Code Geass: RE R

Chapter 1: The Day a Demon Died

Lelouch vi Britannia...a name that often led to conflicting emotions. In some, it struck fear and hopelessness. created hope for a brighter future. These hopeful were known as the Japanese. Many years ago, on August 10, 2010, the empire known as the Holy Britannian Empire conquested the island of Japan. There, the Japanese were considered barbarians and animals. Their names were even taken away and replaced with a number - Eleven.

Lelouch vi Brittania was a former Britannian prince, who was exiled, along with his sister Nunnally, to Japan. There, he became friends with young warrior Suzaku Kururugi. Eventually, when Britannia conquested Japan, the two became separated. Lelouch left Suzaku with a few final words,

"I swear Suzaku, one day...I will obliterate Britannia!"

As Lelouch grew older, he and Nunnally stayed at and attended Ashford Academy, where they took on the surname Lamperouge. No one except the Ashfords knew of Lelouch's royal lineage. Lelouch continued to despise Britannia, but could not do anything about it until one day.

In an incident that occured in the Shinjuku Ghetto, Lelouch met a mysterious woman- C.C. This woman gave Lelouch 'the power of the kings', or Geass. With Geass, Lelouch was able to command anyone, except C.C., to do anything. With this new power, Lelouch donned a mask and called himself 'Zero', a crusader who fought for the Japanese. As Zero, Lelouch created a new order called the Order of the Black Knights, a group of people dedicated to destroying Britannia.

As Lelouch continued his efforts, his relationships with his loved ones strained. After Suzaku betrayed Lelouch and handed him over to Emperor Charles zi Britannia, Nunnally was taken away from Lelouch. Eventually, Lelouch's identity as Zero was made public to the Black Knights, who consequently betrayed him. Believing that there was only one thing left to do, Lelouch attempted to kill his father, the Emperor. With help from C.C. and Suzaku, after reconciling with him, Lelouch was able to do so. Thus, Lelouch donned the crown and became the 99th Emperor of Britannia.

All people, even the Black Knights, saw Lelouch as a tyrant ruler. Only C.C. and Suzaku stayed by his side. However, it was actually Lelouch's plan to have everybody hate him. If Lelouch were to be killed and disappear, peace would be achieved. Lelouch was willing to die a martyr; he was willing to die thinking himself to be the destroyer and creator of worlds. And so proceeded his plan for his own death. During the supposed execution of the Black Knights and the U.F.N. leaders, Lelouch ordered Suzaku to dress as Zero. Zero then fulfilled the deed by striking Emperor Lelouch through the heart with a sword.

With the tyrant Lelouch gone, the world could finally be at peace. The world would no longer focus on war, but reconstruction instead. Suzaku has continued to be Zero, and C.C. continues looking for someone who could finally fulfill her wish, and help her to truly reunite with Lelouch. Geass...helped make the world a better place.


Date: August 10, 2020 a.t.b.

The world's superpowers are no longer at conflict with one another. Area 11 is now known as Japan once again. The Britannian Empire remains under the control of Empress Nunnally vi Britannia, with Suzaku-Zero and Schneizel el Britannia at her side. Kallen Stadtfeld, operator of the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements. Milly Ashford remains a goofy weatherwoman. Jeremiah Gottwald, when not working in the government, helps to cultivate orange trees. C.C. has just recently come back to Ashford Academy, not having found another person to fulfill her contract yet.

The man watched C.C. at the gates of Ashford Academy. He watched as she began walking to the back of Ashford Academy. He followed her.

C.C. was now at the garden at the back of Ashford Academy. At the very center of this garden, was a gravestone. This gravestone read:

Here lies Lelouch vi Britannia

99th Emperor of Britannia


C.C. touched the gravestone. She smiled. " this is where Suzaku and Nunnally decided to bury your body."

C.C. put a rose on Lelouch's gravestone. She then left.

The man watched C.C. as she left. He then went over to the gravestone where the true Zero laid.

"Lelouch vi Britannia...the one who destroyed a world at war, and created a new world at peace..."

He knelt down to the gravestone. He glared at the words on the stone as if they were blasphemy.

"You were a fool, Britannia. You had the legendary power of Geass. You could have conquered the world. Instead, you orchestrated your own death to save the world. If I had that power, I wouldn't have hesitated at all. I would have ruled with an iron fist!"

The man stood up. He looked at the stone again. "My promise...the promise he gave me that one day, that I would rule the shall be fulfilled."

The man took off his sunglasses. Under them, he revealed a pair of Geass sigils in his eyes. He looked at the gravestone one more time. Suddenly, the dirt and the stone on Lelouch's grave began to shake.

"I will correct your mistake! Lelouch vi Britannia, Order of the Black Knights's Leader, and 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire..."

The gravestone began violently shaking, as if something was going to come out.