Chapter 52

We may be crazy, but we are family

Esme POV

I sat down on the couch after talking to Nessie until she fell asleep. I stayed another moment to watch her sleep. She is so peaceful, with no worries evident in her expression. She looked so beautiful, possibly even more beautiful than when she was awake if possible.

Carlisle kissed my cheek before going upstairs to his office to do some work. Our vacation had left him a good amount of work to be done, not adding to the fact the stress of the house. I smiled and clicked on the television. I usually don't watch television except for a few favorite shows. It was really just background noise, but I kept it low to not wake Nessie.

Coco and Bentley came running up their little path into the main house. About three feet behind them on the dirt path was Tuffy and Amira running after their babies. Coco came in first, beating Bentley in the race it looked like they were having. Coco slowed down as she came inside, and smiled her funny, sharp teeth filled smile. The light sun glistened off of her teeth and made sparkles off the glare of the glass wall. She hoped up on the couch and lay down next to me, her head on my left leg. Bentley followed her up, not using his flying power.

He curled up into the pillow next to my right leg, and was asleep almost as soon as his small furry head hit the white pillow. Coco looked at him until he was asleep, and then she crawled over my lap and curled up next to him. Amira and Tuffy- always in sync- hopped onto the couch and the exact same second. Tuffy barked a high-pitch bark and stood up with his front paws propped on my leg. I laughed and rubbed the back of his head. He hopped down and lay down with his head on my leg, and Amira also laid her head on my leg, now facing Tuffy. She laid the inside of her hand on top of the inside of Tuffy's. It was kinda like the two of them were holding hands, or paws in their case.

As I looked at Tuffy and Amira perfectly content and as I looked at Coco and Bentley sleeping happily, I smiled at how crazy of a family we were.

First, to start everything off, Emmett decides to buy a dog. Of course we all thought he was crazy- I'm not sure if any of us have ever thought different. He was bringing a living breathing animal into a house of vampires that live off of animal blood. It was most definitely a little crazy, if not a lot crazy.

But as Tuffy stayed for a few days, we all grew to love him. Of course we then had Jasper and his 'hunting mishap' causing our little Tuffy to be turned into probably the first ever vampire puppy. That was where Rosalie's name for Jacob as 'the mutt' came from. The puppies got offended when she said 'the dog'.

Anyways, Emmett's divided attention eventually got the best of Rosalie's jealousy, and she got Amira.

And after some…'bonding time'…between Tuffy and Amira, we came to have a vampire Amira and two beautiful half-vampire, half-puppy babies- Coco and Bentley.

We then had the 'Barbie Girl' incident with the messenger from Kalamawazza, and Angela becoming a mayor of that town that apparently likes old English. I grew up in those times, and even I don't like old English. I mean really, what is up with it?

So besides the vacation and the usual crazy adventures, everything has gone pretty smoothly. Sure, that wouldn't exactly be the 'normal' family events to happen, but for vampires it was pretty dang plain.

Of course, we were still pretty crazy. In what other family would the song 'Barbie Girl' causing everyone to break out in laughter and another man to run off screaming for his life? There was also the water gun fight where Carlisle was soaked by Emmett, with the girls' guns filled with lemonade that made the entire outside of the house sticky and gross for a couple weeks until we had enough soap to clean it off.

As if to prove my point, Rosalie came running down the stairs in a full black outfit. She was equipped with goggles and a Nerf gun. She sprinted out the back door. Emmett came flying down the stairs dressed similarly. He fired outside the open window and he cussed when he missed.

I shook my head at him. He smiled his goofy smile and came over to me. He rubbed Tuffy and Amira's heads until a single Nerf dart came through and landed on Emmett's upper arm. Rosalie appeared in the doorway the next second.

"I win," She smiled smugly and bolted up the stairs. Emmett started firing up the stairs after Rosalie. His eyes all of a sudden got really wide, and he bolted out the side door.

Carlisle came down the stairs with his fists tightly clenched. The entire front of his shirt was covered in neon orange Nerf darts. I threw my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. A few giggles escaped, but I was doing better than Emmett and Rosalie. Emmett was in hysterics from his place on one of the branches outside. Rosalie was at the top of the stairs clutching her sides.

He walked slowly over to me, and I began helping him remove the darts from his shirt. Emmett came in when he was completely cleared of darts.

"Carlisle, I'm so s--" Emmett tried to apologize, but a weird clicking sound interrupted him. Rosalie fired two shots at his turned back. He turned around and fired two shots at her, but missed as she ran away. "Sorry!" He yelled back to Carlisle as he bolted up the stairs after her.

Carlisle sighed and sat down next to me. He took my hand and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

"We may be crazy," He said.

"But we are family." I finished. He smiled and leaned over to kiss me tenderly on the lips.

The End

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