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Summary: Veronica finally knows what she wants, but a secret from the past is about to cause trouble for our favorite tiny blonde detective and her friends. This is a LoVe story with some MaDi. Because in my mind there is no other option.


If you are a new reader I hope you enjoy this fic. Its is post series and the first 10 chapters revolve around an alternate series of events from season 2, but it is not AU. The event is something that could have happened between or during episodes, everything else from that season stands.
For those of you that read this story the first time, the only real changes are in regards to time, and they mostly happen in this chapter and the epilogue. But there are a few other subtle changes to the story.

This fic begins with a little bit of back-story and set up and then kicks off about a month after the series finale, so around mid to late June of 2007.
chapters 1, 2 and 4 have dueling point of views. And the first 10 revolve around the alternate event from season 2 after that the format becomes a little more normal.

I don't own Veronica Mars, but I wish I did, because if I did, there would have been a happy ending.

-Epic- a long series of events characterized by adventures or struggle.

Epic is how Logan described us once. This is what he expected us to live up to.

However, he said it a little differently. In our epic story the adventures led to ruined lives and bloodshed, they spanned years and continents and when I asked him if a relationship should be that hard, he replied that no one writes songs about the ones that come easy.

Logan, my epically declared on again off again love. We are crazy together but crazier apart. I guess you could say that when we are together, we even each other out. He is the love of my life and even though I haven't told him yet, deep down I think he knows. And deep down I know that someday, I'll be able to tell him.

But before I get ahead of myself lets get back to the beginning, or the middle, or the end, depending on how you choose to look at things.

First off I need to refer to the moment in the cafeteria with myself, Logan, and Piz. The look said it all but just to clarify, Piz and I split up that night. He said he knew that he would never be the winner in this fight, he just couldn't compete with what was going on between Logan and I. And as much as I wanted to tell him he was wrong, I couldn't, because I would have been lying to myself and him.

I didn't run straight into Logan's arms though. I knew in that exact moment of unspoken communication in the cafeteria that he was my past, present, and future, but I wasn't ready for him yet. I couldn't be with him till I was finally ready to give all of myself and that was exactly what I told him that night when I went to see him.

He had looked at me with more hope and love in his eyes than I had ever seen before, pulled me into his arms, kissed me and said he'd wait till the end of the world for me, and I knew he would.

When I left, I turned back to him and told him that he was it for me, no one else would ever compare. All he did was smile, tell me he loved me and that he'd be there when I was ready.

When I walked out the open door, Dick was standing in the hallway. He just stood there and stared at me for a few seconds before he finally spoke.

"Ronnie, I know that sometimes I say things to hurt you and I'll admit that I used to do it intentionally, but I only did it for Logan. I was just waiting for you to rip his heart out again. But I realized something when I saw that tape and the reaction he had to it. The two of you are the template for every love story ever written and I won't intrude on that anymore." And with that he turned and walked through the door leaving me alone in the hall.

I just stood there shocked, partly from confusion over the uncharacteristically intelligent words Dick had just uttered, but mostly because I realized that my life from that point on would never be the same.

Who knew how right I was.

I left the polls the next day having voted for my father and hoping for the best, but as always, expecting the worst. Unfortunately my expectations were realized accordingly, my dad lost the election, despite the deal I made with Jake Kane.

That was my cue to unravel his world, so I called Nish with the go ahead for the article on the Castle, needless to say, she was thrilled. As I got off the phone with her, I realized that she had the only hard copy of my proof, I hoped that they wouldn't get to her before she could print the info. I didn't have to worry too much because two days later the story was printed and the press was having a field day.

I'd hoped it was over, an eye for an eye and such, but I should have known better.

A couple days later, after a particularly rough final exam, I returned home to my small apartment and laid down for a nap when my phone began to ring. Not recognizing the number I chose not to answer it.

I can honestly say that I hadn't seen it coming. The voice mail that was left brought me back to reality, I had lost my internship at the FBI.

I knew the Castle had played a part in it, but the worst part, was the reason that they gave me; someone had sent them the link to my video.

Wonderful, now half the FBI has seen me intimately indisposed with a man I didn't even love.

With nowhere to go and nothing to do, I spent the next couple weeks helping my dad with his cases. After losing the election his clientele at Mars Investigations seemed to sky rocket and my presence was needed more than ever. And when I wasn't working on a case, I was spending time with Wallace and Mac.

Parker had stopped talking to Mac after her and Logan broke up so Mac had been staying on our couch. And since Wallace was leaving for Africa soon, he had put together a makeshift bed on our living room floor. The three of us were nearly inseparable.

As for Logan, I called him everyday just to reiterate how I felt. Among everything else at least the two of us were heading towards a real future.

It was during one of my weekly movie nights with Mac and Wallace, which lately had turned into a nightly occurrence due to the living situation, that Mac shocked the hell out of both of us.

"Soooo, Dick tried to kiss me, you know, on the beach that day."

"What!" Wallace and I both responsed incredulously.

"Um yeah, and then again a few days later."

"What!" Our vocabularies seemed to be lost to us at the moment.

"And then…..I kind of let him" I think it's safe to say that we were both in shock by that point and our lack of comment is hard proof of that fact.

"He might have asked me out….more than once. And um, I might have said yes….like, every time." When neither of us responded she continued. "And I know it's weird but he seems so... different when we are together. I mean, he seems normal and caring, even sweet." We both continued to just stare at her not knowing how to respond. "So anyways I guess that what I'm trying to say is, um…that… well… I'm kind of dating Dick."

And you know what? It made sense. I hadn't been able to figure out why Dick had been so nice lately, or why Mac had seemed so distracted every time the phone rang. Now I knew and not knowing what else to say, I just blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "I knew I saw a pig flying over my car yesterday, and here I thought that I was just having paranoid delusions of flying pork."

Mac gave me a dirty look and Wallace just laughed.

"Well say what you will, but your pork centered delusions having no bearing on my relationship with Dick. I'm happy and I was hoping you would be happy for me as well."

"We are happy for you." Offered Wallace in an attempt to ease the tension. "We're just a little…surprised. I mean Dick? He's not the first person that would have come to mind. Hell, he's not even the 21st. But girl, if you're happy, we're happy. Right V?"

The question was punctuated with an elbow in my side and I responded quickly and with a smile. "What ever floats your boat Mac Attack."

After the Dick related revelation they turned they're attention back to the movie, but I was too distracted. If Dick and Mac could make a relationship work, then why was I wasting more precious time with Logan? We had already wasted so much of it.

Without saying a word I got up and grabbed my keys, completely forgetting to acknowledge my two very confused friends as I walked out the door and headed to my car.

I drove straight to The Grand, parked my car and made a beeline for Logan's suite.

When I reached his door and knocked I could hear voices inside and I waited for Logan or Dick to answer the door. When it a few seconds later Logan stood before me with a smile the size of Texas, and enough passion in his eyes to fuel every love scene ever written. And in return I looked up at him with both anticipation and longing evident in my face.

I was so distracted by him that it took me a few moments to realize that he wasn't alone at the door.

Standing by his legs was a small, blond haired toddler and as I looked past her, I saw someone that I knew would inevitably ruin all of my plans for a steamy reunion with Logan that night.

Duncan Kane was sitting on Logan's couch.

I looked at Logan, who just smiled and when I turned my gaze towards Duncan he smiled at me as well, but hesitantly.

"What are you doing here?" I asked as I followed Logan into the room.

"I need your help." Duncan replied.

Being aware of Duncan's past feelings for me, I reached up and kissed Logan with every fiber of my being. I was making it clear to Duncan that help was all he would be getting, if I would even be giving him that. And as Logan and I parted he whispered to me that he loved me and I responded by taking his hand.

I turned back to a surprised looking Duncan and asked him what he needed my help with.

"I need you to help me find someone. It's important, I'm not here to disrupt your life or get in the way of things." He said the last part while staring straight at mine and Logan's joined hands and I wasn't so sure I believed him. "It's just that you were my last resort"

"Who? Who could be that important? Who would you risk returning to Neptune to find Duncan?" I asked even though I had a sneaking suspicion that I already knew the answer.

He stood up and walked towards us and stopping directly in front of myself and Logan, he picked up the little girl that still stood by Logan's legs and spoke.

"Meg. I need you to help me find Meg."

Logan shifted uncomfortably and I replied curtly. "Meg is dead Duncan."

He looked me straight in the eyes. "No Veronica, She's alive."

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