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Chapter 1: After the Wedding!

Sasuke's carrying me upstairs in our, mansion I lived in.

We finally got to be together at three in the morning when Karin and Suigetsu left after helping us clean up.

"Sakura, do you think we can...?" Sasuke asked suggestively.

"Sure!" I said.

We woke up at three in the afternoon the next day, completely naked...(yes, naughty thoughts!)

Sasuke was still asleep, and I knew he wouldn't wake up until another hour. I didn't feel like getting out of bed yet, so I started thinking.

Why am I so happy about marriage anyway? The last time I checked, I hated him! I screamed in my head.

Ouch, headache...

This would be figured out later, because I have a huge headache right now and I don't feel like thinking.

"Sakura, are you awake yet?"

No Sasuke, I'm not, because sleeping people just seem to open their eyes and blink constantly, I thought to myself.

"Yeah, I'm awake," I mumbled. I didn't like the way Sasuke's face contorted, looking really sad now.

"Do you regret what happened last night? And, well, getting married again?" he asked, looking scared now.

"No, Sasuke, because a single woman just wants to be picked up off the ground and brought to an altar to get married. We vertically challenged people are down-to-earth, you know?" I joked.

"So you do regret it?"

"I never said that, Sasuke-kun. Although I do think that thngs are too fast for my taste. Can we slow it down a bit?" I asked.

"Why don't you regret it? I thought you would...All that worrying for nothing!"

Great, so you just completely ignore my questions, huh?

"Sasuke, when people experience true heartbreak and not just a breakup, I think they regret it, even if they're mad at the person...I guess that's one way of finding love, right?"

"That sounds reasonable. But what if it's only pity?"

What is he doing, asking late questions?

"It's not. I guess I can tell true love from crush. I've had two other boyfriends, too." I felt awkward around him now, finally fully awake and remembering what happened last night.

"I see. So you're not going to back out of this and run away like last time, right?"

"Right. Sasuke, how did you know that you loved me? I know it wasn't heartbreak," I scoffed playfully and fake punched him in the shoulder.

"Actually, that was just a part of it. The other part was love at first sight, I'm positive."

He smirked at me, and that was a signal that said "No more questions until later."

We stayed in bed for another hour, still hugging and kissing...again.

A loud bang came from the door, and an annoying voice was heard.


Sigh, Naruto...

"We're coming, dobe," Sasuke mumbled.

Someone was pissed off.

"OK!" Naruto screamed.

"We'll keep doing this until I get at least fifteen children..."Sasuke mumbled to me.

The door unlocked (somehow) and Naruto stepped in, looking proud that he had picked the lock.

Then, the expression changed to disgust as he saw that we were both nude...


"Dobe, you do it with Hinata, too. I thought you said you knew what we were doing...?"

"! Well, you see-" he stuttered.

"Great, get out dobe."

Naruto high-tailed it out of here, and Sasuke continued to smirk at me.

"We're still gonna have fifteen children, Sakura-chan."

Great...wait, WHAT?!

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