Pairing: Ren/Ai

Rating: M for suggested sexual themes

Genre: Romance/Angst

A/N: The muse has finally spoken.

A Day in Hades


He believed hell had no rules. But it did. And she was his punishment for breaking them.

He did not know when or how the threads of desire wound their way tightly around his being. He was only aware of how it had spread like a blanket over his soul. For his was a thirst that a sense of duty could not quench.

He lived his existence in awe of this desperation, to the extent that the moments withered away into indiscernible dust. He continued to be only for that time when Hell would grant him the most gracious repose in its cruelest form.

In those imaginary hours when the spider lilies obediently bowed to the gusts coming from the other side of forever, he would await her like he awaited God. She would emerge from the chilling pond like newly washed sin and his mind would suddenly turn faster than the old woman's creaking spinning wheel. The sight of her copulated with his thoughts.

He would wonder how it would feel to scorch that ivory neck with his tongue, to drink from the subtle dip of her collarbone. He would wonder how her breasts, suspended in eternal youth, would feel under his palm, its rosy peaks sweet buds under his lips. And he would wonder about that miracle in between her thighs and how he would embed himself in her senses, her depth in itself an infinity. He would rock shut, and bury himself deep, so deep inside her where darkness could only hope to follow.

So full was his mind with these thoughts that they clouded his eye and wormed their way out of his mouth. He was consumed. And this consumption was his demise. For like wretched Tantalus in Hades, Hell dangled her in front of him, the forbidden fruit of fate.

And as he, this lone eye, watched from the bleeding reds of the perpetually setting sky, she continued to drip with purity, while he with lust; her breath warm with comfort, his with envy; her body wrapped in innocence and his with want.

By her hands, he began and by her hands, he will end.

Hell has never been kind.



A/N. Tantalus: "Tantalus is punished in Hades by not being able to eat or drink, as the water in the lake dries out, and the fruits in the trees are lifted by the wind each time he tries to reach either."

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