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Vampire Heart

---------------- Chapter One: First Impressions

"Mary, I'm going on break!" It was the second day of the sidewalk sale and she was itching to check out the exotic and antique jewelry across the street.

"Kay!" Mary, her substitute manager and good friend acknowledged. She padded towards the "Trinkets and Things" shop in her red Keds, faded knee bare jeans, and navy blue "Music Heaven" t-shirt. The October sun felt good on her back and bare arms.

She, Katherine (Kat) Farley, was the owner and manager of Music Heaven. Her store contained all the genres of song and melody she could get her hands on, as well as various instruments, such as guitars, drums, keyboards, saxophones, and among others. She loved music, played decently on a guitar or piano, and sang tolerably in karaoke bars. She believed it could effect one's being into any mood: Happy, angry, sad, giddy, lonely, etc. She sometimes felt music was sustenance for her soul and without it; she would shrivel up and die.

She was 24, almost 25, and she wanted to get something for herself as an early B-day present. An old Middle Eastern woman with black streaked long grey hair in a loose ponytail, mined the store. She sat on a stool watching customers and looky-loos. Kat eyed the selection of old rings, picking up a few to examine them. None of them quite spoke to her like "buy me buy me!", "you'll never want to take me off your finger!", or "I could so totally be an engagement ring if a guy bought me!"

"Is there something you're looking for? In particular, music girl?" the old woman addressed her, squinting her eyes to see Kat better.

"Yeah, something special for me. I'm not sure really. I like something that has history like a pair of earrings that someone who had saved all year to buy just give to their mother, or a ring that holds cherished love through many generations. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm rambling. No one can see that kind of thing in an object. Maybe, just something unique that says me."

"That's quite alright dear. Most people want new things, untainted by the past. You want something that was loved because you want to be loved" the old woman smiles crookedly at Kat.

"Um, I suppose so." Kat says a little confused.

"May I see your hand?" the woman hops gently off her stool. I may have a ring in mind.

"Okay." She shows out her hand. The old woman takes it in her wrinkled hands turning it palm up. The old woman appears to read the palm of Kat's hand. A glint of excitement sparkles in the old woman's eyes.

"Ah, you will do nicely." muttering. "You don't have a boyfriend do you?"

"No, I don't and why do you ask?"

"I see loneliness in these hands." 'So, she was reading my palms,' Kat thought.

"The ring I have is very special." The old woman turned and went into her store. A minute later, she comes back with a fist size wooden box in her hand.

"This ring is very special, very old, it is a love ring."

"A love ring?" Kat repeated, skeptical.

"Yes, it is said the wearer will bring her true love to her if she placed a kiss upon the ring." She opened the box and handed the ring to Kat.

"Wow." She mouthed. The old ring was beautiful and extremely detailed. It wasn't large, but it felt heavy in her palm. The ring bared one pure black gemstone with fifteen tiny red ones circling around the pewter colored band. A differently colored metal roped around the gemstones like a chain and on the under side was an inscription in a pictographic language.

This ring did speak to her and it was saying, "I want to be worn, I need to be worn, by you." in her creative mind.

"What does it mean?" pointing at the inscription.

"It says 'I command you, yet I follow you'."

"That's an odd phrase. Are you sure that's what it says?"

"Yes" a little tartly. "It has been in my family for generations."

"I meant no offence. Are you really selling this to me?"

"No, I give it to you" the old woman clasps and closes Kat's hand over the ring when she tries to give it back. "I won't accept no for an answer. Only promise me you will wear it and blow a kiss upon it some lonely night. The strange woman was dead serious.

"Okay, I will." She said, not wanting to upset her. The old woman released her hand and went back into her jewelry shore. Kat walked slowly back to her store, pondering over her new possession. A sudden breeze whipped at her ponytail. 'That was strange to say the least.' She gently slid the ring into her watch pocket. Once it was secure, she walked into her own store and began fiddling with the Halloween displays.


The following Sunday was her birthday and did not have a thing planned. She sat huddled up on her love seat with her jet-black hair shoved into her favorite purple beanie and a comforter around her. She wore loose blue jeans and a blue tank top. She doodled casually on her art pad while listening to H.I.M's latest album. Not her favorite artist, the singer, however had a nice voice, which was strangely soothing.

Aside from music, Kat loved to draw what she saw in her minds eye, and was fairly good at it, or at least she thought she was. It was one of the few ways she could express herself openly, even if she only showed her art to a few people. The current song caused her to draw bat wings on a faceless figure and she was about to add fangs when energetic knocks rattled her apartment door. She got up and looked through the peephole to see her three close friends grinning with mischief.

"Nobody's home!" She yells jokingly.

"Come on Kat! We got gifts." Her best friend Rachel coaxes.

"And banana split makings!" Roxie added holding up two grocery bags.

"With the little cherries?" Kat asked through the door.

"Yes!" she answered.

"All right." She opened the door, for her friends knew her weakness and she could never say no to a banana split. Beth, Rachel, and Roxie clobbered her in hug and sang the birthday song blaring in her ears.

"Thanks guys," she said after the ringing stopped. Roxie went into the kitchen to set out the edibles.

"So, Kat how is the music biz? Are you a super star yet?" Rachel Asked.

"Ha ha, it's going good, and no, David Letterman has not called me back on that interview." She joked.

Rachel and Beth dropped the gifts on her coffee table and the three joined Roxie in the kitchen.

"Okay, B-girl first." Roxie announced.

Kat gladly piled on the stuff for her Banana split, two scoops vanilla and one rocky road, Magic shell chocolate syrup, three dollops whipped cream, and a cherry on top of each. After all four of them had made one, and picked out a seating spot in Kat's small living room, Beth pulled out a bottle of red wine.

"Ahha! I knew it! You're all here to get me drunk." Kat said, digging into the rocky road.

"Yes, and to take you out. You need to meet people, especially men, and we, won't take no for answer!" Beth exclaimed.

"Alright, but gifts first."

"No, you have to have a glass of wine before you can open any one of these." Beth explained, setting out three wrapped presents.

"I've been black mailed, and by my best friends no doubt." She smiled though, taking a champagne glass full of wine, and sipping at the grape tinged beverage. She was not much for alcohol, but she appealed to her friends, and who knows it might be fun tonight.

First glass empty, Kat opened up Beth's gift. It was three t-shirts with a saying on each; a black one with 'I leave bite marks', a bright orange 'I scare myself', and a blue 'I stop for bad boys in blue jeans'.

Second glass empty, she tore open Roxie's gift. It was a collection of romance DVDs, a self-help book on finding that special someone, and an English version of the Kama sutra. Kat blushed at some of the pictures. Her friends giggled at her embarrassment. Kat was still a virgin and her friends knew it.

"Are you trying to tell me something? Eh?" The wine began to affect her.

"Well, duh! Kat, you can't just mope around in your apartment all the time, you need to get out, show yourself, and gets some good, good love'n." Chimed Rachel.

"I do not mope! I'm focusing on my art." Kat drained the third glass.

"You need to change your focus to something more tangible than a 2-d sketch." Rachel handed her gift out.

"Why is everyone telling me I need a man in my life, even the old woman across my store is saying I'm lonely. Is it that obvious?" She ripped open the last gift. It was a pair of stylish high-healed black shoes.

"What woman?" Beth asked. Kat propped her feet on the table so she could try on the shoes.

"Um, The one that's works in the Trinkets and Things store. She flat out gave me a ring as a sort of good luck charm." She managed to get both shoes on in her buzzed state.

"Isn't that shop expensive?" Beth remarked.

"Yeah, that old manager never just gives stuff away. Let see the ring." Roxie voiced.

On tipsy legs, Kat meandered to the desk in her bedroom. A minute and a stumble later, she returned, ring in palm. The three friends ogled at it.


"It's beautiful."

"You should wear it tonight." Agreeing, Kat slips the ring on in a perfect fit. She feels a quick hot flush through out her body. 'Woo, the wine must be getting to me.'

"All right if you are taking me out you better do it now before I change my mind, and if I forget later, Thanks guys."

"Sure thing Kat." Roxie said. After ten minutes of getting dolled up, the four went out.


She woke up the next morning still in yesterday's clothes and shoes, beanie still snug on her head. Well, almost. She was wearing the 'I scare myself' shirt instead of her blue tank top. She could not remember much from the outing except that her friends kept insisting to take her beanie off and her refusal to do it. The ring was also still there, warm on her finger.

She flopped out of the bed to reach for some aspirin and to use the bathroom.

With that done, she sat back on the bed and tried to loosen the ring off her finger. It would not budge. 'Did my fingers swell up? (Checking) No, they did not. Maybe I need to kiss it and make nice' she thinks a bit crazily. She did promise the woman.

"Okay here goes." Wetting her lips, she pecked the ring then stared around the room. 'Well, no knight in shining armor so I guess that's a bust.' She goes to try pulling it of again when a black mist pored out of the ring and started to blanket over her skin. The ring seemed to melt into her flesh causing a sharp chill to run through her.

"Eeek" she jumps up and waves frantically. Her actions do nothing to hinder the cool shrouding mist from embracing every inch of her cutting off her air. She couldn't even scream as her blood began panicking through her body. Soon she saw nothing but black and feels a falling sensation. She struggled for breath clawing at her throat. Her body screams for oxygen when her ears pop.



Her back hit something wooden and it shattered under impact. Her face grimaced in pain as she gulped some much-needed air. She rolled off the splintered wood, groaning in pain, on hands and knees. She blinked away the stars out of her eyes. It looked like a large desk from what she could tell.

A pair of black boots greeted her next. Her gaze followed the path upward. Ash grey pants adorned long masculine legs. A matching button vest fit snuggly over a lean torso and white dress shirt. A long out of style overcoat in vibrant red hugged broad shoulders and tall frame. An elaborate cravat hung around the neck and orange tinted sunglasses stare down at her from a pale, thin, handsome frowning face. Inky black hair topped his head in a rugged mess, the tips not quite brushing his shoulders.

"Oh, god. I've certainly woke up on wrong side of the bed this morning." She mutters. Before she can stand up, a hand roughly jerks her vertical by her left upper arm.

"Ouch! Easy, my back was just used to break my fall, not to mention my head." He loosened his grip while Kat brought her free hand to rub her head. "Who are you, my prince charming?"

"Hn," His mouth twisted in a small grimace. "Now why would you address me such? Have I caught your fancy? Who are you to 'drop' in, unannounced, and where is Sir Integra Hellsing?" In a serious deep masculine voice.

Kat surveyed her surrounds a moment before responding. It was a large upscale office, and a red-eyed, short, blonde-haired girl stood not far from her. 'Red eyes? Am I still drunk?' "Okay, first of all, I was just joking. Second, um, I have only just met you. Third, the name is Katherine Farley and lastly, I haven't a clue who you are talking about. Now let me go and tell me your name." He released her at once.

"Alucard." frowning at something. Kat backed off a step and noticed her hands.

"What the Hell?" Her ring gone and replaced by circular tattooing on the back of her hands. Four concentric circles enclosed foreign writing, as the ring had, the inner most circle contained a small solid black heart. "What is this?" Kat rubs at the markings trying to erase it off her hands. Alucard grabs her hand and inspects it for himself. He sneers at it.

"Hey, let go!" He lets go immediately. "What is going on? Why was I shrouded in darkness and dropped here? Am I dreaming? And why is that girl's eyes red?" A trembling rush of anxiety permeated into Kat as she spotted the exit.

"What are we to do with her, Master?" The blonde-haired woman asks.

"Master?" Kat mouths. "You are not doing anything to me. I'm out of here!" She heads for the exit.

"Police Girl, restrain her." In a flash, the blonde has her arms locked around Kat.

"Let me go!" She cries as Kat struggles in vain. Her intense brown eyes widen when Alucard takes her chin in his thumb and forefinger, and exposed sharp pointy teeth.

"If you do not tell me where my master is, I will simply take it from you, misbegotten human."

Shaky words come out. "I seriously don't know what you're taking about." Eyeing those impossible teeth of his. 'Are those real?!'

"Have it your way." He tilts her head to the side and opens wide his mouth of daggers. She squeezes close her eyes closed as hair and hot breath drapes onto her exposed neck. 'Oh, god, Kat wake up, wake up from this nightmare!' Her mind screams. She felt the very tips brush against her skin, waiting for the pain to ensue.

Several moments pass of silence before Alucard growls in frustration and remove himself from her person.

"What are you? Tell me!" voice cracking.

"Vampire!" He yells, combing a gloved hand through his hair.

"Is there something wrong, master?" The police girl asked. It clicked in Kat's head that the woman restraining her is likely a vampire too. Kat resumed her struggles.

"Let me go, Let me go!" frantic. "Tell your minion to let me go!"

"Let her go, Police Girl. No, belay that!" The vampire countermands his own order. 'Is this Alucard mental or something?' The wheels began to turn in her head and something from an anime; she saw once pops in it.

"Sit, Boy!" The vampire immediately sits on the floor. For the first time Kat can see swirling red eyes of anger peak over his sunglasses.

"Cover her mouth now, Police Girl!" Slender pale fingers clamp over Kat's mouth.

"Master, how did she make you do that?" Police Girl asks.

"Witchery, old magic." Standing back up, he addresses Kat. "You will pay dearly for this, you pathetic, naive girl of a witch." He spat turning away. "Keep her restrained." He orders.

"I need Walter." She heard him mutter before melting into the floorboards. A gasp barely escapes before she and the police girl smack into the same floorboards.

The hand is gone from her mouth and Kat yells in pain. Her little nose took the brunt of the fall, blood seeping out of both nostrils. Fed up with this madness, she screamed.

"What the hell was that for? Police Girl!" The blonde's grip momentary loosened, Kat wriggled out of her grasp and scooted on her ass toward the door. A moment later Alucard pops back up through the floor clearly pissed.

"Police girl I told you to-"

"NO!" Pointing at Alucard, "you, restrain her!" Alucard quickly grabs his Police Girl from behind in a fierce embrace.

"Now, stay that way." Kat stands up on shaky legs and fumbles for the doorknob. When open she darted out only to fall back on her ass like a dog at the end his chain. She looks behind her. Nothing held her, and she stood back up, to stare at the vampires through the open door. She backs away slowly, at least she tries to. A force tugged at her chest at a certain distance like an invisible chain. Maybe the vampire is holding her here she thinks.

"What weirdness is this?" Addressing the vampire. "Release me." She wiped at the bloody nose.

"I do not hold you, witch. It is your doing." his distain visible on his face.

"I did not do any of this! And why are you calling me a witch?" Her face cringes in frustration as she pulls off her purple beanie, jet-black locks fall haphazardly around her face and shoulders. She sees the Alucard's mouth fall open for a moment. The police girl shifts fidgety in his arms.

"All I did was kissed a stupid ring." 'I am never drinking again! Wake up, Kat. Wake up!'

Taking a deep breath Kat steps back into the office, feeling awkward talking into a room from the hallway.

"Release this curse now and your death will be swift and painless."

'Oh, what a way to inspire cooperation.' She rolls her eyes. 'This isn't a dream is it?'

"Look, I haven't got a damn clue what is going on, or what these mean" holding up the back of her hands. "And I certainly did not do this on purpose, not with a hangover." Her hand ruffled through her hair in confusion. She looked at the blonde he held.

"What is your name?" She asked the blonde.

"Seras Victoria."

"And do you want to kill or eat me?"


"Will you promise not to grab me again?" Seras looked up at her master.

"Yes." Alucard answered for her. After a moment, she spoke.

"Alright, you can let her go, but I am watching you." Alucard releases Seras and slowly backs off until Kat felt the tug.

"Fifteen feet." The vampire remarks. Kat holds her head back, pinching her nose. Alucard pulls her with him to reach a box of tissues on the broken desk and throws it at her.

"Thanks," she mutters, taking a tissue to a nose. "You know I don't appreciate being pulled around like dead weight."

"And I don't appreciate being ordered around by some sniveling girl!" He barks.

The old woman's translation comes to her mind.

"Oh no, the whole thing's been that antique ring the old woman gave me."

"What ring? You wear none."

"It disappeared when I got here, okay? It had a black gemstone, with a bunch of small red ones around it. The inscription on it, the old woman translated, said 'I command you yet I follow you' in the same writing that is on my hands. She said it was a love ring, that it could bring soul mates closer to one another. That's a load of bull." She stared at the circular marking for a moment. "I don't suppose you know what these mean?

"Yes, somewhat-"

A distinguished manservant flies into the room. "Alucard," panting for breath. "I've been trying to reach you, it's Integra, and she's been kidnapped." He hands a cell phone to Alucard. He takes the phone to his ear.

"Yes?" His face changes from a frown to a downright sneer.

The manservant takes notice of Kat and the broken desk. He looks at Seras with a 'what the hell happened in here' look.

"You are nothing but wretched scum, and your lot will pay dearly for what you have taken." Alucard ends the call and crushes the cell phone into bits.

"What did they have to say?" Asks the manservant.

"Not much. The location, and to come alone at midnight." Shifting his gaze to her. "However, Walter, there is a complication. By some idiocy, this human who reeks of black magic has bound herself to me, and I to her. Fifteen feet is all that separates us. The spell enchanted on her hands also forbids me to dispose of the girl." He explains.

"You mean kill me, don't you? Well, at least I have that in my favor and I did not do this on purpose!" Kat huffed and crossed her arms. The man, Walter, addressed her.

"May I see your hand, miss?" Kat felt leery of anyone touching her right now.

"You're not going to put me in a choke hold, are you? I'd rather not be man-handled anymore."

"No, I promise you. Miss?"

"Katherine Farley." She deems this Walter truthful and extends her right hand towards him. He grasps her hand lightly as he studies the markings.

"This isn't good. It is an ancient love binder or rather love forcers spell, and it is just as powerful as what holds you, Alucard to the Hellsing Family, perhaps more so."

"What do you mean love forcer?" She asks, her eyes darting between Alucard and Walter.

"You see the circles each represent an aspect of the love bond, care or security, compassion and trust, love or desire, and finally eternal devotion." His finger moves outward, identifying each ring. "At least that is what the order appears to be. When each is met, the circle is broken. The magical bond weakens while the spiritual bond between the two strengthens, at least in theory. The enchanter can command the other to do anything he or she desires, however forcing that other will often leave him or her resentful of the commander."

"Oh god." Kat's eyes widen at the implication of her situation.

"It is flawed magic, and we are wasting time. I can hide the girl's presence in front of these inept freaks."

Kat breaks out of her daze.

"Come girl hold on to me, I can't transport without you." He orders, and before she can respond, an arm wraps around her and he whisks the both of them away to another location. They rematerialize in what looks like a commercial wharf lit by the glow of the full moon. Kat takes a moment to recover from her shock. The offshore breeze pricks at her skin making her shiver.

"Here, put this on, it will obscure your smell, and that idiotic shirt." He removed his jacket and hung it over her shoulders. He lifted her chin up roughly, bringing them nose to nose.

"Stay in my shadow, and do not utter a sound or the freak vampires will detect you." He released her chin and walked away toward a large metal building with a British flag painted over the entrance. His blacker than black shadow swelled out, encompassing her while she hurried to maintain pace behind him.

'Oh god! More vampires? Am I in Great Britain now? This horrid day has got to get better now.' Her heart hammered frantically under her ribcage as she pulled arms into the jacket sleeves.

Once inside the building the air became chillingly cold and Kat wrapped the jacket tighter around her, pulling the collar over her ears. The Jacket's strange earthy musk tickled her nose. Kat could see three figures stand at the far end of the building, and one tied up female figure hanging above from a hook between Alucard and the freaks.

"Three against one. Hardly suitable odds. It will take more than the likes of you to best me!" Alucard pointed out.

"Is that empty bravado I hear coming from the Hellsing's pet? We'll see. Take us on if you want to take your prize." The middle freak spoke. The two others branched off in a deadly dance toward Alucard, samurai swords in each of their hands. Kat's heart lumped in her throat at the frightening speed the two employed. Alucard was faster, pulling out two long barrel guns shooting one in the chest and other in the head. Their swords clattered onto the ground as grey dust spewed forth from their bodies until there was nothing left. Kat had to cover her mouth to stifle a gasp.

"Not bad, human's pet. But can you take on me without those human weapons of yours?" The remaining freak challenged.

"Scum like you doesn't deserve to die like a vampire. Dying by a gun is far better than you deserve." Alucard shot both his oversized guns at him; however, the third freak easily eluded the bullets, moving closer with his own swords. He got so close as to slice Alucard's left arm off, while simultaneously getting his own right shoulder blown off.

The freak laughed. "Is that the best you can do?"

Kat was paralyzed in fear at the brutality and proximity of the opponents, and ever so slightly concerned for her unintentional benefactor. That concern disappeared as the void in Alucard's arm reformed into a ghastly head of a black dog.

"No, I can do much worse." The freak's eyes widened in surprise as the six-eyed dog's head bit off the freak's remaining arm. "You've just become dog food." The freak screamed while his limbs tore off and consumed by the ghastly appendage. Kat covered her ears until there is nothing left of the freak. The dog's head reformed back into a normal arm and hand.

"It is safe now, girl." Alucard walked toward the dangling woman causing Kat to stumble forward by the fifteen-foot limit. She stared wide eyed in shock. Looking upward, his arms lengthened to gently remove the tied up woman off the hook and set her on the ground. He cut the ropes off her. She removed the gag from her mouth.

"You took long enough, Alucard." She straightened up her bowtie.

"It could not be helped, my Master." He bowed slightly to her. On closer inspection of this woman who had to be this Integra Hellsing, she wore a rumpled business type suit and had long platinum blond hair.

"Who is that woman?"

Kat takes a shaky step toward them. "YOU….ate…. Him!" Voice cracking with hysteria and mouth open in disbelief. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't find her breath. Her hands clench and unclench to keep herself from fainting.

"The reason I was late. Master, I believe it would be better to explain back home."