Emmett buys a puppy

Emmett POV

(Takes place after Breaking Dawn.)

I walked into the little pet store at the mall. I had no idea why they would put a pet store in a mall, but whatever. Oh. If Alice saw me going to the mall without her, I was in trouble. Crap.

I pushed those thoughts aside for now and went to press my nose against the glass window outside of the puppies' room. They were so cute! There were so many, all running around in different directions. Two of them were fighting over a knotted rope, playing tug-of-war with their little, shiny white teeth.

A small, light brown and white Yorkshire terrier stopped and stared up at me. His face was the perfect example of a sad puppy face. It took me a moment to realize what his emotion was, then it hit me. He was lonely. I knew what I need to do.

I walked over to the counter to a young women in her mid-twenties. She jumped as she realized I was waiting, not hearing my footsteps. She looked at my face and enormous muscles, and was "dazzled" as Eddie and Bella liked to put it.

"U, u, uh… can I help you?" She stuttered.

"I wanna buy a puppy." I told her matter-of-factly, my voice creeping with excitement.

"Oh, ok. Let's go have you pick one out."

"Oh, I know which one I want."

She was taken aback, but led me to the puppy room.

"Which one would you like?" She asked as she opened the door and let me in.

"That one." I said, pointing to the little puppy that was once again staring up at me.

"Ok." She picked up the puppy and gave him to me to hold.

He was so soft. His fur was like silk and he smelled so sweet, in a non-food way. He smiled up at me instead of his sad face. It made my silent heart melt. I needed him just like I needed Rosalie. Oh crap. I'm so glad she didn't hear me think that. I'd be dead. I'd have to make sure I didn't think about that near Eddie.

"I'll take him!" I told the saleswomen, her flinching at the excitement in my voice.

"Ok. Let me get you a carrier and the supplies you will need. You can stay here and play with him."

"Kay!" She left to let me alone with my puppy.

As she was getting the supplies, I thought over names. He needed a name that showed he was strong, but still a cutie-pie. Hercules was strong, but not soft. Pansy was soft, but not strong enough. Hmmm, what name would fit? I ran over hundreds of more names in my head. A few more names later, I had it! Tuffy! It was soft on the outside, but strong when you looked at the full meaning of the word. It was perfect!

The saleswoman came back a couple of minutes later with her arms full. She had a blue leash and matching collar, a gray carrier, a fluffy green and white bed, two silver food and water bowls, and two bags of dry dog food. She set them down on the bench and looked back at me.

"Do you have any ideas for names?" She asked me, while she was putting a small cushion on the inside of the carrier. She took Tuffy from me, and laid him carefully inside the carrier. She slipped the collar around his neck and carefully shut the door. She put the rest of the supplies in a larger paper bag, and led me to the registers.

"Tuffy!" I told her proudly.

"Well, that is a very nice name. All of your supplies are here. The puppy- er, Tuffy- is already trained, but he can't do tricks yet. You must feed him three times a day, and let him out whenever he needs to go. You should be able to figure out his habits fairly quickly." She added the total together quickly, and I paid with my credit card.

When she was about to talk again, her expression changed. It was flirty. I held in laughter. "So, uh, do you have a girlfriend?" She asked in a sugar-sweet voice while twirling a piece of her brown hair around her finger.

"Actually, I'm married." I told her, still trying to hold in my chuckles.

Her expression dropped and she said, "Oh." In a rejected voice. I was rolling in laughter on the inside.

"Good luck with, er, Tuffy." She told me, trying to sound convincing, and so not succeeding. She handed me Tuffy and his supplies, and I quickly exited the little pet store.

I walked swiftly, but still human, to my Jeep. I got some strange looks by the other mall-goers. They saw my huge muscled body, and teeny Tuffy, and were flabbergasted. They could tell by my huge smile that the puppy was mine, and not a gift for someone.

I placed Tuffy in the front seat, and strapped the multi-buckle seat belt around him. I wouldn't want my little Tuffy getting hurt! I quickly hopped in, and sped home.

Once I got home, I quickly parked in the garage before heading into the main house to show our family the newest addition.

I threw the door open and screamed, "HI!" and everyone jumped. Eddie-Pooh was frustrated for me blocking my thoughts, so he had no idea what was going on. Haha. After they recovered, I cleared my throat and told them my news.

"I have an announcement to make! We have a new addition to the Cullen family!"

They all exchanged looks with their partners, then looked back at me.

"Meet Tuffy!" I exclaimed proudly, pulling him out from behind my back.

My entire families mouths dropped open.