May 31

Girlfriends offer the wonderful gift of perspective.

Abby beamed as she heard the elevator ding. A visitor! She loved having visitors, being a person who craved attention.

She whirled as footsteps approached and was surprised to find Ziva entering. She froze for a moment. The Israeli looked upset about something; her shoulders were slumped and her head hung lower than normal. She looked tired as well.

Abby pulled her friend into a bone-crushing hug, not happy that Ziva immediately tensed up. But after a few seconds, she began to relax and hug her back.

"What's wrong?" Abby demanded, pulling back but still holding onto her friend.

The Israeli sighed. "It is nothing."

Abby did her best impression of a Gibbs glare. She had been practicing for many years, knowing that Gibbs could scare anyone. Generally, she preferred pouting to get her way. However she was fairly sure that this wouldn't work on Ziva.

The Israeli caved. "I was supposed to meet a guy last night for a date."

Abby squealed. "Was it Mark? Because he was so nice and hunky!" The look on Ziva's face stopped her before she could ramble on any further. "What's wrong?"

"I agree, Abby. I thought he was nice. And I was happy to go on a date with him."

"But?" Abby prompted.

Ziva sighed again. "He never showed."

"He stood you up?" Abby spluttered. "He's insane! We should track him down and make him suffer."

Ziva giggled.

Abby pulled her back into a hug. "Mark's an idiot. I'm sure I can find someone better for you." She could think of someone closer to homeā€¦