Disclaimer: I do not own any part or characters associated with DC comics.

I believe an introduction and an explanation of how this story came about is in order. I have followed fic for quite awhile and have enjoyed it and never once had the intention of writing anything of my own. One day while walking back from class I got an idea for a scene in my head and as I was mulling it over I relealized I wish someone would write it. Well it only took me a few seconds to realize that my idea would forever stay in my head unless I did the actual writing myself. So with initial reluctance I decided to sit down and see what happened when I started typing, and well the following story is a direct product of that writing. I would like to remind everyone this is my first fic ever so not all the bells and whistles may be present due to me not knowing what the heck I am doing with this website.

Now to summarize this story is going to be the first part of a series (that is if everyone likes it) that deals with BM/WW. I have always seen relationships and how great ones involve two people becoming better people through their interactions with one another, so I decided that I would write a story about that. Overall the theme is mainly concerns BM and WW with other characters really only being plot devices (as of now may change in the future). Specifically, the theme of the story is growth and how Batman and Wonder Woman make each other into better people through their interactions. I will warn that the characters may seem a bit Out of Character and that I am doing this purposely. Batman will be very inhuman while in costume to an excess, while Wonder Woman will be distrusting of men, naive, and very skeptical of the modern world. My main goal is to show how they bring the best out of each other and help one another overcome their faults. The characters I write are not what you see in the cartoons or comic books, but I have not taken them to far to the extreme where they are completely unlikable (thanks to my beta reader for that acknowledgment below). If you have any questions about the entire setup or are interested for a more indepth just ask I am always open to questions. I hope everyone enjoys!

Also forgot to mention (thanks to The-Lady-Isis for pointing out) this is AU and some events have been altered for story purposes.

Huge thanks to my beta reader MGD without her I shudder to think how my story would have come out.

Chapter One: "Initial Meetings"

It was six months after the Martian invasion that shocked the world, but most of all it let Superman see that he could not be the savior of the world alone and that a team must be formed. Six members stood in a newly constructed Watch Tower that was supplied for the new "Justice League" by the United Nations. These six heroes made up the mightiest the world could offer.

Clark Kent, Kal-El, or Superman is the Man of Steel, a hero that embodied all that was the American Way. Born on the Krypton, he was sent to Earth by his father and mother before the destruction of his planet and considered the paragon of a hero since he first revealed himself to the world. Superman is the epitome of honest, hard working, and a strict old-fashioned moral core.

John Stewart, Green Lantern of sector 2814, is an intergalactic cop, who was selected because of his ability to overcome great fear. John is an ex-marine that still embodies the no-nonsense strict work ethic of the military, which helps him in his duties as a Green Lantern. Unlike most superheroes, John does not wear a mask claiming that he has nothing to hide from the people that he protects and that they should see who protects them.

Shayera Hol, known as Hawkgirl, is the Thangarian female warrior that wields a powerful mace from her home planet. Shayera was a cop back on her home world and was stranded on Earth while chasing some criminals. She carries a no-nonsense attitude with a short temper that makes her an absolute whirlwind on the battlefield. Most impressive about Shayera is her set of angelic wings on her back that makes her a formidable aerial force.

J'onn J'onzz is the Martian Manhunter, who is the last surviving member of his race. J'onn is a powerful psychic and a man with a large heart but shows very little emotion. J'onn came to Earth, in advance of the Martian invasion, in order to warn the world of the impending attack on the planet and was instrumental in defeating the invaders. A very affective warrior, doctor, and technician, even though, he has no formal training from any Earth institute.

Wally West, better known as the Incredible Flash and the fastest man alive, is the hero of Keystone City. Wally is the kid of the group always cracking a joke to help lighten the mood but still completely dependable in a tight situation. He is the youngest of the group and usually taken the least seriously. Wally rose to the occasion during the invasion and came to help the heroes in repelling the invaders. He truly earned his stripes in protecting the Earth.

Finally, Diana of Themyscira, or Wonder Woman, is the champion of the Olympic Gods from the ancient race of Amazons. Diana departed her home, the island of Themyscira that was hidden from the rest of the world by the Olympic Goddesses, in order to defend the planet against the Martian invasion. She possesses the heart of a warrior and wishes to spread the peaceful teachings of the Amazons to the women of Earth. Diana is the new to the modern world and has very little to knowledge of the technology and culture.

These six heroes banded together during the invasion to save the planet and afterwards formed the Justice League in order to help safeguard the world against future invasions. However, there was a seventh hero during the invasion that played a pivotal role in defeating the invaders, Gotham City's Batman. Incidentally, this masked vigilante was also the topic of the current discussion on whether or not they should seek him out to become a member of the League.


Looking around the room, Superman saw the varied traits among all of the people in the room. He was the leader as well as their heavy hitter, and GL was the most adaptive able to make anything with his ring with just a thought. J'onn was their medical and technological specialist and best suited to handle matters of the mind, and Diana was the champion of women as well as being their second strongest member. Flash was their comic relief, who kept matters light, as well as their conscience, and Shayera was their warrior spirit as well as having possessing a mace that made her the best-equipped to deal with magical foes.

The League appeared well-rounded, and he knew some of the other members agreed with him. But he also knew that they were lacking the one key, the element that brought them victory during the invasion. While they had strength, adaptability, equality, and six incredible heroes, they were only a reactionary force. With their current members, they lacked foresight. During the invasion, the only reason their victory came to pass was because a seventh hero had the foresight to come up with a plan, in case, any of them failed. Without Batman's planning, the entire world would have been lost. Superman hated to admit it, but he realized that he never would have come up with the idea himself in the heat of battle.

While he was the most knowledgeable about Batman meeting him prior to the entire invasion, he was sad to say (admit) that it was almost nothing. Batman was a mystery to the entire superhero community and was thought to be nothing more than a myth, even in his own city. What scared him the most was the methods the man used in his fight against evil. Batman's brutality was something that he had seen firsthand. Watching him break the bones of criminals, it was something that completely appalled him. However, despite his extreme methods, Superman knew that Batman had yet to kill anyone that he had apprehended. That knowledge along with the fact that Earth would be a barren wasteland without him, Superman knew that they had no choice.

"We need him," Superman stated with a tone of absolute certainty.

"We do not need a man, who hides in the shadows and hesitates from combat, to be a part of us!" Diana logically argued with her regal authority and an underline of scorn in her tone, "None of his qualities align with ours. Where is his sense of truth and justice? He cloaks himself in shadows. How can such a man be considered a hero?"

"Whoa! Hold on there, Missy, just because he's a man doesn't mean that he's evil, too," replied Green Lantern earning a narrow-eyed stare from Diana, "I mean over half the people in this room are men, and we're all heroes and good people. Now I'm not defending him either. Don't get me wrong, a guy like that has issues and won't help civilians trust us."

"Regardless, if he is a man or not, we should definitely find out more about him. Does anyone even know if he has powers?" questioned Shayera, "Furthermore, we should, at least, try to find out who he is, so we know a little of his background."

"Yeah, like is he a nut job that just likes to dress up in tights and prance around fighting evil, or is he the kind of guy that does it because he wants to score some hot chicks," Flash quipped. "I mean he's got the mystery thing going for him but not the sense of humor. Of course, that's what the girls love about me, but I can see the angle that he's going for with the ladies," he finished while smirking and pointing a thumb at himself.

"J'onn, you shielded his mind during the invasion. Can you provide any insight into who he is?" asked Superman.

"I cannot. I did not even have to scratch the surface of his mind to place the shield. I only had to go around it, and I can say with certainty that being around it was troubling enough." J'onn replied.

"Ok, let's put it to a vote. All in favor of offering him a spot in the League after we find out more about him and what he's capable of, raise your hand." At this statement from Superman, four of the six hands went up.

"I can't believe you actually want that trickster in the League. He is of no use to us and cannot be trusted!" Diana roared in shock and slight betrayal. "Be reasonable sister! We don't know his methods and a man, who cloaks himself in shadows, can only have evil in his heart," she reasoned with Shayera.

"Not all men that hide in the shadows are evil, Princess," responded Shayera, "and besides I think that there is more to this guy than any of us see. I want to find out what it is."

"I'm afraid that I agree with Diana," Green Lantern added, "We know nothing about him. Plus we're supposed to stand for good in the light of day. All I've heard about Batman is that he only operates at night and maims his victims."

"Hey, you never know how much of that stuff is true. I mean I heard your ring is from a cracker jack box," Flash says towards a very annoyed looking Green Lantern, "My point is that we all hear the rumors, but I don't think any of us actually know if any of it's true or not."

Superman interrupted before a full blown argument could form, "I say some of us go to Gotham during the day and discreetly try to figure out some information about him while others try to tail him at night to see if the rumors about him maiming victims are true or not."

"I agree, Superman. Flash, you, and I can mingle with the population during the day since you both have different identities and I can change shape," J'onn stated logically.

"Fine! Then, if we must proceed in this act, then Shayera and I will search for him during the night. We will follow him to find out what he really does," Diana added in a tone suggesting that she hoped to find him in the middle of a crime.

"Hey! What about me? You, guys, can't just leave me out of this thing," Green Lantern said looking offended that the team would forget about him so quickly.

"Oh, pipe down you, cry baby," Shayera said in a patronizing tone, "Its simple. He's seen your face because you don't wear a mask, and he could spot you easily at night. I mean how discreet is it flying while you're glowing green. Yeah, I wouldn't see that coming at me," Shayera sarcastically concluded.

Before Green Lantern could shoot back a response, Superman butted in, "She has a point, John. But that doesn't mean you can't be helpful, you can coordinate our efforts from the Watchtower and try to put together the information as we discover who he is." Accepting this, Green Lantern put his hands up in admission and acceptance while at the same time shooting a glare at Shayera that was returned with an equally satisfied grin. "Okay, guys. J'onn, Flash, and I will start tomorrow morning and see what we can figure out," Superman said effectively ending the meeting.