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"Remus!" Tonks screamed, as she hurtled down the fifth floor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"Tonks, wait!" a voice yelled behind her, and she turned to see Ginny running up behind her.

"Ginny, Harry told you to stay in the room." She said breathlessly, only half of her attention on the redhead next to her. The other half was spent desperately scanning the battling wizards and witches in front of her for any sign of her husband.

"I had to leave." Ginny explained as she raised her wand in the direction of the battle. "Harry, Hermione and Ron needed the room. I don't know," the rest of her sentence was cut off by the window beside them exploding inwards as a curse struck it. With a wave of her wand, Tonks created a shield that protected them from the falling glass. The moment it cleared she risked a glance down, abruptly diving to one side to avoid the green light that shot through the windows remains.

"They've completely surrounded us." She yelled at Ginny, as she shot her own curses down at the crowd below. "I think they may be getting through".

"Not if we can help it." Ginny replied, a look of fierce determination on her face. As Ginny fired a jinx to cover her, Tonks scrambled to her feet once more.

"Aduro!" She yelled, and several death eaters below where knocked flying by the blast of wind that she shot at them. Abruptly she gasped in shock as a huge form appeared from nowhere and peered through the window. Sadly shaking his head, the giant, Grawp, yelled "Hagger?" at them, before pulling back away. As they watched he kept on moving around the castle wall, idly swinging something from one hand. Suddenly he roared in anger and swung the object at deatheaters that fired spells at him. As the deatheaters scrambled to avoid it Tonks realized he had managed to get hold of one of the castles gargoyles, which looked very unhappy as it flew through the air.

"Let's hope he steps on some of them." A voice said nearby and, risking a glance to the right as she fired yet another curse out of the window, she saw Harry, Ron and Hermione standing in the corridor once more.

"As long as it's not one of our lot!" She yelled in reply. Her guts froze. What if Remus was down there somewhere? Next to her, Ginny sent a jinx down into the fighters below, and a voice from their right roared, "Good girl!".

Glancing up she saw Aberforth running towards them, followed by a small group of students. "They look like they might be breaching the North Battlements, they've brought giants of their own!" He yelled at them as he bolted past.

"Have you seen Remus?" Tonks called despairingly after him.

"He was dueling Dolohov!" Aberforth yelled over his shoulder. "Haven't seen him since."

No, Tonks thought, and barely stopping to think, she ran after Aberforth. Dimly behind her she heard Ginny yell "Tonks, Tonks I'm sure he's…" before her voice was lost in the din. He's what? she thought as she sped along, and her own imagination displayed for her all the terrible things he could be.

Without pausing in stride, she turned left at the next passageway and dove down the stone steps, two at a time. Gathering herself, she leapt from one stairway to another. It looked like the stairs had frozen in their endless changing of position, with some not connected to anything but air. Finally, she managed to get down the last staircase and into the Great Hall.

Here was nothing but movement and sound. The Deatheaters had managed to break in. What this meant for those that had been battling them out on the grounds, Tonks couldn't even begin to guess. She fought her way towards the doors, throwing curses left and right. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a large deatheater about to curse a small blond boy and shouted "Expelliarmus!", causing the brutish mans wand to fly through the air. Before the boy could do more then start to grin at her in gratitude, a green jet of light came from nowhere, hitting him full in the chest. He crumpled to the ground without a sound.

"No!" A voice screamed, and Professor McGonagall came sweeping into view, hitting the deatheater responsible with a curse so strong he was thrown into the wall on the opposite side of the hall, and collapsed as a bloody mess at the bottom.

A single tear streaking down her own cheek, Tonks turned away and headed for the doors once more. She had to find Remus, she had to know. Finally, she made it through the doors and gasped in shock. The grounds were a mess of blazing lights and bangs, reflecting terribly off of the many bodies scattered everywhere. As she ran across the gravel towards the battle itself she had to catch herself many times as she tripped over the barely seen bodies of people. "Remus!" she yelled, her voice catching in her throat as a sob. "REMUS, ANSWER ME!"

Closer and closer she got to the battle and there she saw him, wand light glinting off of the grey streaks in his hair as he furiously fought against two deatheaters, Dolohov and Rookwood. Speeding towards them she screamed out a jinx that swept through the air, narrowly missing Dolohov. His momentary distraction allowed Remus to finally succeed in getting past Rookwoods guard and hitting him with a stunning curse. He turned and his expression lit up in surprise and shock as he saw her running towards him. Just in time Tonks realized that Dolohov was no longer paying attention to Remus, but had instead raised his wand to fire a curse at her. She dove to the ground, and felt the wind of its passing as it swept over her. Turning, she came to her feet in one swift movement and aimed her wand.

"Stupefy" she screamed, just as Dolohov yelled "Avada kedavra". Their spells hit midair and there was a huge explosion that lit up the air, momentarily blinding everyone around them. When the glare finally faded Remus could make out, through watery eyes, the smirking figure of Dolohov standing over Tonks prone body.

"NO!" He yelled, heart in his throat, and he ran towards her, dodging a miscast spell that flew over head. Waving his wand wildly, he screamed "Expelliarmus", releasing the disarming spell with such force that it knocked Dolohov clean off his feet and sent his wand flying in the opposite direction. "No, no," he barely whispered as he slid to the ground where Tonks was sprawled, face bleached of all colour. "Dora, Dora," his voice shook uncontrollably as he gathered her into his arms. "Dora, wake up, please Dora. Wake for me."

For a moment, he cradled her unmoving form then, to his incredulous relief, she stirred and her eyes fluttered open. "Remus" she whispered. With a half moan, half sob, he crushed her to him, feeling the life and warmth that flowed from her, the beat of her ever so beautiful, wonderful heart. Gladly she cried out for him to be gentle, her body stiff and sore from the wand blast. His eyes, when he finally released her, were red-rimmed and he seemed to have aged in a matter of moments.

"I thought I'd lost you." He croaked. Slowly she raised a hand to brush away the strand of grey-flecked brown hair that had fallen across his face. Resting her hand on his cheek, she gazed deeply into the eyes of the man that had long ago stolen her heart away from her.

"You could never lose me," she whispered in reply.

Uttering that almost despairing, longing, moan once more, Remus pulled her to him in a kiss that seemed to stop time, stop life, stop everything around them so that there was only the two of them, existing in this perfect moment.

So, it was that they did not see Dolohov as he frantically scrambled across the ground towards his wand, did not see Belliatrix Lestrange appear from the middle of the battle grounds. Not once did they register the presence of the deatheaters as they raised their wands, and pointed together at the couple lost to anything but each other. And, most importantly of all, in that moment they were never aware of the green death that flew towards them, driven by people whose hearts were filled with mindless hate. For in that moment, there was no hatred, no battle, no death, nothing but the purity and joy to be found in two people entwined mind, body and soul.