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Beep. Beep. Beep.

I threw my arm out, fumbling for the alarm clock on the nightstand. The annoying beep persisted until I located the switch and flipped it. Ahhh, Silence. That was better. I pulled the comforter from over my head and tried to shake the grogginess away.

What day is it? Shit, Monday. Could there be a less hated day than Monday? Looking at the clock, I groaned, realizing I needed to get my ass in gear if I wanted to make it to class. Flipping the covers back, I headed for the shower.

While waiting for the water to warm up, I mentally reviewed my closet and tried to pick out an outfit. I'd found a sigh worthy pair of blue heels this weekend while out with my roomie… I definitely wanted to wear those. But what to pair them with?... I poured through my options as I lathered my hair. Mmm...

The rich strawberry scent from my shampoo always made me smile. I'd long ago learned that sometimes splurging for things did have its advantages. I'll never forget the day Alice freaked out on me for my "cheap, crappy shampoo wanna-be" and had immediately dragged me out shopping to pick up something different. I'd argued with her that I liked the scent of my shampoo; she had, of course, won the battle. I had to admit, though: the Philosophy 3-in-1 that she'd picked out was better. My hair was certainly softer and shinier.

Who knew? And besides, I couldn't help but giggle every time I picked up the bottle. It was called Strawberry Milkshake and it always made me think of that song...

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, it's better than yours…"

I wriggled and shimmied as I rinsed the suds from my hair, the song running through my mind now. I felt my foot suddenly slip on the wet porcelain, and thought maybe it best not to work my milkshake in the shower. That was better attempted on dry land. I may have gotten over most of my clumsiness, but the shower was definitely not the place to start booty dropping.

I shut off the shower and wrapped a towel around myself, twisting one around my long hair. Alice was forever harping on me to cut it, but I liked it.

Gone were the old shapeless tees and ill-fitting jeans or any hoodies not deemed worthy by Alice. And my scrunchies… oh, the poor things. I think Alice might have actually burned them. My hair was one of the few links to my past I had left.

I made my way over to the closet and pulled out a pair of distressed dark-wash boot cuts that fit me like a glove. I threw them on my bed along with a pretty tan colored baby doll top covered in dark blue roses printed on the bottom and sleeves. A pair of lacy boy shorts and matching bra completed the ensemble. I really enjoyed clothes now, whereas before my style sense was severely lacking. It felt good to be stylish finally.

I'd never really had the influence of a woman in my life; not even my mother's. No one had taught me about "girly" things, like makeup or clothes. I was raised around males primarily, and they weren't interested in that sort of thing.

For instance, the one time I had brought a fashion magazine home, the boys had teased me mercilessly until I ended up throwing it away. That was how it always was; I'd try something feminine, and the males in my life would laugh at me until I gave it up. I had always wished for a different sort of bond, a familiar female one. Over the phone with my mom just wasn't enough. She had occasionally tried to guide me, but I had never wanted her help. She'd done enough.

As I quickly blew my hair dry and ran a flat iron over the rough parts, I realized I didn't have enough time for a full face of makeup; I settled for a little bit of eyeliner, a quick swipe of mascara, and a dab of lip gloss. Throwing on a silver guitar pick necklace, I deemed myself ready.

I grabbed my new shoes out of the box. They were just so pretty. Square toed, a lovely shade of navy blue, with a decent heel and three straps running along the top. I slipped them on, sighing at them happily. Grabbing a pretty, vintage looking tan sweater and my messenger bag, I headed to the kitchen.

That silly song was still running in a loop as I made my way to the kitchen; Leave it to me, the ex-klutz to try and shake what my momma gave me in the shower. I was busy laughing at myself and not really paying attention as I rounded the corner… and I almost slammed directly into Alice. It's a good thing she knew me so well, because she stepped out of my way right before the actual impact.

While you couldn't call me anything other than slender, I had a definite height advantage over Alice. She was tiny little thing, barely 5 feet to my 5'4, and I had a good 15 pounds on her. I could really do some damage to her.

"What's so funny?" she asked as she poured some coffee into a thermal container.

"Nothing, really. Just thinking of how I used to hate heels." I hedged. She giggled, probably thanking her lucky stars that all of her coaching had finally rubbed off on me, and wished me a good day.


As I drove my ancient truck to campus, I passed the time by sipping my coffee and reminiscing on the version of me I'd left behind when arriving at college.

It was an understatement to say that in high school, I was definitely a nerd. I'd never been popular. I made it through high school as a loner, always more interested in my books or my homework than I was in making friends. I didn't go to my prom; hell, I never even went on a date. Not that anyone would want to date the police chief's daughter.

To say my life was lonely and boring would be putting it mildly.

I stayed home most weekends, cleaning the house, or completing homework early. While others my age were going to house parties, or football games, I sat at home. If I did actually get out of the house, I went to La Push, the tiny coastal reservation near my hometown of Forks, to hang out with my small group of friends.

I was infinitely relieved that I had grown out of my awkward phase. Instead of hiding behind a book, as I'd done for most of my time in Forks, I spoke my mind freely; no longer content to just blend into the background. I also didn't take teasing and annoyances lying down like I used to. Instead, I fought back. I was so… bland growing up, it was nice to finally let loose and enjoy life.

Thinking about my boring childhood caused my thoughts to drift towards my mother, and I gripped my steering wheel tighter as I remembered...

My mother, Renee, had bailed on us when she met Phil. Phil was a baseball player she met while at a Seattle baseball game that she and some of her friends had taken their children and I to see.

We'd had great seats, right above the dugouts. All of us kids were being obnoxious and bothering the players while they were warming up. This really cute player had come up to us and was signing our scorecards. He struck up a conversation with Renee, and she had giggled and flirted with him. He asked her if she wanted anything signed, and she had handed him her ticket. He had left to go practice then, but I remembered that he'd winked at her before turning away. She'd looked at her ticket and blushed, and then hurriedly zipped it into her purse.

I later found out that it wasn't an autograph. He'd given her his phone number. And she'd accepted it.

Renee, never having been one to sit idly, apparently called him that night from home. Charlie was just a deputy back then in our tiny hometown. He sometimes had to work late nights… which gave Renee the perfect opportunity to contact Phil. That one little phone call had led to more calls, eventually inspiring Renee to make weekend trips. My mother was an eccentric woman, always picking up on some new craze; yoga or pottery, a new fangled religion, or piano. She would lie to my dad about attending conventions for whatever new phase she was into. Charlie being Charlie… he would always let her go, with no questions asked.

I had woken up one morning, and she was gone. My dad had been a wreck as he sat me down and explained to me that he and my mom were splitting up and that she had moved away.

"It's just us now, Bells," he had whispered softly. "We're gonna have to look out for each other."

I was devastated.

I often wondered: why couldn't I have gone with her? Not that I didn't love my dad; of course I did… but I ached for my mother. When I had asked, her reasoning was that she couldn't take me because Phil traveled too much, I needed to go to school, I needed to be in a more stable place, etc. The truth was that leaving her kid and her husband wasn't right, so she could go gallivant around the country with her boy toy... but I could never bring myself to say those things to her. I loved her even though she had left me.

I realized I had issues with my mother that I needed to work through, but I wasn't looking forward to that conversation. I wasn't one for overly emotional situations, and I tended to avoid heavy conversations.

And that would be a heavy conversation. It would hurt both of us, I was sure. So, in order to avoid a big blowup, I let her think she was doing the "motherly thing". I had nonsense conversations with her, and went out to see her and Phil occasionally on holidays. When I was deciding where to go for college, Renee and Phil had insisted on paying my tuition. I figured she owed me something for dropping me like a hot potato, so I let them. They also sent me a monthly check, which I admittedly blew on things I didn't need.

I didn't give in to the offer for a new car, though. My father had purchased a truck for me. And I liked it. It was old, a classic even, but it ran fine, even if it was loud. Besides, it had character, and I was nothing if not a character.

My clothing style matched my personality. Unique. Original. Feisty.

I combed thrift stores for pretty vintage pieces, and I wasn't above ripping things apart to make a shirt or jacket fit the way I wanted it to. This always threw Alice into a tizzy; she didn't understand why I had to destroy things. I realized I was different from most girls. I didn't need someone to make me feel better about myself. I already liked who I was. My mind went on overdrive frequently and I spaced out often, (evidenced by my almost running into Alice earlier today).

I couldn't help but smile as my thoughts drifted to Alice. I met Alice, my roommate, though my dorm mate Angela. She'd taken one look at me, clucked her tongue and declared I was in need of some serious makeover help. And she had been right.

Alice was my other half. The Ying to my Yang, the Bert to my Ernie, the Mac to my Cheese. She was quirky, and easily excitable. She introduced me to the "Art of Shopping," as she put it. She let me cry on her shoulder when I needed to let it all out. She graduated last year, and had promptly went about opening a record store. I was sure it would be a bad thing, reasoning that people don't buy music nowadays… but when Alice sets her mind to something, she can do anything. Trax, her store, was always hopping. She opened it downtown, right next to a coffee shop that the college kids frequent. The atmosphere was fun and it was constantly busy there. Once it was open she had offered me a job, and of course I said yes.

In Alice and Angela, my "A Team" as I called them, I had found that female bond I had been so desperately lacking. As it turned out, I didn't hate shopping. It was just different shopping with girls who wanted you to try things, as opposed to my dad or my guy friends, who would bitch about how long we were in the store.

As cliché it sounds, I'd really "come into myself" in college. I'd found people I fit in with, girlfriends I'd have for the rest of my life, and most importantly, who I really was. Alice and Angela's influence on me had been critical to this. They were always there for me, whether I needed advice, or if I just needed a second opinion on how an outfit looked. Under their influence, I had bloomed. It was nice to have female perspective in the flesh, as opposed to over the phone, like with my mother.

Lord knows the dating thing would have been tough without it.

I had begun to figure out what kind of guys I liked once I got to college. I'd dated around here and there; some nice boys from classes, or blind dates Angela or Alice had set me up on. Some were great, some not so much. But they were all learning tools, and learned I had.

Take Mike Newton for example. I'd lost my virginity to him in the back of his behemoth Suburban my freshman year. It was terribly clumsy, all fumbled hands and legs, and it hurt like a sonofabitch. I'd dropped him soon afterwards. I got the impression that he was going to profess his undying love for me, and I just couldn't stomach that. Not that Mike wasn't a nice guy... he was. But I knew that he wasn't the type of guy I could see myself with long-term. He never challenged me. He'd go along with what I wanted, and I didn't want a pushover. I'd been a pushover for most of my life, and I hated it. I ran into dear old Mike from time to time, at a bar, or around campus. He still puppy dogged me relentlessly.

I shook myself out of my thoughts as I made my way onto campus, and parked my truck near the Business building. As I locked my door, I noticed the least favorite part of my Mondays casually leaning against a tree, staring at me.

Here we go again, I thought to myself.

"Bella," James Roman called out. "What are you doing tonight?"

Ahh, James. He was the bane of my existence. I hated his pretty boy good looks and the overall douche-like way he carried himself. He was the president of some fraternity or another, and had dogged my steps ever since Alice and Angela had de-nerd-ified me. You would think that my turning him down, oh, every time he asked would put a damper on that shit, but it hadn't. I figured that he viewed me as just another girl his daddy's money could buy; another notch to add to his bed post.

He was sorely mistaken. I didn't do jerks.

"Studying," was my curt reply as I tried to sneak past him.

"You know Bella, that condition of yours, you know, the bitchy one? They have doctors that can help you with that."

Oh, hell no.

I stopped in my tracks and whirled around, two seconds from wrenching the lid off of my thermal coffee cup and tossing it in his face.

"Excuse me?" I said through clenched teeth. I swear, I am gonna rip him a new...

"You heard me," he spat. "You act like I like playing this cat and mouse game, Bella, but I don't. One of these days, I'm going to stop asking."

"Please, oh high and mighty one, let today be the day that you do." I was fuming now, and there was a small crowd of onlookers watching the show. "I don't know how many times I can try and put it nicely, so I'll just lay it out for you. I'm not now, nor will I ever be, interested in you. I wouldn't bang you with a bag over your head. I'd rather cut off my toes with rusty scissors first."

I watched his face go from amused to downright furious. I'm sure he'd never been turned down so publicly before, and he didn't like it.

"Fuck you, Swan," he seethed. "I was just trying to do your ass a favor. Not like any other quality guys would be sniffing around your low-rent ass."

With that he turned on his heel and stalked across the lawn, pushing any poor soul unfortunate enough to get in his way.

Pissed off, I made my way towards my class, my good morning now thoroughly ruined.


After my class, I headed back to my truck to put away my coffee mug. On Mondays, I only had two classes, with a small break in between. Then I would go to Trax for my mid afternoon to early evening shift.

I was still seething over James. The guy had a girlfriend, for fuck's sake. Granted, she was a grade A hag, but still. Not that I wouldn't mind knocking her down a few pegs. I had a few classes with the lovely Victoria Leecher, and by the end of them I usually just wanted to rip her hair out. I thought she got off on picking at me. My clothes, which I adored, were evidently not as good as her designer brands. I had a feeling she knew how James chased after me, but... really? Shouldn't she be more upset at him, the pursuer, rather than me, who didn't give a flying fuck? Needless to say, the Twat and her Tool were the reason I avoided the Greek parties Alice and Angela were forever trying to drag me to.

I grabbed a spot on the edge of Drumheller Fountain to wait until my next class. It was a beautiful fall day in Seattle, and surprisingly not raining. I opened my messenger bag to pull out my iPod and the book I had been reading. I selected a mellow play list and lost myself in the words on the pages.

My next class was with Victoria, and I was debating on seriously skipping it... but I had to turn in a paper. Damn, looked like I was going. I checked the time on my iPod and saw that I only had a few minutes to make it there, so I hurriedly shoved my things into my bag when I heard a voice behind me ask me for the time.

"It's 10:43," I said, not looking up as I started to move towards the building.

"Thanks." I heard the voice call after me. I waved over my shoulder and kept going.

I made it into class with barely enough time to toss my paper into the basket the professor had set out. I took out my things and got settled as the professor started her lecture. I was thinking about work and wondering if Alice had got that new CD that I wanted to hear; I was hoping she'd let me sample it over the speaker system at work.

A bitchy giggle that I knew all too well interrupted my thoughts.

"I mean, look at her," the Hag simpered to her bevy of Barbies. "Really, what possessed her to put that on? It looks like something my grandma would wear."

"Bite me," I shot back, not needing to look across the walkway to see Victoria and her minions. "I like it, and I don't dress to please you." I finally turned her way, and watched her eyes narrow. I gave her a shit eating grin.

"Awww, whatsamatter Vic? Did I hurt your feelings?" I mocked her in a whiny voice.

"Please, as if you..." She was cut off by the professor.

"Ladies," she said, glancing between me and Victoria, "do we have a problem?"

"No professor," I answered first. "Just asking where we were."

She didn't look convinced, but she continued on with her lecture anyway. I felt Victoria's evil glare burning into the side of my head. I really wasn't in the mood for her shit today. I concentrated on taking actual notes now, not just doodling on my paper. Sometimes I really wished my brain didn't wander so often, especially when I was in class; I did need to learn these things, but I couldn't help it. It was an inherent part of me

The professor let us out a few minutes early. I grabbed my things to go and was just getting out of my seat when Hag Number One got in my face.

"Listen bitch," Victoria snapped at me. "Stay the hell away from James." Ahh, so she or one of the Hagettes must have witnessed the parking lot folly earlier.

"Gladly," I shot back. "Perhaps you could tell him the same? I've told him 'no' a thousand times, but he must not be getting what he needs at home because he just... keeps... asking." I looked her up and down pointedly, and hitched my bag further up my shoulder.

She gaped at me like the idiot she was. I really didn't have time for this, so I turned and headed for the door. I had to get to work. Even though I knew Alice wouldn't harp on me if I was late, this whole day was just turning into a gigantic bitchfest and I was over it.

I pitched my things into my truck and headed for Trax.

"Sayonara, Bitches," I tossed over my shoulder.


I met Alice in the office, where she was in rare form, positively bouncing over a box of new releases

"Oh, Bella, you're finally here!" she squealed at me, clapping her hands. Oh Shit...

"Alice, did you take speed?" I asked skeptically. I was being an ass, but I loved to tease her.

"No, I did not," She insisted. "For your information, I was just looking over the new releases and thought you'd be excited by this one." She dangled a CD in front of my face, and then drew it back. "I was waiting for you to pop it in the stereo, but I can see you don't care."

Hah, now she was all huffy with me.

"Alice, darling, schnookykins..." I was flat out begging now. "I'm terribly sorry. You know I love you more than my shoe collection. Please? Please? Pleeeeeease?" It was the CD I'd been thinking about earlier. I threw on my pouty face, but then realized I'd learned it from her, so I hugged her instead.

Happy little pixie girl couldn't resist a hug.

"Oh, fine." she relented and tossed the CD my way.

She told me that the teenage boy that she had hired recently, Eric, wouldn't be in till later and asked if I would mind staying a little later than normal. I didn't have a problem with that. She promised that she'd be up to help me after logging the invoices of new shipments into the computer.

I headed up front and slipped the CD into the deck. Once the music began to play, I turned the volume up a bit; the morning-shift guy always played his folksy tunes at a low level.

I began helping a girl who was asking about some teenybopper flavor of the week CD, and then quickly the store was flooded with customers. The rush didn't die down for the next hour and a half, and I was seriously considering mutiny against Alice if she didn't make an appearance, like, now.

As the store began to clear out, I sensed my idle mind starting to wander towards Jakey. I hadn't heard from him in a few days, which was quite the rarity. Normally he was everywhere I was. He was two years younger than me, and had followed me to college. He was a freshman now, and was probably caught up in the stresses of freshman year. That must be it. No wonder I hadn't seen him.

Charlie and his best fishing buddy, Billy Black, who was from the La Push reservation, were the catalysts to mine and Jakey's close bond. Charlie would take me fishing with him when I was too young to stay home by myself. Billy would normally bring Jakey, so I had someone around my age to play with, and probably to keep me out of their way. We became fast friends.

Some people said he mooned over me… but I knew that was just Jake. He had hovered over me ever since my mom left. We had always been "Just Friends". Alice believed he was in love with me, but of course she was wrong. She didn't know him like I did. He was just Jakey, my little "brotha from anotha motha".

I giggled then, thinking of the day we'd started using that term. We'd been down on the reservation, and the older boys were teasing me as to why I was always around. I'd started to get my feelings hurt, because, really, the truth was that I had no one else to hang out with... that was when Jakey had swooped in.

"Dude," he'd said playfully as he'd pushed Sam, "I'm her brotha from anotha motha." The other boys had cracked up at that, and Jake had later told me not to get upset by the ribbing; that they liked me just as much as he did. I knew that he was making sure the situation turned funny so I wouldn't feel bad.

I really need to call him tonight... I was missing him, and worried over him like the mother hen I was.

I was pulled away from my thoughts by another customer needing to be rung up. When the customer left, I looked around and noticed that the store had quieted down a bit, so I took the opportunity to grab my things from my messenger bag.

At least here my space outs made the time pass by faster. Sometimes I thought about the people in my life, but sometimes I observed what was in front of me. I loved to watch the customers, and muse on what their lives were like.

Take that girl there, for instance. Look at her, in her cute red plaid high heels, jeans and a swing coat. She was totally adorable, with her bobbed hair cut and black leather bag. But what was she doing in the hard rock section? Maybe her boyfriend is a biker, or she moonlights as a riot-grrrl. Maybe her younger teen-aged brother had a birthday coming up, and she was getting his gift?

Or maybe it was none of those things; perhaps she just enjoyed loud music, despite her appearance.

I was still wondering what had kept Alice when the bell above the door jangled. I looked up and froze then, immediately transfixed by the sight before me.

Ho-ly Shiiiiit.

To term this man simply "cute" would be a travesty. I could say "hot", but that would be an understatement.

He was downright Beautiful, with a capital F-me.

He had crazy, bronze colored hair that stuck up at random directions all over his head. "Bed head", that's what Alice would call it. Sex hair, yes, definitely. It looked like he'd just had crazy sex, and the girl couldn't keep her hands away from that gorgeous head. Not that I'd blame her. He had brilliant green eyes, a strong jaw line, and a full, pouty lower lip, which was quirking up at one side as I continued to stare, like he'd just heard a good joke.

I tore myself away from his face, but couldn't help but peek at him walk away. I had this crazy urge to call out something like, "Nice ass!" and make a cat call, or something to acknowledge he'd just walked in. But that probably wouldn't have gone over too well. I was bold, but not that bold! Instead, I focused on his clothes. He wore dark wash jeans, which were artfully distressed, and a white tee under a black button up which he had rolled up a few times. He carried a black leather messenger bag, which probably meant he was a student. Score! Black leather belt and wrist cuff, and a pair of spiffy white ADIDAS.

Dude. All Day I Dream About Doing You...

Snap out of it Bella, I scolded myself silently. I didn't want him to see me drool. That would definitely suck.

I continued to watch him as he made his way through the aisles, stopping sporadically to look over the selection. What I wouldn't do to this guy...

I imagined myself pulling him into the back room and pushing him down into the chair, moving to straddle him. Leaning into him, I'd start at his neck, peppering kisses up to that beautiful jaw of his, my hand smoothing its way down the front of his shirt...

I was interrupted from my deliciously dirty, scrumptious, naughty thoughts by a customer wanting to check out. I was still in a daze as I rang her up, barely stuttering out her total. I quickly sent her on her way.

When I looked up, I caught Sex Hair watching me. I blushed as I averted my eyes.

Of course, at this precise moment - Alice chose to walk up from the back. She took in my red face, and let loose one of her smart-ass quips.

"Whoa, Bella," she giggled "Why the fire engine impersonation?" She finally decides to make her appearance as I'm in full on flaming panty mode. Typical.

"Alice," I hissed under my breath. Shit! He was now easily within hearing distance. "Drop it."

She peered at me, and her eyes wandered around the store. I saw her have an "Aha!" moment. Great. She was going to say something silly, and I really did not want to be embarrassed in front of this guy…

Just then, the phone rang and I looked at her pointedly. She grabbed it.

"Trax," she said, listening to the caller for a minute before muttering something about, "I'm already sleeping with you, why do I need to give you a ride to work too?"

I smiled at my luck. She would be on the phone for a while.

Thank You, Sweet Baby Jesus! I watched her over my shoulder for a few seconds, then turned my head back to the register.

"Oh!" He was at the counter now, holding a CD out to me. Sex Hair.

"Find everything alright?" Really, Bella, obviously he did. You can be such a spaz sometimes. And now I'm chastising myself. Great.

"I did." Guh. Even his voice was sexy. My imagination went wild… I thought about him softly whispering into my ear as he...

"I've never been in here before. Nice place," he said, pulling me out of my fantasy.

"Huh? Oh…umm… Yeah." I fumbled to grab the CD he held out, and turned it over a few times looking for the barcode. Dude, he is gonna think I'm a moron. "Well, um... your total is $17.63."

He handed me a card, which I swiped as I bagged his purchase. Too tongue tied to say anything, I handed him his bag and his receipt. He smiled at me before he turned and headed out the glass double doors. He pulled a pair of awesome old school Ray-bans over his eyes as he walked outside. The sunshine hit his hair and it shimmered like a new penny.

Le sigh...

"Belllaaa's in luuust!" Alice's singsong voice snapped me out of my coma, and I turned to look at her smug face.

"You have no idea Alice. None. He just reduced me to a bumbling idiot!" I wailed, and the little imp just smirked at me, and turned to the next customer.

Holy shit, who was that guy?


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