So, now I'll write the episode focusing on Cas and kinda what happened to him. Still not meant to be slash just friendship but take it how you will.

Castiel needed to talk to Dean. He had to make sure that Dean knew the threat he was facing. He knew that even in Dean's mind the other angels would be able to hear what they were discussing if they tried. It was not a safe place to communicate. They needed to talk in person. Where Cas could put up the right protection for eavesdroppers.

Castiel swiftly entered Dean's peaceful dream and was surprised at first with the lake he saw in front of him. It was not filled with fire and there was no screaming to be heard, just Dean, sitting on a small dock with a fishing pole in his hand.

In any other time, Castiel would have stopped to admire the serenity of the place Dean had dreamt about, but this was an urgent matter and needed to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Castiel appeared beside Dean and handed him the sheet of paper with the instructions to where Dean needed to go. He left as swiftly as he appeared and sensed that Dean had awoken and was on the move. He also sensed that something else was diverging on his current position. There was little time to act as one of his brothers, Gabriel, came down and dragged him out of his vessel. Castiel managed to stay in control of his energy so it did not release in one explosive burst as he was separated from the world of humans and taken home.

Gabriel was the most devout of the arch angels and Castiel knew why he had been taken away. His siblings saw that he was starting to feel emotions the more time he spent in the human realm and especially with Dean. They feared that he was coming to close to falling and joining the demons in Hell.

Castiel could not be mad at his siblings for not understanding. They were only trying to protect him from his own fetish with the humans.

"Hello Castiel." Gabriel said with a small, controlled smile. Castiel knew this pleasantry would not last much longer for Gabriel was never one for drawing out a conversation. "We know what you were going to tell Dean and you know you can't. He is not allowed to know what lies ahead of him."

Castiel glared at his brother, his eyes cold. "You know very well that because of Uriel's betrayal things are different. He needs to know what he's going to be facing so he will be more prepared for it when it comes."

Gabriel's smile turned malicious and there was a strange glint in his eyes. "The human must not know anything brother. You already told him to much when you spoke about the prophet's angel. Your love for these humans will get you into trouble one day. I am here to reeducate you on where your first loyalties should lie."

Castiel awoke from unconsciousness to the sound of Jimmy yelling at him. His body burned as he remembered the promise he made to keep Jimmy's family safe. An angel can never go back on a promise. Gabriel let Castiel go with no argument for he also knew that an angel's promise is unbreakable.

Castiel appeared just as Sam and Dean were dragged in by three demons to stand in front of Lilith. Every ones attention was focused away from the girl and Castiel knew she would make a fine vessel. He entered her as discreetly as he knew how and waited till the time was right.

He was not expecting Lilith to shoot Jimmy. He did not foresee this event but knew that Jimmy had to die now and he would be in peace. Then the demon came for him. The shock was evident on the demons face as Castiel reached out with his new hand to touch its forehead. In an instant the demon was exercised and sent back to Hell.

Castiel then broke the ropes to take care of the other demons. He stopped momentarily in front of his old vessel and then moved on to help his charge. It took little effort to send the demon back to Hell. He looked at Dean and made sure his charge wasn't hurt severely and then they both turned to assist Sam.

Castiel's skin crawled and he almost heard Dean's heart shatter as Sam looked back at them, demon blood around is mouth. It took all of his will power to not smite Sam there and then. Somewhere in the back of his mind Castiel knew that if he hurt Sam, Dean would never help them win the war, so he refrained himself.

He let Sam take care of freeing Jimmy's wife as he went to crouch beside his old vessel. He felt the pain emanating from the man but knew that soon he would be safe from the world and home again.

Jimmy stared into Castiel's luminescent blue eyes as he begged for his daughter to be free. "It doesn't matter. Take me. Me." Castiel could not help but feel sympathy for the human. His body had gone through so much over the past year of being a vessel and was willing to go through many more years like it just to save his daughter. He could not deny a dying mans wish. "As you wish." he answered as he placed his hand on Jimmy's forehead.

He felt the sensation of leaving the little girl's body and returning to one he was accustomed to. He quickly healed the wounds and cleaned the clothing of blood and grim. He was once again in Jimmy's body and part of him was glad of that. He did not want to put the girl through everything her father had had to go through.

Castiel knew he had to leave. Much had happened in the last two days and he needed to rest a little. On his way out though, he was stopped by his charge. "Cas, hold up. What were you going to tell me?"

Castiel knew Dean would want to know everything of what had happened but he couldn't talk to his charge like he did before. The others would come back and carry out their threat. Castiel would not allow that.

He turned back to Dean, face emotionless and eyes cold. "I learned my lesson when I was away, Dean. I serve Heaven, I don't serve man. And I certainly don't serve you." His voice was ice and he saw the hurt that appeared in Dean's eyes. He couldn't stay there, not that close to Dean or he would break. He turned once more to leave and escaped while he knew Dean was still looking for answers he'd never receive.

Castiel fled as fast as he could. He needed to be by himself and away from anywhere that his siblings would be able to find him. He felt pain. He felt sorrow. What his brother did was to help Castiel from falling but he could already feel it. His emotions growing every time he was around Dean and this night was no different. The pain and confusion that showed in Dean's eyes at his harsh words made Castiel feel terrible and he knew this pain would not go away.

He felt Jimmy inside him. In his own little corner of his mind. Crying silently because he was separated from his family again. He may never see them again and he knew this. And somewhere far away, Castiel felt his charge breaking, all alone with no one to guide him. No one to comfort him because his brother was a monster and his guardian angel was not much better.

Castiel wanted to be by Dean's side in this moment of pain but his brother's threat still hung in the air and Castiel would not risk taking the chance. He focused solely on the ice land around him and let the cold take all his feelings away from him. Preparation for the next time he would interact with his charge again.

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