Just a quick first chapter. Warning: Language.


Bella glanced around nervously, checking to see if the hallway was clear. She quietly slipped into the school, unnoticed and very, very soaked. The rain outside pitter-pattered and slid down the windows in sheets, just like many other days in Forks, Washington.

The hallway was loud, but Bella could hear nothing but her own heart beating wildly. Another day, another challenge.

"Hey, Bella." A voice startled her from her reverie and she lightly jumped around to face the one person she hated most.

"Fuck off, Cullen," she spat, glaring at him with every ounce of loathing she had.

"Ooh, someone's feisty today. Whatever caused this terrible mood?" His words slipped out of his lips like velvet and she shivered, involuntarily.

Unfortunately, this did not go unnoticed. He chuckled and gently brushed his finger up her arm. Damn body betrayed her again and her heart sped up.

"I know," he murmured, "the effect I have on you."

"You don't know anything," she whispered, crossing her arms across herself protectively.

"Oh, but I do, really. You're my favorite torture target. I picked you. Out of all the people in this entire school, you just happen to be my favorite." He laughed again and shoved her into the lockers, flipping his golden brown hair as he passed.

"Ow," she muttered to herself, rubbing her shoulder. "Fucking Edward Cullen."


The day passed uneventfully for Bella and she took her normal seat at the empty table in the back of the cafeteria. It was always the same. The rude whispers, the ignorant comments. No one understood. They never would.

All they cared about were the Cullens. The Cullen family was obviously the wealthiest family in Forks, and no one was prouder of that fact than Edward Cullen himself. Always egotistical and eager to brag about his good fortune, he usually resorted to tormenting Bella to show his superiority. And since most of the school was smitten with Edward, they mostly took to hurting Bella as well.

But why Edward bullied her was something no one knew. Why he tortured her daily was something she could never understand.

Bella was in her own world of thoughts before she heard a high-pitched sound coming from behind her.

"Hey, slut, what are you doing looking at Edward?"

Bella was shocked, but realized she had indeed been staring off at the Cullen table for a good ten minutes. She blushed deeply and whipped her head back to stare at Lauren.

"Uuhh, I-I," she stuttered, at a loss for words.

"Yeah," Lauren said, "That's what I thought. Go back to where you came from, whore."

Bella nodded absently.

"Hey! Is she even listening to us?" Another voice chimed in, one of Lauren's posse no doubt.

"I don't think she is even hearing a word you're saying!"

Lauren looked again at Bella, who was once more in her own world.

"Hey, bitch." This caught Bella's attention and she glanced up. A loud smack rung though the cafeteria and Bella clutched her now red cheek, tears pricking her eyes.

Bella repeated the same words she said to Edward that very morning. "Fuck off, Lauren."

The cafeteria was now silent. A low murmur spread like fire amongst the people watching. Lauren whipped her head around and bore her eyes into Bella's.

"Excuse me?" She uttered in a deadly tone. "What did you say?"

Bella could feel her palms become sweaty and she swallowed, gathering all the courage she had left. "I said: Fuck. Off."

"You bitch!" Lauren frantically grabbed Bella's arm and pushed her to the ground. The cafeteria buzzed and Lauren thrived on the spotlight. She kicked Bella in the stomach and spat on her face.

Edward watched the chaos ensue. He laughed when Bella was on the ground and wanted so desperately to join in, but knew this was a girl fight.

"Never tell me to fuck off again, Bella Swan. You're a friendless, worthless human being. You dare talk back to me again and I will make sure that's the last thing you ever do."

Bella closed her eyes and tried not to let the tears flow. It was like this everyday, but she would never let them see her cry. Crying was for the weak, she was always told. And Bella Swan was never weak.


Not really sure what this was. I have wanted to write something like this for a while, but never got the guts to come about an issue like this. Tell me what you think, please. :] I'll try and update as soon as I have the chance.