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That's right, no more denial. I, Chad Dylan Cooper, love Sonny Monroe, the annoyingly adorable, stubborn, exploding ball of sunshine that she is.

And I'd have to tell her. Soon.


I woke up Saturday morning, squinting as the bright sun blazed through my window. I slowly peeled myself off the bed, wiping my eyes sleepily.

I hadn't gotten much sleep last night; I had been up thinking about how I would tell Sonny my true feelings for her.

I went through all of these different dramatic scenarios, trying to decide what would be best. I considered serenading her, going on public television, having it published in Tween Weekly- and many other ideas. I finally realized that I should just simply tell her. That's how Sonny would like it best anyway.

I definitely was not looking forward to working the dunk tank, but at least I wouldn't be getting wet. Or so I was told. I didn't mind so much though because I would get to see 'Miss Flirty Monroe'; which is my new nickname for her after the tantalizing yogurt incident yesterday. Such a tease.

Once my eyes had adjusted, they met a smaller pair of bright blue ones, staring back at me.

"Chaddy, can I please come to the carnival with you?" Chloe begged in her precious kinder voice, as she tugged on my hand. How could I resist that?

"I wish Chloe, but I have to work the dunk tank until two. I can't just have you wandering around by yourself for three hours."

"What about Sonny? Can she hang out with me while you're working?" she asked.

"I don't know, she might be working then too Chloe."

"Chaddy, can you please call her and ask? Pwetty please?" she pleaded, widening her eyes like a puppy and batting her lashes. She had been hanging out with Sonny too much- that has to be where she learned that trick from. And it always works.

"Let me make a call," I sighed, defeated.

I dialed Sonny's number, not realizing I was holding my breath the entire time.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hey Sonny."

"Oh, hey Chad," she responded, rather exasperated. "What do you want?"

"Well I was wondering if you're going to be at the carnival today?" Stupid question Chad- of course, she has to be there.

"Duh Chad, it's mandatory," she whipped smartly.

"Right. Well I mean, um, what time are you working there?" I stuttered. What is wrong with me?

"Why do you want to know?" Jeez she was feisty this morning.

"Well I have to work eleven to two and Chloe wants to come, but she can't be by herself. She wanted to know if you could come too."

"She wanted to know, or you wanted to know?" Sonny asked. I swear I could hear her smirking through the phone.

"Um, well maybe both," I answered, hoping not to sound too eager.

"Well my shift is two to five, so I'd be glad to hang out with Chloe until you're done."

"Alright, well how about I come pick you up at about 10:30?"

"But then you'll be stuck there until five when I'm done. I'll just meet you there," she decided.

"I don't mind, really. We can stay until you're done," I insisted.

"Well… I guess, if you're sure you don't mind," she said.

"Not at all."

"Okay, thanks Chad. See ya then."

"It's a date," I said, not meaning for it to slip out loud.

"It is?" she asked on the other end.

"Uh, maybe. Gotta go," I said, hanging up quickly.


"I really don't want to work at this carnival," Sonny whined as the three of us were on our way there.

"Really? I thought a carnival would totally be your kind of thing," I replied.

"Normally- yes. I'd be happy to do it anywhere, except for where I got assigned."

"Well it can't be any worse than the dunk tank. I have this feeling that Marty wasn't telling me the whole story when he said I'd be taking tickets," I grimaced.

"I'd rather work the dunk tank than what I'm stuck with," she groaned.

"It can't be that bad Monroe."

"Whatever. I just hope this day ends quickly," she sighed.


Sonny and Chloe walked away on their own to explore the booths as I reported to the dunk tank.

"Hey Marty," I greeted my producer, who was gathering up tickets.

"Hey Chad, you ready?"

"I guess," I mumbled.

"Good. Now, climb up this ladder on the back of the tank, and sit on that plank inside. If someone hits the target, you go under. Then just pull yourself back up and repeat. Chastity is about to be here to take tickets."

"Why can't she sit up there instead of me?" I whined. Chad Dylan Cooper does not like to get wet.

"Because I said so Mackenzie. Now get up there," he ordered. Guess I should probably mind the guy who could fire me at any moment.

Reluctantly, I climbed up in to the tank, praying that no one would hit that target today.


An hour later, I was luckily still dry. A lot of people lined up- I was surprised, I wouldn't think many people would want to dunk Chad Dylan Cooper- unless they're jealous of course. Suddenly I noticed Sonny and Chloe coming up to the front of the line.

"Hey Monroe, you going to try and dunk me?" I taunted. "I don't think you can."

"Better watch it Cooper, I have a pretty good aim," she exclaimed.

Sonny threw the ball, coming awfully close. She huffed, and picked up another ball, this time completely missing the target.

"You're going to have to do better than that," I teased.

I saw determination flicker in her eyes, and she chucked the ball again- but still not hitting the target. She was so stupid cute.

After a few more attempts, and an anxious line waiting behind her, she finally gave up. Then she etched herself up to the side of the tank.

People were still throwing balls, trying to sink me as she began talking to me.

"Guess you won this time Chad," she said flauntingly, and blew me a kiss. I gaped- it was totally hot. She caught me off guard and I almost fell off the plank. She giggled as I braced my hands against the glass walls, desperately trying not to fall in. Finally she and Chloe left as I shifted my balance and composed myself.


I had about twenty minutes left of my shift and I was still relieved to be bone dry. I glanced at the line and saw three of the Randoms- the two guys and the little one waiting in line.

"You can try, but you won't dunk me!" I shouted to the blonde one as he stepped up to the line. He shot me a glare, then took three throws, missing the target each time.

"Alright Chad, before I take your place, I'm going to knock you in," the other guy shouted. After several tries and nothing, he seemed as if he had given up. Then a thought occurred to me.

"Hey, do you want to start your shift early? I really need to take care of something," I asked.

"Why would I do anything for you?" Nico asked, running alongside the tank where Sonny had been earlier.

As he spoke, the littlest Random was launching balls with some huge catapult- trying to knock me in, with no avail.

"C'mon man, please," I asked nicely.

"What is so important?" he asked.

"Look, if I tell you, this is between the two of us."

He nodded, seeming interested.

"I like Sonny. A lot," I admitted.

His eyes widened as he said, "Duh."

I rolled my eyes. "Look, I'd like to tell her before she starts her shift. Please," I pleaded, hoping he'd see my sincerity.

"Fine!" he said. "As long as you let us dunk you once."

"Just hurry and get it over with," I griped.

"Zora! Do your thing!" Nico yelled, as the little one ran full force up to the target, slamming her hand in to it, knocking me down in to the freezing cold water.

I resurfaced and saw Sonny bring Chloe over to my area, give her a hug goodbye and went off to do her thing.

"Alright Chip, you're shift is over," Nico chuckled.

"Sonny wait!" I yelled, trying to hurry and rush out of the tank before she went away.

"Can't Chad, I'm late!" she said, quickly running off.

I struggled to hurry and catch up with her, but my feet were slick and they slipped on the ladder, causing me to careen backward, falling in to the water once again.

Nico was guffawing at my not-so-smooth attempt to catch up with Sonny.

"Good luck man," he laughed, once I finally had my feet back on the ground.

I looked down at my sopping wet clothes- I looked ridiculous. My jeans were dragging heavily and my gray tee shirt was practically translucent. My face felt like it was on fire. I pulled my compact mirror out of my pocket and sure enough, my face was pink from the damaging sun. That's what I get for not wearing sun block. I flattened down my hair as best I could without product. I guess I'd just have to hope that Sonny appreciates the tousled look.

Then I realized I had no idea what booth Sonny was working at. I guess I was so wrapped up in my thoughts this morning that I selfishly didn't think to ask.

"Hey, where did she go?" I asked Nico, who was taking his fedora off before entering the tank.

"She's over there at her booth," he said, pointing in the direction furthest from where we were.


I took Chloe's hand and we walked around, searching for Sonny. I didn't see her anywhere. We passed the cake walk, petting zoo, balloon animals, but she wasn't working at any of them.

Finally I spotted Tawni at the face painting booth. She looked miserable as she plastered paint on the kids' faces.

"Where is Sonny?" I asked, running up to her.

"She's right over there at her booth," Tawni said, flicking her hand behind her.

"Which booth is she at?" I asked, still seeing several that I couldn't spy her at.

"Oh, you don't know where she got assigned?" Tawni smirked. I shook my head no. "Oh, well I don't think you'll be too happy when you find out," she sang.

"Is it that bad?" I wondered. Sonny was complaining a lot this morning.

"Oh just wait 'til you see," she smiled smugly.

"Well I need to tell her something really important, so do you think you can watch Chloe for a little bit? Maybe she can even help you with face painting."

"WIIFT?" she asked.

"Hey, abbreviating is my thing!" I snapped.

"What's so important that you need to tell Sonny?" she asked, nosily.

"He wants to tell her he looooves her," Chloe teased.

Tawni's face grew complacent with a huge grin. "I knew it! We all knew you liked her!"

"Okay, so you were right, blah blah blah, big deal. Look, please watch her just for a little bit."

"Oh alright," she gave in. "But only for Sonny. Well and Chloe- you're such a little doll," she cooed to my baby sister.

"Thanks!" I said, before charging off in the direction Tawni had pointed me in.

Still no Sonny. I looked around, but could not find her. That's funny. The only booth left is the Kissing Booth. Tawni must have been messing with me.

And then I spotted her. The girl of my dreams kissing some burly guy.

My heart dropped in my stomach and I gulped as the next guy walked up, also receiving a kiss from her.

Then I noticed the line. It stretched way too far across the field, I couldn't even see the end. It didn't surprise me, but I was totally jealous.

It was even worse than the whole 'Kiss Cam' incident that happened a while back.

I tightened my fists to my sides, and stormed over to the kissing booth.

Just as Sonny leaned forward to kiss the next guy in line, I pushed him out of the way, putting myself in front.

Her eyes were still closed, so I pressed my lips softly to hers. Her eyes fluttered open, and as soon as she realized it was me, she glared daggers.

"What are you doing Chad? You have to wait in line like everyone else," she snapped.

"What am I doing? What are you doing working at the kissing booth?" I shouted, not at all playing it cool.

"It's not like I had a choice. Besides, I tried to get out of it, but Marshall said no. He said I'd make the most money," she beamed.

"Well of course you would!" I screeched, rather high-pitched.

"I didn't expect such a great turn out," she admitted. "I guess a lot of guys want to kiss me. Well, except for you," she remarked, snidely looking up at me.

"I tried to tell you yesterday Sonny-"

"Um, are you two going to hurry up? I'm paying money for this," some guy behind us spoke up.

"Well you just need to take your money elsewhere; Sonny is not kissing any of you!" I huffed.

"Why are you making such a big deal out of this?" she asked. "Are you… jealous?"

I was. I so was. But she didn't need to know that. "Psh- no!" I lied horribly.

"You are!" she exclaimed, pointing at me, a grin playing on her sweet lips. "You do want to kiss me!"

"I already have," I pointed out.

"Yeah, but you're jealous. Now that you've seen how many guys want me, you do too!"

"Uh, so you caught me," I mumbled, looking at my feet. Luckily I was sunburned; otherwise the flush in my cheeks would be startlingly obvious.

"Chad, that's… sweet. Trust me, I wish I had a choice. I'd much rather spend the afternoon with you than doing this."

"Really?" I asked, finally meeting her warm eyes with my cool ones.

"Really," she said, gingerly placing her hand on my arm. "I don't want to kiss these other guys."

"I heard that!" some guy shouted angrily from the line.

"I only want to kiss you," she added, placing a gentle kiss on my cheek. "I'll see you after." I stood there for a moment, just gazing at her, and holding my cheek where she'd kissed me.

"Alright," I said, slowly leaving the line, but not before flashing her a sincere smile.

"You guys better not try anything funny! I'll be watching you!" I yelled at the guys in line, glaring at them all as if I was about to make them combust with my laser eyes.

I stood there for a few more minutes, watching Sonny kiss the guys in line. At each kiss I winced, realizing this was like torture. It kind of made me feel better though that she seemed to be grimacing as well.

Then I had a brilliant idea…


Time to find Portlyn. Finally I saw her grabbing a drink at the concession area.

"Portlyn, I need your help," I said, racing up to her, now out of breath.

"What is it now Chad?" she asked annoyed.

"I need your help. It's Sonny-"

"I tried my best with you and Sonny," she interrupted. "It's not my fault you screw everything up."

"Well I was wondering if you could do one more favor for me?" I asked, begging her with my eyes.

"What's in it for me?" she lit up.

"I'll see to it that your character doesn't disappear in the mysterious ballooning accident, therefore keeping your job," I offered.

"Okay, well Marty already decided not to do that anyway, so I need something else," she retorted.

"Anything," I replied without hesitation.

"Set it up for me to meet Zac Efron," she smiled slyly.

"You know I hate him," I argued.

"That I do, but you have connections," she said, poking me in my wet chest.

"I'm not doing that," I refused.

"Well I guess she doesn't mean that much to you then," she taunted.

"Okay fine, whatever, I'll do it," I gave in.

"Okay, so what do you need me to do?" she asked.

"I need you to take Sonny's shift at the kissing booth."

"But I don't want to kiss random guys," she huffed.

"Please," I begged. "For Za-ac…"

"Gosh Chad, she's got you being nice and polite. You must be whipped."

"Am not!" I defended.

"Yeah you kinda are," she jabbed.

"Fine, maybe I am," I sighed.

"You're lucky I'm a nice person, and a hopeless romantic, or you'd be screwed."


I continued to cringe as I watched Sonny kiss more guys. It was obvious by the look of disgust on her face that she didn't want to be there anymore than I wanted her to.

Finally I saw Portlyn head over to her and talking.

"Hey Sonny, it's your lucky day. Shift's over," Portlyn informed, shooing her out of the way.

"What do you mean? How?"

"Chad asked me to take over your shift."


"Yes he did. But Sonny, just don't break his heart," she said, placing a hand on Sonny's shoulder. "You're like the only person I've ever seen him truly care about and if you don't feel the same, please don't lead him on."

"You don't have to worry about that Portlyn," Sonny replied. "And thank you," she added, before leaving the booth.

I saw Sonny happily gliding my way, glad to be out of that duty.

"So, Chad…" she started, gazing up in to my eyes, "Why did you really get Portlyn to take my place?"

"Why do you think Sonny?"

"Chad, quit playing games and just tell me... how you really feel."

"Fine. Here goes." I took a deep breath. "This is hard for me to say, but I always acted like I hated you, but deep down I knew I didn't. Then I started to like you- really like you- no I mean I care about you. Well actually, love you. I didn't want to see you kissing other guys because I only wanted you to be kissing me and-"

I was cut off as she wrapped her arms around my neck and softly crashed her lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist, both of us pulling each other as close as possible. Slowly, I gained entrance, deepening the kiss. It started off slow and sweet, but as we let our emotions consume us, it grew more heated.

We parted, needing the air, then blushed as we realized we had a crowd of onlookers- partially made up of our casts, who were clapping. I heard several comments such as "finally" and "took them long enough" disperse through the crowd.

"So I take it you feel the same?" I smirked, looking at Sonny, who was now bashfully red.

"Yes Chad, I do." She beamed a radiating smile, then added, "Chad! You got me soaked!"

I laughed as I looked down at her clothes which were now wet from being pressed up against my drenched ones.

"Oh Sonny, one more hug," I said, moving forward with open arms, trying to get even more water on her.

"Don't do it Chad," she warned, backing away.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, purposely rubbing my wet clothes on her.

"Cha-ad!" she whined, giggling as I embraced her. "C'mon," she said, rolling her eyes as she grabbed my hand, dragging me over to Tawni's booth.


"It's about time you two confessed," Tawni said, gently brushing some silver glitter on Chloe's face. "You were both in denial for so long, I'm glad you finally got over yourselves."

"Does that mean you're going to be my sister?" Chloe asked Sonny excitedly, wrapping her arms around her legs.

"Uh-" Sonny began nervously...

"That will be a long time from now," Chad chuckled, as Sonny blew a sigh of relief. "I think we're a little too young to get married," I added sarcastically, pulling Sonny closer to me.

After Chloe had some very 'pretty' (as Tawni called it) face painting done, we headed over to the dunk tank to try and knock Nico in to the water.

After a few tries, I finally threw the ball straight at the target, knocking him under. As he slowly pulled himself back up to the plank, he gave us a huge smile and thumbs up- just before the next person in line knocked him back in.

I took Sonny's hand in mine, intertwining our fingers, as we made our way over to the cake walk. Chloe got lucky and won a cake- she chose a strawberry one; it was one of the few that Grady hadn't already 'sampled'.

Lastly, we went to the petting zoo, where Zora was alone, talking to some of the animals. She's an odd one. It was adorable to watch as Sonny and Chloe bent down, petting the baby goat and other animals that lay in the pen.


As I pulled up in to Sonny's driveway, I looked in the back seat at my baby sister who was sound asleep.

"Well thanks Chad, for such a wonderful day," Sonny smiled sweetly.

"I'll walk you to the door," I said, getting out and opening the door for her.


"So um, what are we Chad?" she asked as we stood on her front porch. She was scuffing her feet at the ground, shyly looking away.

"Well, what do you want to be?" I asked. "I spilled my feelings to you, so now it's your turn to tell me."

"Well, I want to be… together," she said, still looking at the ground bashfully. "I just hope that's what you want."

I lifted her chin with my finger and stroked her cheek with my thumb. "Yeah it is," I said dreamily, getting lost in her chocolate eyes.

This time, I initiated it. I cradled her face in my hands, gently pulling her closer to me in a deep, passionate kiss. I already knew that I loved her, but it was then that I realized I never wanted to let her go. She twisted her fingers in my hair as she kissed back. I smiled in to it, and I felt her do the same.

After several blissful moments we reluctantly pulled apart.

"And just for the record Sonny, you're an amazing kisser," I said.

"You're not so bad yourself Cooper," she teased.

"My parents are going to be thrilled when they hear we're together," I chuckled.

"Well I'm glad they approve," she responded.

"Approve? I think they like you better than me," I joked.

"Well can you blame them?" she asked playfully. "I am cute."

"That you are. But so am I," I retorted, leaning down to brush her lips with mine once more.

"So um, want to have dinner with us tomorrow night?" I asked.

"It's a date," she smiled warmly. Then she leaned up and kissed my cheek tenderly, before going inside.

And that is how I fell for the enemy.