Chars: Greece (Heracles Karpusi) and Turkay (Sadiq Annan)

This chapter is from Greece's POV. ENJOY~!


" ... A ghamesou."

"Ouch! Where'd such a cute little kid pick up such /language/?" Ugh. The tone in that man's voice...

"I'm not a little kid anymore, doucheberry." It was true. I'm not a kid anymore...

"You shouldn't speak to your former ruler in such a manner." Former ruler? I could care less if he was president of the world! There was NO WAY IN HELL that I could treat this scumbag with ANY amount of respect... I opened my mouth and screamed at him, only to feel blinding pain in the back of my skull as I was being slammed down onto the floor, not knowing what this disgraceful man was going to do next. Suddenly... Darkness.

- - -

The first thing noticed was the smell. It reeked of /him/ and a pitiful attempt to cover said stench with a floral scent. Or maybe the first sensation was /something/ wriggling around inside my butt, straining against the tape that held it there. Of course, it could have been the feeling of dangling from my bound wrists or the tight gag in my mouth, or even the shackles around my ankles, holding me to the wall. More than likely, though, it was the sadistic tone in his voice that woke me up.

"Wakie wakie, /Hercie/~" Chills raced down my spine as soon as I realized what was happening. I felt like screaming out for anyone, but the gag made it impossible.

"Ohh~ I see you're awake, then~" I felt his hand on my bare bottom, pushing the toy farther in, striking my sweet spot each time it made a rotation. The moans that were ripped from my throat all but died as they tried to escape. My head flew back of its own accord as I hated myself more and more for letting myself be pleasured by this despicable man. I felt his lips tickle the soft flesh of my neck as beads of sweat made their way down my chest. That tongue that he used to use to drive me crazy as a kid made its way up my neck. I attempted to scream stop, only to moan and be muffled by the gag.

"What was that, /Hercie/~? You want more~?" The tape ripped itself painfully from my skin. There was more than needed, probably making my ass intensely red. While screaming into the gag and flailing in pain, he worked that damned toy hard and fast inside me. And his other hand... It makes me shudder to think that the man raping me could possibly bring me such pleasure with it. It was torturous. I dared to open my eyes and stare at him, only to see his head move from my line of sight downwards. I followed him with my eyes to see that damned tongue stroking the head of my member. Closing my eyes, I submitted to the pleasure. As I moaned into the gag, I felt a hand behind my head. He was undoing the buckle! What joy! He was going to let me go! I was wrong.

"All those cute little noises must mean that you want to suck my dick~!" I couldn't speak. My throat was so dry. Whatever it was holding my arms above my head suddenly released me into his awaiting arms. He led me to the ground, forcing me onto my hands and knwws and retaped the toy to my aching buttcheeks. His dirty fingers made their way into my mouth and pried my jaws open.

"You're gonna be a good boy and suck my dick nicely, because it's the only lube you'll get~ If you bite or don't do it well enough~ Well, I'll wipe off and take you dry!" I wasn't quite sure what I was thinking, but I must not've cared what happened to my ass. He unzipped and pulled out that monstrosity. That is the only word which can accurately describe it. I stretched my mouth open, slowly reaching my tongue out to taste it. When I glanced up at him, he was staring at me with this creepy, maddeningly charming face. Damnit! Here he was, raping me, and all I can think is how handsome he is! Blame my sick childhood. That grin that was plastered on his face told me to go on. So I did. I wrapped my lips around the head and slowly suckled on it. No matter how many times I brush my teeth, that taste still lingers. It could be compared to washing a pig in garlic sauce, then honey roasting it. A very odd flavour, indeed. I tilted my head up to look at that face again. That same grin glared down at me, egging me on. Squeezing my eyes shut, I clamped down hard on the shaft and braced myself for punishment.


Well, guise! What did y'all think?? I'm tryin' out a new style. If I get positive crap on it, then I'll write a few moaaaar~. HOWEVER IF I GET TROLLED *raaage*. FYI. The next chapter in Turkay's point of view~! I say Turkay because I'm, like, totally a valley girl. Like to the max. No, they're ponies~ They're totally cute~

"A ghamesou" = "Fuck off"