Hey everyone, I had another idea for a multi-chapter story. Usually I don't do this, but I wanted to post a little teaser for my idea before someone else comes up with it :) I will update with the first chapter this weekend, so please subscribe/alert if you're interested!


After a long, hard day at work, I stumbled in to my home, late for dinner.

My parents are going to give me grief for being so late.

My parents had planned some elaborate dinner for a guest of honor. I had been wondering all day long who this important person was that they so wanted me to meet.

"Sorry I'm late," I called as I entered the door. I turned around the corner to join my family in the dining room. I looked up to see that our "special dinner guest" was none other than Sonny Monroe- my enemy whom I loathe and despise.

Most of the time anyway.

"Chad," she greeted me sweetly- I could tell she was putting on an act.

"Sonny," I responded flatly. "What are you doing here?"

"She's the special dinner guest I had told you about," my mom interjected.

This is great… just great. Sonny Monroe is at my house, eating my dinner, with my family. Could things get any worse?