Your Heart Starts To Wonder

She wakes up in the middle of the ominous night.

Waiting for him, and only him,

He's not supposed to be there,

But he is,

She couldn't shake him if she tried.

And she's tried, believe me.

He remains upright, unmoving,

Expression shattered, barely whole, chestnut eyes devoid of hope,

Symbolizing what could have been.

And the view haunts her like no one ever has,

Not even the past guy who broke her heart twice.

She had never acknowledged it,

But there were many silent I love you (s)

Within the tip of her heart,

At the times spent together,

Relentlessly bursting to be freed.

She had never let those feelings bubble up onto the surface.

Fear kept its watchful wrath.

She missed him:

The sweetest, sexiest, caring guy alive

The person who fought for her,

The guy who braved her nearly indestructible walls,

He might have been the one.

She's not sure.

All she knows is that she shouldn't be wishing.

She didn't have the right to.

After all she decided to stay,

Although sometimes there are things beyond her control and this is one of them.

So she throws herself into her newly restored company to work off the excess energy,

Don't think about him anymore,

She pleads to the unknown corners of her chaotic mind.

A/N: Title comes from the Script's The Man Who Can't Be Moved. The second to last line is from a wonderful song: Glass by Gavin Degraw. I wrote this in about 15-20 minutes with some 30 minute revision so hopefully it's up to par with my other stuff. Review if you can.3 Lela