the whole affair. He had even conjured a Santa hat and placed it on his head.

As Lily watched Alice shook her pine needles cheerfully as a laughing Amelia reached her "branches" up to feel the glowing star on top of her head. Behind her, at the Ravenclaw table, Suse's boyfriend Dennis appeared to be challenging his friends to see who could flap their wings the fastest while a couple of seats down from him some fourth years were using the feathers on their wings to unmercifully tickle their friends that had not been enchanted.

Further up the Gryffindor table several of the caroling seventh years had added high kicking dance moves to their song, and in fact as far as Lily could see the only ones who seemed unimpressed were the Slytherins. Although she felt a twinging sympathy for Sev, whose Rudolph nose was amongst the brightest, she couldn't help but join in with her friends giggles as she and Abi pulled faces at the other girls, so their singing came out between snorts of laughter.

The Gryffindor carolers came to a rousing end as James, Sirius, Peter and Remus all jumped up onto the table. "Merry Christmas from the Marauders!" they yelled out simultaneously as glittering gold exploded from their wand tips, covering the Great Hall. As it blanketed everything, Lily could clearly see that each marauder had aimed for a different table and as the gold settled the enchantments they had created faded away. The Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables burst into applause as the boys took bows.

They clambered down from their tables, grinning victoriously at each other. A voice cut through their celebrations.

"If you don't mind Mr Potter, Mr Black." McGonagall snapped at them.

The teachers were all still enchanted.

All in all it was a wonderful way to start the last day at school before holidays.


Lily regarded herself a little bit nervously in the mirror. She should never have let the girls talk her into buying this dress. She would have been perfectly happy in her Muggle clothes. It wasn't that the dress didn't look good. Lily was willing enough to admit that the green matched her eyes perfectly, as well as the dragonfly clip she'd used in her hair. She just wasn't used to dressing up nicely while at school.

They'd had quite a bit of fun shopping in Hogsmeade. All five girls had left together. After a quick stop at Honeydukes they had hit the clothing stores. It had taken awhile but finally they all had a new dress to wear, the girls practically bullying Lily into purchasing the dress she was wearing, refusing to take no for an answer. Eventually Abi had threatened Lily with either going in the dress or being made to go naked and Lily had caved. She didn't think her friend would actually make her do that but she knew Abi would get her revenge somehow. It was easier just to go along. And the dress was pretty.

She twirled slightly in front of the mirror, catching how the silky material flared slightly along the bottom, cut-off just below the knees to show off her legs. The halter top worried her slightly, with the way it revealed a good portion of her back. She sighed and twirled around again.

She was still staring at herself uncertainly in the mirror when the door opened and Abi walked in. Lily stared at her friend. Her long dark hair was left down for once, instead of in it's usual ponytail, framing her face and heightening the blueness of her eyes. To add to this affect the strap-less pale blue of her dress gave her skin an almost brown look, making her look tanned for the first time ever.

"Wow you look beautiful Abs" Lily whispered. Abi shrugged this off.

"I doubt anyone will notice me next to you Lil's, you look amazing."

Consternation returned and Lily bit her lip, staring back at herself in the mirror. A hand reached out and grabbed her arm firmly. "Come on Lily" Abi said as she practically dragged her out the bathroom. "Time to stop fussing and get down there. The parties already well underway."

"Then why aren't you down there?" Lily asked. Abi blushed slightly.

"Well Suse left a while ago to show Dennis her dress before the party started and you know… well I didn't want to go alone… oh shut up" Lily couldn't hide the smirk that was flashing across her face.

"Come on then" she sighed and with a feeling of impending doom looped her arm through Abi's and led the way down the stairs. She had to stop at the top of the stairs as the common room came into view. The marauders had done an amazing job! The entire room was filled with red and gold Christmas decorations, including a giant lion dressed as Santa sitting in a sleigh being pulled by two massive reindeer. As Lily watched one of the reindeer lowered it's head and the lion reached into it's sack and handed a present to a timid first-year.

"Oh wow" she whispered.

"I'll say" said a voice from not too far away and as they walked down the last of the stairs Frank walked over to them clutching three butterbeers. He handed them to the girls before taking a step back and giving them both an admiring glance. "You two look lovely."

"Thanks Frank." Lily said smiling back at him. "You're looking quite dashing yourself." He grinned in reply then suddenly his face dropped.

"Oh no" he whispered and a green tinge hit his face.

"What's wrong?" Abi asked in alarm as Lily looked in the direction he was looking. She spotted the problem immediately. Suse had just entered through the portrait hole with Dennis on her arm and behind them… Alice and Amelia. Both girls were dressed in very pretty robes and Alice had pulled her mass of curls up so they formed a halo around her head. Obviously Suse had decided to invite them to come along, something of which Frank had no idea.

Abruptly Frank sagged down, grabbing at Lily even as he placed himself behind Abi. "Hide me!" he whispered frantically. Lily looked at him stunned. "Quick Lily! Before I do something stupid."

Abi started to laugh and Lily couldn't quite conceal her own grin. "Don't be silly Frank. I'm sure you'll be just fine. And besides when is there a better time to see her then now when you're all dressed up and looking handsome."

"You don't understand Lily" Frank said a frantic look in his eyes. "I might look okay now but with in ten minutes I'll probably be covered in chocolate pudding or something."

"I doubt it's that bad…" Abi started before Frank interrupted her.

"Yesterday she looked at me at lunch and I tipped an entire cauldronful of soup over myself." Both girls doubled up with laughter and Frank threw his arms despairingly in the air. "Fine then. I'll just hide myself." He declared and darted off into the darkest cranny of the common room. A moment later to their disbelieving eyes Lily and Abi saw a Christmas tree lift through the air and lower itself so it almost completely hid Frank from view.

"Lily!" a voice called, dragging her attention away. Remus crossed to greet them, a broad smile on his face. He was dressed in a tight grey sweater, with a black tie and dark black pants. The grey contrasted with the grey in his hair, turning it almost silver. "Hey Abi." He greeted them both cheerfully. "You both look wonderful."

"Thanks Remie" Lily said softly as she felt warmth brush through her cheek. "You look very nice yourself." He grinned at her and she found herself needing to look away. Her cheeks flushed again and she couldn't help but wonder why the common room suddenly felt so hot.

"The decorations are great Remus" Abi said, drawing attention away from her.

"Thanks" Remus said and as he started to explain what they had done Abi threw Lily a significant look. Lily repressed her sigh. Obviously her too perceptive friend had noticed Lily's awkwardness. Undoubtedly there would be questions later.

Over Abi's shoulder however Lily noticed something far more interesting. Sirius was seated on a couch, dressed all in black, his hair pulled back into a pony-tail. Across his lap Hannah Ekins sat in a dress that seemed far too short and tight. Although she was chatting away too Sirius, her eyes on his face, it was obvious that she was not retaining his attention. Instead his focus seemed to be on Abi and as she leant forward, closer to Remus, to see what ever he was pointing at, Sirius expression darkened. A moment later he pulled Hannah off and with barely a word to her strode towards them. Lily caught his eye and gave him a knowing look. Although his cheeks tinged slightly, his still came over, turning resolutely away from Lily's face.

"Hey Morgan." He said, running a hand over his smoothed hair. "Looking good"

"You too" Abi said cheerfully. For a moment Sirius's face lightened, then it fell as Abi turned away from him and back to her conversation with Remus.

Despite herself Lily couldn't help but feel a little twinge of sympathy for him and she stepped around Remus and Abi to come to his side. "Nice party" she commented.

"Thanks Evans" Sirius said in an absent tone, glancing towards her. He stopped a moment and gave her a much longer look. "Wow Evans. You look great. If Prongs wouldn't kill me I'd be tempted to give you a try."

"Thanks Black" Lily said with a roll of her eyes.

"Hey guys" a beaming Suse said as she, Dennis, Alice and Amelia joined them, clutching butterbeers and cakes. The fawn dress she'd bought looked beautiful on her and Dennis couldn't seem to stop smiling proudly down at her. Lily smiled at both of them. She was liking Dennis more and more with the way he treated her friend. The look in his eyes told Lily that he could not seem to believe his own luck. Suse was such a sweet, gentle person and Lily couldn't have been happier with the way her relationship was going.

"Hey Remus!" Alice said brightly as she walked up. "Great prank this morning."

Remus shrugged modestly. "It was James idea."

"Figures" Lily muttered, rolling her eyes.

"Oh c'mon Lily, you know you thought it was a great as the rest of us did." Abi said poking her playfully in the ribs.

Lily smiled reluctantly. "It was some pretty amazing magic." she admitted.

"How did you do it?" Amelia asked, looking at Remus and Sirius.

"Snuck down to the kitchens and convinced the house-elves to serve spiked pumpkin juice." It was Sirius who answered and it seemed to Lily he deliberately looked away from Abi as he spoke. Lily thought back to the tumultuous events of this morning. Sirius's message bird had hit Abi just in time to stop her from drinking her juice. She grinned.

"Nice" Alice said appreciatively.

"You know guys this is absolutely amazing." Amelia said as she looked around the common room. "Are all your parties like this?"

"Pretty much." Abi said. "It helps when you have them planned by the marauders."

"Why Morgan I think that was actually a compliment." Sirius interrupted in fake amazement. "Are you feeling well?"

"Shuddup Sirius" Abi said punching him in the arm. "You just can't help yourself can you."

"What can I say?" Sirius said giving her a love-lorn look. "Your beauty has stolen away my sense's and left me a wordless fool."

"Well that explains a lot" Lily said dryly even as Abi rolled her eyes.

"Er Padfoot," Remus interrupted quickly. "I probably wouldn't have…"

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" a voice shrieked out behind them making Lily and Sirius jump a foot in the air in shock. Unbeknown to them Hannah had walked up behind them, most likely in an attempt to capture Sirius's attention once more. Now she looked absolutely furious, as a few tears slid down her face. Sirius took a step backwards in alarm.

"Nothing Hannah." he said quickly. He shot a pleading look at Lily as more tears slipped down Hannah's face. Shooting him an annoyed look back she stepped forward.

"He was just mucking around Hannah." she gestured to the others. "We were all saying stupid things, right guys?" Everyone quickly nodded in agreement. Hannah choked back a sob.

"Are you sure?" Lily felt a little guilty for lying as Hannah stared at her but she nodded.

"C'mon Hannah." Sirius said taking her hand. "It's Morgan. I would never be interested in someone like her. I mean get real"

Idiot, Lily thought barely restraining from slapping her head in exasperation even as Abi said sharply. "Thanks a lot Black! Good to know I'm so hideous." Sirius swung back around, a look of real panic in his eyes now.

"Oh c'mon Morgan you know I don't mean it like that."

"So you do like her!" Hannah interrupted again, her eyes narrowing. Abi threw them both a disgusted look.

"Whatever. Like I care what a fathead like you thinks anyway." she turned and stormed over to the chairs by the fireplace and sat down, still looking extremely angry. A brush of hair tickled Lily's cheek.

"You should probably go." Remus whispered in a resigned tone in her ear. "This is probably going to get messy." Lily nodded.

She turned to the others. "How about we go sit over at the fireplace with Abs. I'll grab us some cakes and stuff."

"I'll help." Alice said quickly as the others nodded. They wove their way through the crowd, responding to greetings, heading to the long tables set up on the opposite end of the common room. As they moved Lily couldn't help but notice that Alice seemed distracted, looking over every inch of the room. By the time they reached the table a resigned look had spread over Alice's face and she looked positively glum as she helped Lily load two plates with sweets.

"What's up?" Lily asked, although she had a reasonable idea of what was going on. Alice gave her a startled look.

"Oh… nothing really." She bit her lip then went on in a would be causal tone that Lily saw right through. "I was just looking for people I know."

"Like who?" Lily asked quietly as she loaded up her plate with treacle tarts.

"Oh I dunno. It'd be nice to chat to Remus but I think he's stuck in that whole Sirius mess now. I haven't spoken to Vanessa since our last prefects meeting but she's over there with her boyfriend." She looked around again. "Um, I don't spose you can see Frank anywhere." Suddenly her words came out in a rush. "Only I know he tried out for chaser and my brother leant me this really good book on chaser training, you know he's on the Chudley Canon's team, and I thought he might like it…" She looked up into Lily's face as her cheeks went red.

An internal battle warred inside Lily and she found herself struggling not to glance over to the tree that made up Frank's hiding place. She gave an internal sigh. "Sorry Alice I haven't seen him since I first got down here. Maybe he's in his dorm."

Alice nodded her eyes sad. "Sure that makes sense. I'll just wait till the next prefect meeting I guess."

Wanting to help somehow without betraying either of them Lily nodded. "Well he tends to get to meetings early these days so that might make it easier rather than having to find time after the meeting. I don't know if he'll be down here much tonight. It's kinda a couple's thing with all the mistletoe and stuff and he doesn't have a girl that he's interested in."

Alice visibly brightened. "Sounds good to me. I mean meeting before the prefect meeting starts of course." She hastily qualified.

"Of course." Lily said nodding, hiding the twinge of her lips. She gathered up both plates and they turned to head back to the others. She hid a groan. Standing right behind them, his cocky grin firmly in place was James Potter.

"Chinkings good to see you." He nodded briefly at Alice before focusing entirely on Lily. "Evans." And his voice took on a softer more carressive tone. It shivered along Lily's spine and she scowled at him. "You look… pretty."

"Thanks Potter" she said sarcastically in reply. Although she didn't want to admit it she felt a slight twinge at his rather pneumonic description. Don't start getting into that again, she mentally scolded herself. Who cares if Potter only though she looked pretty? She scowled at him again even as against her will she noted the casual looking brown top and tie combo he was wearing set off the hazelness of his eyes and his usual messy hair look.

She pushed past him, not noticing the disappointed look that flashed into his eyes. She hadn't gotten far however when a different sort of commotion started behind her. She swung around and too her astonishment saw Frank sprawled across the ground, directly in front of Alice, with cakes absolutely everywhere. Obviously he had decided to come out of hiding and with the luck that only he seemed to have had walked directly into the one person he wanted to avoid. Alice quickly offered a hand and beat-red he accepted it. The moment he was on his feet however he dropped it like it was a hot potato.

"Not so fast you two" a voice roared before Frank could make his escape. They both swung around to see a beaming Sirius standing atop of a chair and pointing at something directly above their heads. Both of them looked up and Frank's mouth dropped in horror. Lily couldn't believe her eyes. Out of all the places in the entire common room Frank and Alice had managed to run into each other directly under a piece of mistletoe, and create enough noise to have attracted the attention of the one marauder guaranteed not to let them get away with it.

Frank looked appalled as he glanced down at Alice, back up at the mistletoe and then down at Alice again. Lily was close enough to hear him as he took two steps backward, mumbling quickly that she didn't have to and he completely understood.

For a moment Alice seemed to be in shock then her eyes narrowed and she closed the gap between them in seconds. "You are without a doubt," she hissed up at Frank. "The biggest idiot I have EVER met in my entire life!"

Frank gaped at her for a moment. "I'm really, really sorry." He gabbled looking panic stricken.

"SHUT UP!" Alice yelled and his mouth snapped shut. The next second she grabbed the tie around his neck and yanked him forward as she raised her lips to his. Without any pause his arms flew around her and he held her close as the entire room burst into applause.

The biggest smile broke out on Lily's face and she made her way over to the others who were all smiling broadly themselves. "Finally" Amelia sighed as she sank back into her seat. "Now I won't have to sit up and hear her go on and on about how much she wished he liked her anymore."

"No, now you'll probably have to listen to her go on and on about how much they like each other." Lily said with a laugh as she slid the food onto the small table in front of them. Amelia made a face and poked her tongue out at her.

"At least Frank might be able to go through a day without getting fresh bruises" Abi added dryly and they giggled.

"Where's Suse and Dennis?" Lily asked.

"Private time" Abi said pointing over her shoulder to where Suse and Dennis were sitting close together on a small couch. Lily eyed her friend but she seemed to be completely over Sirius's accidental insult.

"So Evans" a voice said behind Lily's head. She shut her eyes in resignation. "Quite a little show between Chinkings and Longbottom eh?" She looked up at James leaning over the top of her chair. His eyes twinkled at her. She sighed and got to her feet.

"I suppose so." she shrugged.

"Want to do a repeat performance?" James asked, the grin Lily loathed breaking across his face.

"What!" Lily exploded in anger. James pointed above his head. There hovering over his head was an obviously bewitched piece of mistletoe. He winked.

"C'mon Evans, a kiss with the most wanted guy in the room."

Disgust filled her but before she succumbed to the instinctive urge to hex him she caught a glimpse of what was happening over Potters shoulder. She let her features soften and a wistful smile touch her lips. Her head dropped and she gazed shyly up at Potter from under her lashes. "You know I would" she said softly. A disbelieving, smile broke over Potters face as he leant closer. Lily turned the corner of her mouth down and widened her eyes sadly. "But unfortunately it looks like Peters too busy with every other girl."

James face shutdown as giggling started behind her and a bark of laughter came from behind him. Sirius slapped him on the back. "Too bad Prongs" he laughed. "She got you again." Behind him Remus winked at Lily and James threw a black look over his shoulder at the direction Lily was looking.

Despite his obvious disappointment he couldn't stop the smile that twitched over his lips. Peter sat not too far away trying to hide the fact that he was rather obviously ogling over the bunch of fourth year girls sitting on the next couch over. At James look he blushed and stood up, hurrying over to them. Seeing the look on everyone's faces as he approached he slowed.

"Did I miss something?" he asked with a confused frown.

"Unfortunately" Lily said with an overly-dramatic sigh. James scowled again.

"Come on Peter" Remus said with a sigh as he looped his arm over his friends shoulder. "Let's go get some food." Sirius ruffled James hair as he looked darkly after them.

"Let it go Prongs." He gave Lily a look and she sighed.

"I was only joking Potter." James shrugged and slouched off. Sirius rolled his eyes and followed him. Lily sighed and sat back down.

"Boys" she muttered.

Alright, so like I said, not my best work and I apologize for the stunted ending. I just couldn't think of anywhere to take it next. Please let me know what you think.