Pirate Problems: Battle With Waluigi!

"Not this time, you red sea sore," Waluigi hissed as his devious grin revealed itself, "You've costed me a lot, but I won't let you ruin my pirate's life, understand?"

Mario, however, kicked the sword out of Waluigi's hand and headbutted him, getting into a fighting position. Now enraged beyond the point of anger, Waluigi bellowed as he pulled out his infamous whip, using it to attack the plumber. Mario managed to dodge a few times, but with each hit of the whip, he was getting exhausted. Finally, as if Mario gave up, he collapsed after being hit by the whip again, landing on his face. Waluigi smirked as he approached Mario and kicked dust into his face, taunting him.

"Wa ha ha! What's this, I ask?" Waluigi jeered as he placed away his whip, "A pesky, pathetic plumber who got defeated within my task!" As he turned to head up to steer the ship, Mario woke up weakly, sneaking in a green 1-Up Mushroom.

As Waluigi whistled, he felt someone touching his right shoulder. Turning around, Waluigi was punched in the face by Mario, who grabbed the steering wheel and broke it, jumping off of the ship and tossing a fireball into one of the cannons filled with bombs, causing the entire metallic pirate ship to explode into flames and sink. Mario only grinned, feeling proud of himself, as he swam back to shore, hearing the Eggplantmen shouting in fear as they burned and sank with their ship.

"CURSE YOU, MARIO..." Was the last thing Waluigi gurgled as he was unable to get up, drowning with the ship.

His star power running out just as he finished, Mario turned around, to be kicked in the privates by Waluigi, who would not let the plumber get away. As Mario groaned immensely in pain, Waluigi picked him up by the collor, sticking his sword up to Mario's neck.