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Chapter 14 - Are you so sure about that?

"Please, don't hurt Mrs. Burk." Jessie pleaded with the demon as she took a step forward.

"Jessie stop. There's no point. Mrs. Burk has been dead for some time. The demons have been using her to watch you, manipulate you." Mac warned.

The demon waved their arm again and Mac flew against the wall pinned to it.

It wasn't so much the thump that worried Jessie, but the crack and slight groan from Mac.

"Oh hush now." The demon admonished the detective as if she were still the sweet, elderly neighbour. Turning back to Jessie the demon showed its pitch black eyes. "Though, he is right my dear. Mrs. Burk has been dead for ages." The demon smirked when Jessie looked faint and her legs buckled. She landed forward in the devil's trap.

"No." Jessie whimpered.

Suddenly footsteps sounded on the stairs and Dean and Sam burst through the door. With a wave of the demon's other hand Sam and Dean were pinned to the far outer wall. The demon looked back to Jessie. "Not much of a cavalry, my dear." The demon smirked.

"Just let her go." Mac managed to push out.

The demon laughed. "Look at you two!" The demon indicated Mac and Sam. "Smart men. One a hunter, another a detective, former marine. Pinned against the wall at the mercy of a demon. Reduced to idiots over a little snip of a girl." The demon took a couple steps forward, standing in front of Jessie. "Tsk, tsk and at your age detective, you really should have known better. It's not as if she really feels anything for either of you." The demon taunted the three of them, but especially Jessie.

"What are you talking about? I care for both of them. I'm just a little confused." She stammered glancing up at the broken devil's trap.

"No you really don't. See your God needed to make sure that you would fulfill your end of the bargain. So he cursed you. You can't help but be attracted to the blood of Judas. You turn into a right trollop when you get around it." The demon's sneer got to Sam.

"Cas, now!" Sam shouted. Castiel appeared in the doorway of the storage locker. With a slight raise of his hand he had fixed the ceiling and restored the devil's trap. The 3 men dropped to the floor.

Jessie scurried back out of the devil's trap. When the demon realized their mistake, they screamed. By the time the demon had finished it's howl, Bobby and the others from Mac's team came into the storage area.

"Did it work?" The old hunter asked Dean.

Dean gave Sam a pointed look. "Kinda, had to call Cas in early. We still need to find out where they're holed up."

Flack looked around at the entire scene before him. "Is everyone ok?" Flack asked noticing Mac favouring his shoulder.

Jessie helped Mac up and as they went passed Castiel, Cas placed a hand on Mac's shoulder. Mac felt better instantly. "Uh, thank-you." Mac stated, rolling his shoulder. Castiel's only response was to nod, his eyes never leaving the demon.

Flack looked past the Winchester Brothers and saw the downstairs neighbour Mrs. Burke standing in a floral dress, and green cardigan. Her grey hair was pinned in a tight bun and her black eyes glittered with their hatred. Wait? What? Black eyes thought Flack. "Holy shit." The words escaped his mouth without registering he said it out loud.

Bobby put his hand on the young man's shoulder. "The eyes take a little getting used to son." He gave Flack what he thought was a small, reassuring smile. "Look this isn't going to be pretty; we have to find out some information. I think it'd be best if y'all waited upstairs." Booby's look left no room for argument.

The others returned to Jessie's apartment. Jessie hung in the doorway, torn between leaving and wanting to stay. Dean noticed and motioned to Sam.

Sam walked over with concern in his eyes. "You ok?" He put his hands on her shoulders and started doing a visual inspection, looking for any bruises or marks.

Jessie couldn't help but smile at his concern. "I'm fine. Really. It's just, what he said about a curse. Do you think it could be real? That I am being made to feel things for you?" Jessie looked so hurt, so confused.

It nearly broke Sam's heart looking at the pain in Jessie's eyes. He quickly pulled her into a hug. "Remember, demons lie. They want to confuse you; it's easier to manipulate you into doing what they want. If you were cursed wouldn't you be attracted to my brother as well?" Sam smirked and expected a quick denial. Sam pulled back to see Jessie deep in thought. "Uh, you're not right? You're not attracted to Dean?" Sam looked panicked.

Jessie saw the look in Sam's eyes and if it were any other moment she would have laughed out loud. "No, not at all. Not even a little. I was thinking of the theory behind it and if there was any reason God would have made Dean exempt from being the father of this future special child." Jessie's face scrunched up. "Seriously? Dean?" Jessie shook her head.

Sam let out a little chuckle. "True, would never happen."

From behind them they heard Dean's hurt tone. "I'm right here guys. Way to crush a dude's ego." Bobby had a huge grin on his face and was obviously trying to not laugh.

Jessie leaned up and gave Sam a kiss on his cheek. "Please, be careful. I can't lose you too." Jessie whispered.

Sam smiled reassuringly at Jessie. "There is nothing that demon could do to hurt me." Sam watched Jessie go up the stairs till she was out of sight. When Sam turned around his stare was ice and there was no emotion left. He glared at the demon.

The demon just sneered at Sam in return, before taunting. "Don't be so sure about that….."