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This is the final chapter, I think.

I woke. Suprise, suprise.

Only this time it was different. I opened my eyes. It was bright, and I could see a figure moving above me. They were adjusting an IV drip which was supplying a clear liquid.

The figure spoke; "She's stable. Heart rate, blood pressure all normal. You can come down now. " I recognised his voice. Surely not? He moved away, and another figure approached. I couldn't make out any details, but something about them was familiar. Another voice spoke up – the person in front of me.

"Okay." His voice I recognised also, I just couldn't figure out where from. "I need you to confirm a few things before we proceed. First, can you confirm your name is Rachel Anne Jones?"

"No, my name is Georgina Anne Humphrys." I was confused at the question. Why not get me to confirm my real name?

"Right. Can you confirm that your parents are Michael and Sophie Jones?"

"No. My parents are Michael and Sophie Humphrys." I was really confused now.

"Date of birth, 19/4/1903?"

"No." Why did this guy think I was born back then?


"Date of birth, 19/4/1992."

"Right." I knew he wasn't talking to me anymore. He turned to someone. "You were right. Her memories have been altered. You know what to do."

The other voice spoke up again. "What level?"

"She has some old memories. They were sloppy, they didn't think we'd notice. Level 8, say."

"Level 8? That's only a couple of days."

"Trust me, Rachel's only been like that for a few days. I suspected it from the blood sample, but I wanted to confirm."

"What if we're wrong? We don't want to overdose her by trying again and again. You know what happened last time."

"Do it." His voice was steely now. "She's been implanted with fake memories, and I CANNOT risk her real ones. Now do it!"

"Fine." The other guy walked back over. "Okay. Now we need your full co-operation for this to work. I'm going to give you a new IV to take your fake memories away, but first I need to implement a slight virus to get rid of the original liquid. It'll be painful, but it'll only take a few hours, and I can give you a sedative. Is that all alright with you?"

"What fake memories? Are you trying to say that everything I know is false? All my experiences? Are you trying to say I made up all the Doctor's adventures the split second I met him? That my life isn't real? That Ross wasn't real?"

The other man had run over by this point. "What did you say about the Doctor? Tell me, I need to know."

"I met him a few days ago. I thought I was going mad because he's off a TV show, you see, but then he was telling me that he was real. Why do you want to know anyway? Who ARE you?"

"A TV show? I knew it." He turned to the guy holding the IV. "Her memories have been altered so that she's forgotten some event, or series of. She thinks that they occurred in a TV show and not to her. And it's been done very precisely." He looked back to me. "Okay, I need you to answer some questions about this Doctor."

"Not until you tell me who you are. What is your name?" He didn't look willing, but he answered anyway.

"Captain Jack Harkness."

The end!! But, not to worry, it will be continued in a Torchwood fic, which is currently unnamed.

For the record, Rachel is a past Torchwood agent, who was frozen and was brought back, but while she was frozen her memories were altered.