Chapter 9: Calendar Girl, August Through November

A/N: Little snippets of time during Lorelai and Katie's first year in Stars Hollow. The song won't match up in the rhymes 'cause it doesn't follow the calendar year. Some of the months will be very short.

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(August) When you're on the beach you steal the show…

They had decided to go to the Stars Hollow swimming hole – yes, there was a pond that was safe enough to swim in – for a little relaxation. Lorelai decided to wear a one-piece suit because she wasn't satisfied that she had gotten back her pre-baby figure yet. Sookie didn't mind because she knew that baby or not, Lorelai was a knockout, and if she wore a bikini, any girl with her would be invisible. Mia didn't bother with a suit since she couldn't stay long; too many things to do at the inn.

Everything was going along swimmingly – pun intended – until Katie got her hands on one of the lemon drops the girls brought for a treat and stuck it in her mouth. Less than a minute later, she began to choke. Fortunately, both Sookie and Lorelai had taken CPR for children – the former because of her volunteer work, and the latter because she was afraid something like this would happen.

Kirk ran to call an ambulance. Then, with Mia calmly directing them, Lorelai swept Katie's mouth with her finger, but didn't dislodge the candy. Then she put Katie face down on her forearm, with her head lower than her chest. She used her hand to support Katie's chin, keeping her arm resting on her thigh. Sookie double-checked to make sure Katie's mouth was clear and that her neck was straight.

Nervously, Lorelai struck Katie's back between the shoulder blades with the heel of her other hand. Once…twice…three times… On the fourth slap, the candy fell out onto the blanket, and Katie started crying. Everyone else joined in out of relief that she was okay.

When the paramedics arrived ten minutes later, they commended the girls on staying calm – which sparked a comment by Taylor that all adults should learn CPR and the Heimlich maneuver for adults and children. He decided to make it the main topic for the next town meeting. Whether or not it was really necessary for all the adults of Stars Hollow to know, seeing Katie go blue was enough of a visual wake up call for them not to fight him on it. They even went a step further and had a first aid for babysitters class set up at the high school every three months.

(September) Light the candles at your Sweet Sixteen…

"Mama, 'ook!" Katie demanded, pointing to Lorelai's used college text book. The young mother had just signed up for two night school classes that met on Monday and Thursday nights. It would take longer to finish, but she didn't want to be away from Katie anymore than two nights.

Lorelai shook her head, guessing that her baby wouldn't really be interested in freshman English or philosophy. "Those are mommy's grown up books. They aren't for babies."

If there had been any doubt that Katie was Lorelai's daughter, the half-scowl/half-pout that appeared on her little face wiped them away. "Mama, 'ook!" she cried again, then followed it up with a sniffle-y sound.

Sighing, Lorelai caved, saying, "Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you." She grabbed her English book and Katie, then sat down on a love seat from the inn that Mia gave her after replacing it with a different style in one of the reading rooms. "Ready? Okay, here goes… The art of fiction. Fiction – from the Latin…"

Oddly enough, Katie never acted as if she didn't like the 'stories' that Lorelai would read to her. As an added bonus, it helped Lorelai remember what she read since she read it out loud. After that, they made it a nightly ritual to read from Lorelai's schoolbooks. If Katie still wanted a story after that, they would pull out the Dr. Seuss books.

(October) Romeo and Juliet on Halloween…

As expected, there was a town festival to celebrate Halloween. Lorelai had a devil of a time coming up with costumes for her and Katie, but then she got inspiration from the movie Sookie gave them for Katie's birthday earlier that month.

Before going to the festival, they stopped in to see Luke at the diner. He took one look at them and asked, "What the hell are you supposed to be?"

Shocked that he didn't recognize them, Lorelai didn't even give him grief about swearing in front of Katie. "You've never seen 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'? That's just wrong, Luke! This weekend you're gonna have to come over and watch with us."

She put Katie down so they could stand side-by-side in their matching white bib overalls and brown shirts. They looked bizarre with their green-dyed hair and orange skin. "Katie, sweetie…what are we?" Lorelai asked.

Katie smiled proudly and declared, "Oompa-oompa!"

Rubbing his forehead to stave off the impending headache that would come after he asked the question, Luke bravely inquired, "What is an oompa-oompa?"

"Actually, we're oompa-loompas," Lorelai corrected. "They're the people who make the candy in the chocolate factory. Whenever one of the children taking the tour would misbehave, they'd have a little song that they'd sing."

As soon as she said the words, Katie started singing the song – or at least her version of it – and tried dancing, but ended up on her bottom. It didn't stop her from chirping the song, though. Luke would have complained, but all the customers in the diner were cooing over the small girl. Plus, he thought she was pretty damn cute – but he wouldn't admit it for all the coffee in Columbia.

(November) I'll give thanks that you belong to me…

When Thanksgiving rolled around, Lorelai was stunned to realize that she had been in Stars Hollow for nearly a year. She left the Gilmore mansion the weekend after Thanksgiving to make a better life for herself and Katie. There was tons to be thankful for this year, and the thought made her smile.

She wasn't the only one who knew about the anniversary. Sookie and Mia had a little party planned to go along with the inn's holiday meal. Even they were surprised at one of the guests, though.

"Hello, your honor," Mia greeted the judge who presided over Lorelai's emancipation hearing. While her tone was friendly, she was wary of the woman's presence.

Judge Kardon must have recognized the unease in the room because of her. She reassured them all, "I'm here in a strictly non-official capacity. I just wanted to see how Lorelai was doing; she was pretty impressive in my courtroom last spring."

Swallowing her own fear, Lorelai brought Katie over to say hi. Once that was done, they sat down for the meal, and the judge was put next to Lorelai so they could talk semi-privately about how things were going.

When she heard that Lorelai was only taking two classes at a time, the judge was concerned that it was finances holding her back, but Lorelai quickly explained, "I don't want to get overwhelmed with work, Katie and school. Besides, most of the money we get from the child support is going towards Katie's college fund. We can get by on the money I earn, and if we need a little extra for a doctor's visit or something, I take some of the child support money to cover it. We're doing pretty good in my opinion."

Impressed at the teenager's sense of responsibility, Judge Kardon smiled at her. "Looking at Katie, it's clear she's not suffering. I'm not sure how much a virtual stranger's opinion counts, but I'm proud of the way you've handled things, Lorelai."

Much later, after everyone had gone home or back to their rooms, Lorelai cuddled with her baby girl back in the shed. A song came on the oldies station which made her smile. When the chorus began, she joined in, singing to her smiling Katie:

Yeah, yeah, my heart's in a whirl
I love, I love, I love my little calendar girl
Every day (every day), every day (every day) of the year
(Every day of the year)

A/N: Heimlich info from http:/firstaid. webmd. com/tc/choking-rescue-procedure-heimlich-maneuver-baby-younger-than-1-year.

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